Capleton jets in today

JAMAICAN reggae and dancehall artiste Capleton is expected in the country today ahead of his show at City Sports Centre tomorrow.


The King of Fire or King Shango, as he is affectionately known, is expected to land at Harare International Airport just before 6pm.

After arrival, he will proceed to Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex where he will make a guest appearance at a school leavers’ party.

In the evening, a welcome party for King Shango will be held at Sports Diner International where DJs Templeman and Smiley will lead the proceedings.

Sound groups that will take turns to entertain fans on the turntables at the party include Fyah Lynx, Legendary Sound and award winning Mighty Ducks.

Tomorrow’s show at City Sports Centre will see the Jamaican musician getting into the thick of local showbiz.  He will share the stage with the likes of Wallace Chirimuko, popularly known as Winky D or the Ninja President, and Donald Chirisa aka Sniper Storm. ads Ads

Other local artistes to perform at the show are  Guspy Warrior, Lady Squander, Jiggaz, Lady B and Freeman.

Turntable experts like Templeman, Abra Simz, Smiley and Gary B will also grace the main event.

Sound masters Judgment Yard and Mighty Ducks will spice up the event. This is the second time for King Shango to perform in the country after his debut visit in 2010 when he staged shows in Harare and Chitungwiza.

Show organisers said everything was in place for the show.
“We are excepting a good show. Capleton has promised to do his best and has committed himself to a busy schedule during the tour.  He fell in love with Zimbabwean fans on his debut tour,” said one of the organisers.

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  1. Rasta vane sagi rembanje ivavo vasungei

    1. thats a very wrong perception about another human being….. he came hear not only for entertainment but to unite people and spread the gospel of love, peace and tranquility

    2. ko mbanje ndokuti lyf, and nothing bad about ganja but people do something which makes it bad after using it

    3. the holy herb has just been legalised in Washington USA…kasa sara wega mgomo..!!


    THESE MUSICIANS ARE COMING INTO THE COUNTRY FAST AND FURIOUS BECOZ OF US$. Are they going to come the way they are coming after elections?

  3. torai mari marasta mabonus takapihwa

    1. it
      s ny a mttr of mny bt ths counrty z blessed and shanco cm to see the rxn of winky nd debigman

  4. vicky madechawo

    king shango idhara bt tavakudawo manew faces

  5. Honestly if we pay these so called international artist the entrance figures that we are paying our vana vevhu wil we ever see these again on our chitungwiza sewers.hameno mari ine chitema shuwa.

  6. we hope to hear his response about the allegations that Jamaican man are always high in dope

  7. This capleton apera manje , free the Gaza boss Vybez Kartel

  8. raggae ndizvo ka

  9. Haana mbanje here

  10. dem nuh know one ting. Dem mandem like king Shango ah d real reggae missionaries who ah speak true love n unity not wah dem young reggae artists lyk kartel do only speaking proffanity n vulgar no we nuh go lyk dat. So mi seh keep t ablaze Shango !!!!!!!!!

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