Bulawayo council probed

The Competition and Tariff Commission (CTC) has opened investigations into allegations that the Bulawayo City Council’s water charges and levies are excessive.

Staff Reporter

CTC is a statutory body established after the merger of the former Industry and Trade Competition Commission and the Tariff Commission.

In a notice published in the Government Gazette last Friday, CTC chairperson Dumisani Sibanda said all information gathered during the investigation would be treated in confidence.

Interested stakeholders have been given seven days to make written submissions to the commission.

Under section 28 of the Act, the commission has the power to investigate any restrictive practice which it has reason to believe exists.

Residents have often complained about high utility charges and poor services.

As a result of water shortages, Bulawayo residents have had to go for days without water but are still made to pay high bills.

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  1. I do not believe for one second that Bulawayo residents are as short changed as their Harare counterparts. The reporter should not be this lazy..Bulawayo water rates are higher as compared to who? I humbly..no, demand that this reporter redo this story with tables showing how he arrived at this monstrous distortion..Let the report be accompanied by a table showing the highest cost per liter for each of the six cities in the country. I have in mind Kwekwe, Gweru, Mutare, Harare,Masvingo and Harare itself. These costs are known. As an aside the quality of reportage is reaching ridiculously low levels, even the standard of editing has become atrocious. Please dont destroy the paper, it is the only we have got!!!!!

  2. The original Masendeke

    Please reporter, give us enough information as to where do we report this, i mean where is this commission’s offices, phone numbers etc? I have been paying too much to this Byo city fathers

  3. Poor reporting. Why produce two separate stories about Harare and Bulawayo on exactly the same issue. Why not put them together as “Harare & Bulawayo Councils Probed”

  4. We are `still made to pay high bills`. The reporter is spot on :shed water, reduce estimated bills.

  5. Well done competition commission. My rates were jacked up by 400% and the roads are a disaster with no noticeable service delivery. When I went to see the council they referred me to the MP. She referred me to the council. They referred me to the Councillor. He referred me to the MP. The councillor then asked me to repairmy own roads if the council supplied the tar mix. That was 6 months ago and no tar mix. What a disaster of a council.

  6. Please let me know where to submit my complaint because last week I phoned the Council telling them they now operate like OSIPAHELENI and the lady promised they are correct in their charges. My bills have gone up 700% leaving me with about $730 to pay for November and December. God, Someone come from somewhere and exorcise our Council.

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