Chiwoniso sings against gender-based violence

MBIRA songstress Chiwoniso Maraire will tomorrow night sing against violence at a show slated for The Book Café as part of the ongoing 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence programme.

Report by Tinashe Sibanda

The renowned mbira player and passionate singer will add her voice to the chorus against gender-based violence.

She is expected to express eloquently through songs the importance of eradicating the scourge from society.

“I want to take the message deeper because some men are also victims of gender-based violence and they are now beginning to speak out. It’s important that someone represents them too,” said Maraire.

She said that she had been raised in a family that believed in equal rights and did not believe that any form of violence could resolve conflicts.

Although Maraire often performs at The Book Cafe, this special performance will add a bright spark to the 16-day programme.
“Music is an expression of God’s power. All pain, joy, rage, love and wisdom, can be found in music. I am in awe when in the presence of its power,” she added.

Pamberi Trust (which runs The Book Café) spokesperson, Tawanda Mudzonga said Maraire has long been a passionate activist against gender-based violence and fans should expect the mbira star to perform her song Ndipe Rudo recorded with fellow musician Busi Ncube.
The song was an emotional plea from a wife to her husband to stop the violence that had ravaged their marriage.

“Maraire is a national treasure. She is one of only a handful of female mbira players in Zimbabwe who have inspired a generation of young women to follow in her wake,” added Mudzonga.

He said fans could also expect to hear her powerful pro-female anthem Rebel Woman in a performance which will be part of the global collective pledge to end gender-based violence.

Maraire’s deeply soulful voice and strong lyrics have delighted fans for many years. She has an international reputation as a touching performer. Her three albums, Ancient Voices, Timeless and Rebel Woman, have all been successful locally and internationally, with enduring hits like Mai, Listen to the Breeze, Nhemamusasa and Rebel Woman.

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  1. Taura hako Chioneso. Most women are now pepetrators of domestic violence. I state why 1) they get dirty tips from friends on how to run the family. 2) they have virtually replaced love with money. No mula no love. 3) they are easily entering into secret love affairs. I can go on and on, but i feel this needs devine intervention nekuti mhunu atonetsa……aah!

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