‘ZRP most corrupt in region’


CORRUPTION by Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) traffic officers is worsening to the extent that culprits were shamelessly demanding bribes in public, a report by the Anti-Corruption Trust (ACT) of Southern Africa claimed Monday.

Report By Everson Mushava Chief Reporter

In a statement ACT, a non-governmental organisation said the traffic police have acquired assets that do not tally with their salaries.

It said the assessment was carried out through observations, listening to discussions between drivers and traffic police officers and engagements with friendly police officers, drivers and passengers. It was observed that some police officers had accumulated wealth which they could not justify against their monthly salaries, according to the report.

“Using proceeds of corruption, some police officers bought vehicles and commuter omnibuses of their own which operate hassle- free and some have bought houses to name, but a few.

“The findings also suggest that traffic officers share their daily bribe takings with their bosses in the offices, failure of which theyrisk being transferred to non-lucrative assignments,” read the report.

The survey, conducted last month and released yesterday, showed that police officers manning checkpoints between Plumtree and Kwekwe were paid bribe money for which they did not issue any receipts.

“They were paid bribes at six (6) of the seven (7) checkpoints, which constitute 85,7% prevalence.

“The 8th incident took place on the 20th of October 2012 close to Redwood between Plumtree and Bulawayo,” ACT said in the report.

Police officers were demanding a minimum of $10 per every roadblock and the biggest victims would be vehicles with foreign number plates. There were too many checkpoints, causing unnecessary delays to travellers, according to the report.

In 2010, an ACT report — titled Mini-Assessment Report: Corruption by Traffic Police Officers and Vehicle Drivers in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe — also showed that local police were the most corrupt in the region.

The report urged government and all responsible authorities to set traps and arrest culprits who were depriving government of revenue.

“It should be very easy for the management of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to catch the culprits red-handed and prosecute them,” the report stated.

Efforts to get comment from police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba were unsuccessful at the time of going to print last night.


  1. this issue of corruption is not going to be solved over-night, there should be programmes that run in schools teaching the small kids the effects of corruption….just like how we tackled the HIV/AIDS….if we see the corruption reaching the very people who should be erradicating it stiff measures have to be considered, the first being increasing their salaries and benefits because what criminals are offering is more than they are earning…..

  2. Tagara tinozviona asi chekuita hapana nekuti vakuru vemaporisa acho vanoti hakuna zvakadaro & we are going to increase police presence on the roads. A certain joke in one of the newspapers depicted a police officer to telling police recruits that they would be assigned to the traffic department & the recruits celebrated as if Lord Jesus had come.

  3. tru dat even during the pick hour in the morning we are resorting to boarding omnibuses owned by police officers so that we dont delay for duty

  4. it is unortunate that our police force which was at one time,ranked as the best in Africa ,has been left to get unbelievabily corrupt . How can that be possible if it is not a top to bottom problem.

  5. The cops must not take cash from offenders. The fines must be paid at the police station or better still deposited into a bank account. These spot fines encourage cops to be corrupt.

  6. spot fining is the root cause of all this corruption,people should be issued with tickets,the zrp should be computerised to catch defaulters who fail to pay after the grace period of seven days.there is a system they used in botswana ,on every entry point into town each vehicle is checked by vid and police.If its compliant a sticker is issued and the vehicle is allowed to proceed if not its impounded or refused permission to proceed.this reduces the number or roadblocks.its common knowledge that each policeman you meet wants to extort some money from you.this accounts for all the unroadworthy cars on the road as offenders can simply pay a bribe and proceed .

    • vaChihuri havatendere izvozvo. vanotoda cash upfront musango imomo. vanoda mari yekuti vaite twunhu twavo. nhaiwe divha unoti zvese zvaurikureva havazvizive here. they will not do it. mapurisa vatinoti vazopfumisa ava, hapana zviripo. madhara ndivo vazoita mari.

    • i like your suggestion if only it cld be taken into consideration. Ban spot fines there are of no help but encouraging corruption. There are too many road blocks it was better a sticker was placed on a checked vehicle to reduce delays. Remember for our economy to grow we must not worst working hrs by unnecessary delays. Yes there is corruption in the police force.

  7. Saka imi munofunga kuti tinorarama nei tikasatsvaga mari muroad. Majaira kutengesa nyika nhasi ndezveduwo Who is not corrupt waunoziva undiudze ndikutsemurire dzake.

    Wasara wasara Hapana inofurira irere

  8. I believe spot fine is the main cause of corruption on our roads. We should learn from others on a workable solution to a fine. If there is an offence, police should issue a ticket and a special pass for the driver and withhold the driver license. The fine is payable within 7 days at the nearest police station or court. Within the grace period the driver will be able to use the special pass. If fine is not paid then police will impound vehicle or arrest the driver if caught on the road.

  9. The most corrupt one in based at Esigodini his name is SIMBA on Sunday 9 Septmber 2012 at about 10am just after Esigodini toll gate this simba , demanded R400 FROM me . That money of mine will never make you rich anywhere you will never have what l have l will be back in December and l will logde a formal case

    Can Mr Editor publise this letter in your hard copy

  10. The culprits must be removed from the police. However, the difficult thing is that they are all corrupt and removing them will result in the removal of all of them, including Chihuri. Keep it up Newsday, Mushava and ACT-SA for taking these bold steps.

  11. Our children should not board buses owned by police officers and bought through ill-gotten money. Shamefull

  12. Haisi mhosva yemapurisa, even if mari yacho ikasubmitwa kugovernment,inodyiwa nanamazvikokota saka kunenge kuri kutoitisa vamwe mari. Regai vana vambodyawo masalaries avo anotosemesa kana kutaura kukundwa nema vendor?

      • wena ngoko ulipolisa yini? if u r then nguwe uchief corruption officer. the truth is the truth police in Zim are full of shit. They demand money even on trivial cases. wts that. why not let the law take its course on offenders?

  13. Vodii vana ava Biti achivanyima mari. Imhosva ya Tsvangirai ne chikwata chake chakaunza masactions. If their salaries were good this wouldnt be the case. Biti is so arrogant with the national purse as if its his very own. Look at the corruption in MDC first. Dont blame Chihuri and his guys. He has done a lot under very difficult conditions. Pasi na BITI

    • I always wonder why people say Tsvangison brought sanctions. People tend to forget that our President, Cde Mugabe said we could “go it alone” when he was withdrawing from the Commonwealth in the early 2000. He meant we did not need the west to move forward and prosper. But now we complain about sanctions. We have the “look east policy.” Why is the East not helping us? Afterall, Mugabe and his ZPF are puppets of the East.

      At micro-level, if you are a household in a community and you are always at loggerheads with your neighbours and community members at large, why would you cry foul when they dont help you in times of need? Zimbabwe, thru the president, castigates all and sundry in the world and still expect to trade with them… that’s so ridiculous. Let puppets of the east get help from the east, and puppets of the west get help from the west and see who prospers.

  14. The late Dr. Chris Mushonga was murdered in his home in 2009 and his office was looted. The matter was reported to Commercial Crimes Unit IR050525 and the High Court (DR 855/09) and still nothing has been done. Scary but true and this was a public figure…

    • It was Priscilla and his boyfriend politician who wanted to enjoy his estate. If you try to probe them they will ring the political victimization bell. These MDC W guys can not be trusted

  15. Chihuri is the culprit. Why re-new his term? While Gushungo appeals for non-violent elections, Chihuri is telling police not to arrest ZPF hooligans. This guy must be booted out if sanity is to prevail in ZIM.

  16. Every morning he drives a car in the compony of a female constable collecting money from vendors kubva ku 1 kusvika ku extension.this is done with the blesing of snr officers.its so shameful unonzwa vana vachiti ana kanda vapfura vachiguma mari.what ar we teaching our kids

  17. can the ACT for SA give state how much our own officers are getting compared to their regional counterparts,these guys are operating under difficult conditons not found anywhere inthe region!

    • thats bullshit, do u mean teachers should also solicit bribes from pupils, wt about other civil servants who also work under the same economic conditions like the police?

  18. Police Officers are poorly paid.So are trs and all jnr civil servants.Hw else can they feed their chdn,pay chdn’s fees and rent bsides thru corruption?Pamberi necorruption mapurisa until u ar paid a living wage not the slave wage u and all civil servants are getting.The Govt must addres the real coz of corruption.

    • sounds like you want the general public to be punished just because police officers are not paid a living wage. policy makers in government are not affected by this corruption since they dont pay any bribes.

  19. I think Ngoko is one of the corrupt officers , if that is the case hwat do you have, uchafa waka chenama mazino sembwa. Unofunga kudi ndiko kuyita mari ikoko, kana uchita mari yenda kuchikoro. Tshiya ubulema lobo obufuna ukubenza, uvumelana lezinto ezingelangqondo, you are the kind of people that are not needed in that country because you are an embarassment.

  20. this spot fine thing shud end i think they shud issue a ticket and pay that ticket vasatore malicence evanhu coz ukaenda ikoko vanokuti bisa mari tikupe

  21. I do agree that Bulawayo is a nightmare. My suggestion is they do an internal investigation on asset ownership in the force, including checking bank accounts, cars registration and title deeds. The army should be manning roads while we train a new police force all together. Those found living beyond their means should have their assets seized by state and jailed for it.

    A crack force team should be set up which drives around in different private cars, armed with hidden cameras, followed by a secure van which loads all police office caught red handed accepting bribes. The disgraced officer should immediately take off the police uniform and go straight to a holding cell awaiting trial. A month long operation with holding cells should be set up complete with a judge in every province for that.

    I must say, every time a police officer signals me to stop, I feel like running him over or jumping out and beat the leaving daylights out of him. I often ask myself why line up behind other motorist to pay these bribes as well. The police are exploiting a population they know is weary and gives in easy. They are like a pride of Lions. Right on top of the food chain.

  22. i think we are better off without the police. Its difficult for commuter omnibus operators to service and licence their vehicles because all the money meant for that goes to the police officers. What a shame indeed.

  23. ACT did a showdy research. If they had included Zambia, DRC and Mocambique vaibuda shudhu. My job has taken me places, the top 4 inoti.
    1 DRC
    2 Moçambique
    3 Zambia
    4 Zimbabwe
    ask any of my fellow truck drivers. ZRP mwana chaiye pahuori.

  24. A friend of mine drove from Botswana to Harare in August this year. From Plumtree to Bulawayo there were seven road blocks. The police were fairly professional and never asked for a bribe or hassled the driver. Bulawayo to Gweru it was the same and Gweru all the way to Harare and then on the return leg of the trip too. This trip spanned two weeks and did not appear to be a one off coincident that the police did not ask for money and were quite professional. So are they selective of who they bribe, perhaps if you have foreign number plates they want to give the impression they are not corrupt and are professional or these surveys are false or not completely factual. Let me end by saying I do believe the zrp are corrupt and most times very unprofessional but we must always be honest in our comments and when we experience something good the police do we should highlight it, after all they are fellow Zimbabweans and many Zimbabweans do the right thing.

  25. Jotso unotaura seusina kukwana,ukasabhadhara bhavha idzi unogona kurara muroad!I’m a truck driver. I operate frm zim via capetwn ,bt we don,t have any problm with sa police.kungoti paborder chete ,huori hunotanga ne zimra kusvika kutraffic,kana usina mari pambavha idzi haudarike

  26. Zim cops are known for their corruption. They are thieves in uniform. The kombi drivers and their hwindis are the same too. We’ve all seen how police stop kombis on the roads and then always go behind the kombi out of sight of the passengers where they get their bribes.
    As for kombi drivers and their hwindis, they are not innocent people. I was in a kombi one evening travelling to Westgate, and a lady wanted to drop at Greencroft. She needed her five rand. The conductor refused to give it to her. Then as I was jumping out my seat at the back to help her, another man seated near the front said she could have his change. The conductor violently pushed the woman out of the kombi and threw the money out . Then we have all read in the newspapers of a 4-year old girl who was kidnapped from her Avondale home by a driver and his conductor. They gang raped her and abandoned her on a road the next morning. The filthy creatures were not caught. But they will answer for this to the Most High God on Judgement day. So don’t ever say that kombi drivers and their conductors find it ” difficult … to service and licence their vehicles because all the money meant for that goes to the police officers.” Enough Said!

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