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ZBC moves to save chefs’ cars from hammer


THE Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has been given up to Monday to clear its debt with the National Social Security Authority (NSSA), or risk having its property going under the hammer.

By Our Staff Reporter

NSSA is claiming the State broadcaster owes in excess of $700 000 in employees’ pension contributions that have been not remitted to the authority since 2009.

NSSA’s lawyer Cannias Duri of VS Nyangulu&Associates said in an interview yesterday, attachment of the property not had been executed as ZBC had been given up to next Monday to pay.

“It has been agreed that ZBC is given up to Monday next week to pay part of the debt so that we would not go ahead with the execution,” said Duri.

“They had negotiations with my client this morning and that is what they agreed on. So execution did not go ahead, based on their promise that they will pay this week.”

ZBC had been given up to Tuesday to pay up, failure of which property, which included senior managers’ top-of-the-range vehicles, would be auctioned.

The State broadcaster has been battling to pay its employees reportedly due to dwindling advertising revenues and resistance by the public to pay viewers’ and listeners’ licences.

The corporation recently reduced its advertising rates by 40% in a promotion that runs until the end of December, code-named the “Advertising Budget Boost Promotion”.

The broadcaster has invited advertisers to transact business with them in exchange for free advertising slots and discounts of up to 25% for television commercials while radio adverts have been slashed by 40%.

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