Don’t change winning team: Mayor

BULAWAYO mayor Thaba Moyo has pleaded with the residents to vote back all city councillors in next year’s harmonised elections saying they had excelled against odds to improve service delivery in the city.

By Khanyile Mlotshwa Staff Reporter

Addressing councillors just before addressing a full council meeting at the City Hall on Wednesday evening, Moyo said “there is no need to change a winning team”.

“It has been a good year for us. I am sure that even when we go to the next year, which is an election year, we go there with our shoulders high,” said Moyo.

Moyo outlined the local authority’s achievements this year that included commissioning the upgraded Ncema Waterworks, take over of the Hlalani Kuhle housing programme from the government, launch of the industrial waste management programme in collaboration with the National University of Science and Technology, hosting the national World TB Day commemorations and the two visits by South Africa’s Trade and Investment deputy minister Elizabeth Thabethe for “investment and trade initiatives”.

“The last visit culminated in the signing of the memorandum of understanding for twinning arrangements with the city of Polokwane,” he said.

“I am told that half of the problems at Hlalani Kuhle have been solved by this council. All these are things done in one year and not in five years. All the departments did well.

“Well done councillors and keep up the hard work. I know that elections are coming next year and hope you will all be back here.

“To me, there is no reason to change a winning team.”

However, the year has been one of the hardest in terms of water supply with the local authority resorting to a 96-hour water-shedding schedule per week.



  1. Hands up for sure, no one is perfect but you did well

    1. so uthi sibisele amasela so that they can continue stealing.
      that utter rubbish.ukusibhadalisa amanzi esingawatholi as far as im concerned they are just a bunch of retarded opportunists

  2. Besides the penchant for fancy cars Bulawayo continues to shine while others are fumbling in the dark. Residents might need to take the mayor’s advice but that does not mean not letting passengers who have arrived at their destinations continue to dose on the bus..those councillors who think going to council is a gold hunting expedition are advised to get a licence for mining gold from Minister Mpofu. Having said this, can the Harare City Mayor say the same about his sewage infested city?

  3. We need water beyond Hlalani Kuhle

  4. Quality not quantity, this time! Courage vs competency!

  5. qhubekani ngomsebenzi omuhle bakithi ngithemba nge devolution of power lizasebenza okudlula lokhu. Dont be greedy njengabo makhelwane

  6. if you continue charging us water penalties when wate is not coming out of our taps we will not vote .

  7. The mayor’s dictionary must have a different meaning to winning than that of my oxford . This was the worst bunch of thieves and idiots to preside over the city of Byo. What were his major achievements? Salary areas to workers? Water cuts? Poor billing system? Almost getting revenue hall to Kingdom bank for the love of luxury. To hell with him and his lot

  8. Well said Mr. Mayor, but the evaluation of the work of community servants require the seal of approval from the rate payers, residents. Surely, they are aware of the work which has been done and can therefore vote wisely. Let the councillors go to the people and articulate what they have done and answer questions which shall be posed. That is the beauty of democracy.

  9. I think the Councillors have performed beyond expectations, with limited resources and interfrence from Chombo I think you have done a wonderful job, as for water this is central government’s responsibility not Moyo’s team, the road to my place was recently tarred by Group 5 so I am very happy, I suggest that rates be increased as well so we can even do Bulawayo residents more improvements
    Mayor what about putting in Toll gates on all entry roads into city centre to raise more revenue

    1. That road was tarred from ZNRA funds. The mayor has no achievements to talk about at all

      1. Sour grapes, we know you as a Zanu asslicker so no surprises there.

  10. Sewage flowing in the street. Two days a week water supply and this man has to declare himself a success after spending huge sums buying expensive cars instead of providing the right leadership and meeting the needs of residents. Bulawayo omuhle aliloyiwangwa show this non-Mayor the back door he deserves in the next elections.

  11. Uyasihlolela Thaba,Come and see this idiot Cnrll kaWard 12 ELobengula She is a heartless Lady.Overall thank You but Improve our Roads please.

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