Bricks not cleared to perform in Zimbabwe

SOUTH African artistes who were scheduled for an HIV and Aids awareness concert at Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo today were not cleared to perform in the country, it has emerged.

Sheryleen Masuku Own correspondent

Kwaito musician Bricks, Biblos, DJ Lady Cream, Tenny T and former Generations actor Psyfo were reported in various media to be among the top artistes scheduled to perform at an alcohol-free youth concert at the cricket club meant to conscientise the youth on HIV and Aids.

William Nyandoro, programmes officer at the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ), said they had not given the five South African artistes the green light to perform in the city.

He said they had not received any request to provide clearance for the show.

“We did not receive any requests to process any documents for those artistes. As far as we are concerned, there is no such show. It does not exist,” said Nyandoro.

“For an artiste from outside the country to come and perform in Zimbabwe, they need clearance from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, NACZ, the censorship board and receive a performance certificate and immigration,” he said.

“The promoters also need to be registered with Zimbabwe Music Rights Association.”

Last week, South African musician Freddy Gwala who had been scheduled to perform in the city was reportedly denied entry into the country for similar reasons.

Meanwhile, NACZ revealed that they had cleared artistes who would be performing at Oskido’s second annual home-coming show scheduled to take place in Bulawayo on Christmas Day and on December 27.

Among some of the artists are DJ Zinhle the Queen, Dr Malinga, Xmo Squad, Kalawa, Jazmee, Invasion and DJs Sbago, Dodo, Nkuli and Diliza, among others.

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  1. May the Organisers learn to bribe the reporters of this paper because anenzara why being so negative there are lot of crimes done which go without reporting but music that music that write about child abuse which is rife in Old Pumula,Robert Sinyoka .Leave young guys eke a living

  2. There is no requirement for any promoter who would like to bring a foreign artist in Zimbabwe to register with Zimbabwe Music Rights Assoiction (Zimura). Check your facts and get the procedures from NACZ. In any case how can a promoter be a member of Zimura? Zimura is an association of composers, NOT even musicians BUT those musicians who have compositions of original recorded music.

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