Zuma appeals to his ancestors for re-election

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has appealed to his ancestors to help him hold on to the leadership of the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

Report by BBC

Zuma attended a ceremony at his village on Sunday, where 12 cattle were slaughtered and incense burnt as people prayed for his re-election. His opponents are pushing for him to be ousted as ANC leader at the party’s conference next month.

Zuma, a polygamist with 21 children, is a well-known Zulu traditionalist. He beat his predecessor Thabo Mbeki in a bitterly contested election in 2007 for the leadership of the ANC.

He later forced Mbeki to resign as South Africa’s President, installing Kgalema Motlanthe as caretaker leader until the 2009 general election, when he took power.

The ANC’s influential youth wing and several government ministers are now campaigning for Motlanthe, the Deputy President, to run against Zuma at the ANC conference in Mangaung next month.

The Zuma family slaughtered 12 cattle and burnt incense at a traditional ceremony at their village in Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal province on Sunday to appeal to the ancestors to guide him ahead of the elections.

“We are here to give our father a sendoff to Mangaung. With this ceremony we are now sure he is protected and he will come back to celebrate with us,” Nomthandazo Zuma was quoted by South Africa’s The Mercury newspaper as saying.

Traditional leader Inkosi Bheki Zuma gave the President, who was dressed in leopard skins, a Zulu spear and shield and told him to use the weapons to protect himself from his ANC opponents, newspaper reports. Zuma has been dogged by corruption allegations throughout his term, but he is expected to be re-elected as ANC leader, analysts say.

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  1. Msholozi never “forced Mbeki to resign as President” – this is stupid and misleading reporting. It is the ANC National Executive Council (NEC), of which Zuma is a member and also chairs as the party President which asked Mbeki to resign. Always bear in mind that the ANC acts as a collective, it is not a one-man show like the Gukurahundis are. In fact, Zuma himself was opposed to the move but was overridden by the collective.

    This is not a Tswangirayi somersault over a 30>31 National Council vote which clearly went against him but he still carried the day, because Welshman Ncube was from the wrong tribe/region!!

    1. mbonisi must be very tribalist.gukurahundi yakwana papi apa. when a collective move is taken either good or bad the leader will be on the forefront so zuma led the team that forced mbeki to step down,

      1. @majetsha
        Yes of course the leader is accountable, but to say “he” asked Mbeki to resign is a bit exaggerated. It was the ANC, through Zuma that asked Mbeki to resign.

        The ANC is totally different from the Gukurahundis – look, we never heard the position of many ZANU PF officials over Devolution until Mugabe pronounced on this issue in one of his public addresses in Manicaland. Yet with the ANC, we hear members stating different views some that go against the party view or that of President Zuma.

    2. Mbonisi uri katsi hant? manje Gukura inokurwadza inodzoka futi ukafarisa kunge Highlanders . . .

    3. @ Mbonisi – I have read a lot of your comments. I do think you come up with reasonable & objective comments. I hwr think that some of your thinking is unnecessarily obessessed with identifying & insulting the so called “Gukurahundis”, leaving you being hostage to the past. I take the view that you take the opinions you find here to be a broader reflection of the true values & attitudes of the section of society you think that person hails from, which is fundamentally wrong. Some of us were very fortunate to be at Uni with people from all walks of life. Further, we are also fortunate that our jobs mean that we come across the same wide range of people every day. Relevance? Well to tell you that treat people as individuals as there are vast differences in philosophy & attitudes from individual to individual. I know you like qouting Obama. For this reason, I ask you to pose & think whether he wld have been the USA President had he been “lumped” with whatever perception people of other races in the USA have of African Americans. Further, you should be aware that change in attitudes, values etc is a very slow process, it happens over a long period of time. I have go family from different parts of the Zimbabwean tribal branches and we all get along very well.

  2. Zvavashe Hazvirebwi siya so.

    we have our problems bigger than that of zuma. why not focus on mugabe and tsvangirai and zimbabwe. zveANC hazviunzi chingwa muzimbabwe izvozvo.

  3. “And incense burnt”????

    Which African tradition uses incense which ostensibly aelien to our culture, did they want to say snuff perhaps?

    Incense is as alien as the swine in African Culture and Spirituality as in Zuma offered 12 herd of cattle and not pigs.

  4. @ Zvavashe

    Gukurahundi Mugabe and Tswangirayi are of no consequence – only Msholozi and South Africa (Mzansi) matter in the Southern African region, if not the whole of Africa for that matter.

    It is Nxamalala’s word that counts – Gukurahundis up north don’t mean a thing, they are irrelevant – they have no economy to speak about. Theirs is to beg for just about everything!!

  5. I think South Africa would be the most ignorent of all countries if they would let Mr Zuma be president again. We need a president who puts the country before himself,not the other way around. Our president has failed us. Let’s make sure we don’t do the same mistake twice

    1. @ simo
      The jury is still very much out on the allegations against Zuma.

      1. mbonisi seems to be heavily armed with tribalism , These are the guys who pretend to be Zulus here in Durban when they belong to the Mzilikazi clan who was a coward running away from Tshaka taking ourland Matebeleland.

        1. @ Durban

          Tribalists are Gukurahundis and tribalism is only found in Gukurahundiland.

          And by the way Shonas also pretend to be Venda here in South Africa and yet they cannot say a word in Venda!!

  6. @ Mbonisi

    Mbonisi is very silly. No, very stupid! Everytime he is pre-occupied with Gukurahundi? Whats wrong with this guy? Is he a Downing’s Syndrome or what? Usually people with Downing’s Sydrome or Azheimer’s disease think slowly, react slowly and suffer from temporary memory freeze. their brians hang up, and thaw out after some time-but they start from where they last functioned/left off irrespective of whether others have moved on or the subject matter has changed. People suffering from epileptsy have similar habits-they can collapse mid sentence, black out for an hour or two but wake up and finish off the same e.g ” ZU…..(2 hrs blackout, then wake up and finish)…MA. Mbonisi appears to be just waking out of the 1980s Gukurahundi era of 32 years ago. Or is it that he was so shocked with the Gukurahundi 5th brigade dissident shock therapy that he suffered temporal loss of memory? What did they do to you Mbonisi that caused your brain to freeze, slow down or hang up? maybe he has a brain tumor that is interfering with logical thought processes? If he visits a clinical anaesthetist, he can get anti-depresent tablets so that he quickly recovers from his unfortunate state of anaesthesia. Other dissidents of the Gukurahundi era have long since moved on Mbonisi, infact, rehabilitated and found peace elsewhere-after all, it was their fault!

    1. @ Gukurahundi

      I am preoccupied with Gukurahundi because everday and everywhere there are Gukurahundis or people with Gukurahundi tendencies and Gukurahundi attitudes towards Ndebele/Mthwakazi people.

      Just let this article publish any news on Welshman Ncube, Dabengwa, or anything on Mthwakazi/Ndebele any day – you will see the millions of Gukurahundistic comments from Gukurahundis.

      As long as there are Gukurahundistic comments instead of national unity comments doing the rounds here, I will be there to deal with them. So the ball is in the courts of the Gukurahundis to change their ways – otherwise we will always be ready!!

  7. Does Mbonisi know that Zuma is aware that Mzilikazi stole some of Shaka’s cattle? In fact Zuma was appealing to his ancestor Shaka himself, that he be allowed to rule some more eh? And the twelve cattle he killed as an offering to the departed great Shaka, couldn’t Zuma have slaughtered double that number if Mzilikazi had not stolen some of Shaka’s cattle later inherited down the line up to Zuma? And is Mbonisi not a grandson of that cattle rustler Mzilikazi? That makes Mbonisi a cattle rustler-cattle rustling runs in his blood because Mzilikazi’s genes are in him. Why then is Mbonisi, a cattle thief, praising Zuma as president of Africa? It doesnt matter that Mbonisi exiled himself to a far away land north of the Limpompo where he was probably chased away again for dissident works there and further cattle rusting. This guy is lurking out in the shadows for something very ill against Zuma. Zuma better take care. Zuma better use a long fork to dine with this thief. He Zuma, better check his stocks in the kraal pens again and again- Mbonisi may be possessed by Mzilikazi and could be stalking Zuma’s cattle right now as we speak. He can pounce againand de-stock KwaZulu Natal just like his shameful, cowardly

    1. @ Shame

      Still on with your Gukurahundi upbringing and all its stories??

  8. Mbonisi,people may say all sorts of vitriol-that you are so preocupied/obsessed with Gukurahundi,however don’t be dettered,that’s the only way that sad period in our history can remain relevant.We can’t gloss over the issue it has to be thoroughly attended to in terms of dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder,financial and material compensation,a full and unreserved apology from the perpatrators not the grudging acknowledgement that ‘ it was a moment of madness’ which effectively trivialises the heinous nature of the genocide.Lessons must be drawn in respect of conflict resolution to prempt reccurence of infrastructer destruction and the attendant civilian suffering.

  9. I fully appreciate Herbert’s approach. It is, indeed, a sad episode in our history. All those post-conflict recovery methods must be employed to engender genuine peace. Mbonisi’s enduring bitterness is informed, to a certain extent, by this lack of recognition that we had a troubled period in our history and failure to comprehensively deal with it. Reducing such a sad part of our history to tribalism is tantamount to trivialising it. Equally, labelling one another as Gukurahundi is not the best way of resolving the issue. It triggers unnecessary rancour. It tribally divides the nation, a thing that we do not need at the moment. What I can decipher is that, the majority of us arguing here did not participate in that fight. However, because of our tribal roots, we are carrying over the animosity. Once again, I wish we can all be as objective as Herbert, instead of hauling insults at one another.

    1. Our problem in Zim is that section of the Shona population that continues to share Mugabe’s Gukurahundistic and tribalistic views despite them being in opposition politics. These are inter alia some of the problems that led to the 2005 split of the MDC. I mean what renders one automatically a tribalist just by being a Mthwakazi/Ndebele? When you demand that these people justify their claims of tribalism – they merely disappear from sight and lie low, only to resurrect later to continue their diatribe. The so called good Shonas merely keep quiet and observe from a distance.

  10. Tapfumaneyi,we need progressive Zimbabweans like you,it’s encouraging that among the young there is broader concesus, convergence that,tribalism and all other forms of bigotry and prejudice only serve as retrogressive agents in the national development agenda and as Zimbabweans it’s imperative that rally and discard such cosmetic differences,as we add our voice or ,directly in our various occupations,actively seek to comprehensively address simmering injustices of the past and consequently get closure so that we devote our energy to more pressing issues on the economic front.

  11. Hi, just wanted to say i liked this article. it was practical. keep on posting.

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