ANC re-elects Zuma

MANGAUNG — South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) re-elected President Jacob Zuma as its leader yesterday, setting him up for seven more years as head of state of Africa’s biggest economy.

Report by Reuters

The 100-year-old liberation movement also chose respected businessman Cyril Ramaphosa as his deputy, seeking to repair the battered image of a Zuma government that has been hit by a string of corruption scandals and shaky handling of the economy.

More than 4 000 ANC delegates crammed into a marquee in the central city of Bloemfontein erupted into wild cheers when Zuma was confirmed in the top party post after comfortably seeing off a challenge by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Given the ANC’s dominance at the ballot-box less than two decades after the end of apartheid, 70-year-old Zuma is virtually assured a second, five-year term as President of South Africa in 2014 elections.

The rand briefly edged higher against the dollar after the announcement, reflecting relief among investors at the prospects of policies remaining largely unchanged under Zuma.

After the vote, the beaming president, who secured 2 995 votes out of 3 977 cast, walked on stage to shake hands with fellow ANC “comrades” — a label reflecting the ANC’s roots in the communist-backed struggle against decades of white-minority rule.

Zuma, a polygamous Zulu traditionalist, came to power in 2009 amid the first recession in 18 years and has had a chequered economic record, culminating in violent labour unrest in the mines this year that triggered two ratings downgrades.

He has also been dogged by personal scandals, including fathering a child by the daughter of a close friend, but his popularity within Nelson Mandela’s ANC is overwhelming.

“I don’t care what people say about Jacob Zuma,” said Sinovuyo Kley, an ANC delegate from the impoverished Eastern Cape. “When you hear him sing, you know he is one with the people. He speaks our language and knows our struggles.”

Since Zuma’s re-election had looked likely for much of the year, the main talking point of the five-day Bloemfontein conference was the political renaissance of Ramaphosa after a decade-long absence to focus on his business interests.

Attention was also diverted by the arrest of four alleged white extremists for plotting to bomb the meeting and execute Zuma and top ministers as part of a plan to carve an independent Afrikaner state out of Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation”.

Having risen to prominence as a charismatic union leader in the 1980s, Ramaphosa became the ANC’s main negotiator in the talks that led to historic all-race elections in 1994 and Mandela’s appointment as South Africa’s first black President.

He was also tipped as a possible successor to the revered Mandela — now 94 and recovering in hospital from a lung infection — but gradually removed himself from politics when the job went to ANC stalwart Thabo Mbeki in 1999.

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  1. Congratulations Msholozi. I wish u prosperous and peaceful years ahead. I pray that Jesus Christ holds u by HIS HAND so that u rule within HIS WILL!

  2. Go ZUMA go

  3. Like them or hate them the ANC is leading the way in Africa..leadership renewal at the top is essential for any organisation that intends to have a foothold in the 21st century. This also has effect of reenergising the grassroot who can dream and hope that one day they too can, if able lead the organisation not the psuedo marxist monarchy (contraditction?) that most political African political governments have become. African leadership should not be seen by those around it as ‘vampire dream murderers’ and ‘thieves of hope’..rather they should be the midwives,purveyors, incubators and fuel for the dream train..if people believe the sky is the limit they will exert their utomost best to reach the ideal..they will work their butts off to get there, but if impediments are put everywhere, they vegetate dragging the country down with them, those more daring will leave the land to enrich other people’s lands..Lets allow these buds to blosslom at home and marvel at the beuty we can create as a family allowing dreams to take root and flourish…Look at what the Chinese are doing to their giant dragon,they have just given it a new set of eyes and repaired its giant feet, why not jump on its back rather than wait to be devoured by it?

  4. chibale tshibale

    sour news for zanu pf

  5. Democracy at work. Its only mdc-n which have ths standard of democracy. Mugabe and tswangirai are birds of the same further. They cling on their posts like lice sucking human blood.

  6. egg on malemar face.

  7. Democracy at work. Its only mdc-n which have ths standard of democracy. Mugabe and tswangirai are birds of the same further. They cling on their posts like lice sucking human blood. Progressive zimboz must stop this nonse.


    Surely when will this democracy be in zim. We thought Morgan has brought it but alas he now clings to power like Mugabe. Ncube ( MDC N) yes but has no support in Zim, so what guys

  9. I can feel for this thug Malema.Now Zuma is in charge, you Motlante is gone, nowhere near the presidium, you are now naked, now don’t make any silly moves again. Malema is gone and gone for good. But there was a contest which we don’t see in Zimbabwe whether ZanuPF, MDCs, NCA, or whtever these so-called civic organisations.

  10. now that is real democracy.

  11. Democracy at Work,Hate him or what ever Zuma is the man of the people here in Mzansi,Malema miscalculated with his insults and provocations ,he made it worse when he embarked on a crusade at Marikana visiting the mines insulting Zuma,the ANC is complex,whlist he did that and enjoyed media coverage ,Zuma was not answering to insults and provocation but meeting branches,the strength of the Anc ,and Malema has costed Monthlante camp and Cyril Ramaphosa entry made things worse as he is liked across the slates as one who was supposed to take over from Mandela and the thing is Malema can bark outside but is finished and Lamola the new Youth LEAGUE leader in acting capacity does not want to be associated with Malema as on tv interviews,Politics is -”No permanent friends and But Permanent interests,someone should have told uMalema.

    1. kuzanu ndozvakaitika here

    2. democracy is not yet fully in place my cadre, anyway, don’t you think that in giving someone too much power, they can get misguided or lose track of the main reason why they were elected, who are you going to blame if things go wrong, and i am not saying they will, the only thing i care about is the people of Africa because there is n underlying global threat of a re-conolisation which i am sure you would not like your childrens children to have to June 16 again, this is an open debatable opinion so please do not misunderstand me

  12. zumanami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Many congrats man! Strive to lead your (blacks) people to complete victory but no more women please!!!

  14. Hope his polices towards Zim won’t change too. Pray he sees through the transition of power in Zim smoothly from GPA to a one-party State

  15. ANC has chosen to be run by a thug, a sex machine, a womaniser and mafia. ANC has refused sober sense in the same way they chased away intellectualism. Its never sad news for Zanu, this party has gone thruogh perilious moments in the past and this not so rosy relationship with ANC under Zuma is nothing really.

  16. While we demonise a struggling democrat in Ncube, other countries are watering theirs with their votes. Do people have to donounce their identity for them to lead this country? We shld stop seeing tribes before candidates. See the potential in the individual instead. If it was not Coltart who else cld have taken our education this far? We are busy reinforcing retrogressive tendencies forgetting the power we have thru the ballot to chat new courses towards our freedom.

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