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Anglican Bishop, Gandiya holds cleansing ceremony


THE head of the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA), Bishop Chad Gandiya, yesterday held a cleansing ceremony at the St Mary’s Cathedral in Harare following his takeover of all church properties that had been seized by his rival, Bishop Nolbert Kunonga.


According to church members, the cleansing ceremony, which consisted of burning incense and sprinkling holy water inside the church building, was meant to exorcise the building following reports that Kunonga and his followers had defiled the holy temples with some members allegedly fornicating inside the buildings.

Gandiya retained the church properties last month after the Supreme Court ruled in his favour, ending a five-year legal battle over ownership of the properties.

CPCA diocesan secretary Clifford Dzawo said they were going to carry out similar cleansing ceremonies throughout the country to make churches usable following their alleged defilement during the Kunonga era.

“We are going into all churches for cleansing as the churches had been turned into brothels when we were in exile,” said Dzawo.

“Kunonga had been made the custodian of the church by the court, but we want to thank the Lord because they have now understood that we are the rightful owners of the properties.

“The church has been rededicated to the Lord as we are now going to our rightful places of worship.

“Some places had been turned into crèches, receptions and bedrooms and were abused and now it (the cathedral) is now being used for the proper purpose it serves.”

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