Chief Charumbira sued over $2 500

PRESIDENT of the Chief’s Council Senator Fortune Charumbira has been sued for failing to settle a $2 500 debt with a Harare garage following repairs done on his motor vehicles.


Proprietors of Accacia Motors have taken the matter to the High Court seeking an order compelling the traditional leader to pay up.

Charumbira, whose residential address was given as 16 Broad Mead Lane, Chisipite, was served with the summons on December 5, 2012 under case number HC13946/12.

He is yet to enter an appearance to defend notice.

According to the summons, Accacia Motors rendered maintenance services for Charumbira’s vehicles between November 2010 and November last year, but no payments were made.

This was after Charumbira and Accacia Motors entered into an agreement in which the latter would repair and service the chiefs’ vehicles on account which he would settle within an agreed 30-day period.

The Senator allegedly reneged on the agreement for over a year, prompting the firm to approach the courts for recourse.

The summons read in part: “The total value of all the work done to defendant’s (Charumbira) vehicles was $2 490 (and) despite demands, he has failed, delayed or neglected to pay the capital debt,”

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  1. munoti vanoiwanepi mari mambo wedu. vasiyei vakadaro. hindava musina rukudzo kumadzimambo nemadzishe enyika ino vafana imi?

  2. inyika isina mitemo.imagine if it ws chamisa or biti dis cud’v bn a totally diff story with the police, army, cio, n even security guards taken in on board 2 arrest them. a $2 500 case 2 the high court???

  3. He deserve not to be a chief ngaende ku jeri wakambo sainire chii chibvumirano cheku bhadhara

    1. Vakajaira kubhadharirwa zvikwereti ne party manje ngaaende ku court agobhadhara with costs.

  4. Charumbira leave the chieftainship to the elders and revert back to your proffetion as a lawyer or join politics like vana Biti.You do not have time yokutonga matare kwa Charumbira chako kudya mari yemarema ye Zanu.

    1. hwagara uChief hwacho hausi hwake the Zambian born….izhara yoga yoga kumusha kwake uku too corrupt…..

  5. This in the abominable behaviour that destroyed our country – a ruling clique that refuses to pay for services rendered. With a president who will not pay for electricity consumed, his partners in crime follow the exact same script. Blood suckers on a mission to loot not just from the state but from private individulas. Hamunyari here vanhu ve Zanu P.F. How do you expect people to survive?

  6. Vakajaira, they think its their right to take whatever they want from anyone since Zim is their private property, those who live and work in it are their servants. Chakapinda chikatyokera, they just want everything for free, by the way, he is living in Cheesy, wow, he has real money???????????

  7. Aaa mumakwerere futi ngaaende kwake uko,nxaa nonsense

  8. Havabhadhare matsotsi ezanu..hey have mercy guys ,these guys also want to put something on the table for their families.

  9. he send his daughter in Europe to study so he doesn’t have money now, so please help him to stand this shame.

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