Zanu PF drops bombshell

FORMER Information and Publicity minister Jonathan Moyo is one of the biggest casualties of Zanu PF’s proposed regulations on primary elections, which will bar members who have served the party for less than five consecutive years from contesting.


The regulations — cobbled up by the party’s mobilisation committee led by secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa — are seen as a way of blocking the so-called “Young Turks” seeking to challenge the old guard in the Zanu PF primaries.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo last night refused to speak to NewsDay on the matter, saying he was not happy with a story the paper carried at the weekend revealing that the party’s structures were in shambles.

But earlier Mutasa had told ZBC that under the proposed regulations, set to be discussed at a party politburo meeting on December 4, only card-carrying members who have served the party for five or more consecutive years, would be eligible to stand.

“We met with the mobilisation committee which gave us feedback on the rules and regulations governing the conduct of primary elections,” Gumbo said.

“These were expected to be tabled before the politburo, and if adopted will then be made public and the dates for the primary elections will be set.”

If adopted, the move would be a fatal blow to aspiring candidates,who include retired soldiers and members of the Central Intelligence Organisation who have been positioning themselves to challenge the Zanu PF old guard in a number of constituencies.

Moyo only rejoined Zanu PF in 2009, four years after his expulsion for standing as an independent candidate for Tsholotsho North.

Earlier, he had been accused of leading a revolt against President Robert Mugabe, which is now infamously known as the Tsholotsho Declaration.

The alleged revolt claimed the scalp of six provincial chairpersons, among them Manicaland’s Mike Madiro, Masvingo’s Daniel Shumba and Midlands’ July Moyo. They were accused of allegedly spearheading the plot that would have elevated Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa into the presidium.

Moyo went on to win the Tsholotsho seat as an independent candidate in 2005 and again in 2008 before reapplying to rejoin Zanu PF in 2009.

Besides Moyo, other senior politicians to be affected by the Zanu PF primary elections regulations include Madiro, Shumba, July Moyo and businessman Phillip Chiyangwa who were harbouring parliamentary ambitions in their home provinces. The politicians were recently re-admitted into the party.

Several bigwigs in Zanu PF are reportedly facing challenges from the Young Turks who are calling for leadership renewal and regeneration of the party.

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  1. I know Jonathan Moyo is itching for a real surprise for Bob. Renewal is good Jona, try another hit in the manner of ‘the Tsholotsho Debacle’, go for it, no matter the odds, they will re-hire you, they so badly need you natty prof. Neauseating lot!

  2. And these pipo don’t listen. Were they not told by the CPC that if you do not retire the old guard, the party will collapse alongside them?

  3. It only make sense that even though renewal in the party is needed, you can’t have someone out of blue coming in and taking a leadership role in the party. They at least need to have record of serving the party

  4. This year didymus is destroying many things. Didymus destroyed the DCCs, Ddidymus destroyed opposition to the disbanding of Dccs. Some time back he destroyed Rotina Mavhunga and her diesel from the rocks, this year he is distroying the young turks. Isn’t that a little bit of work overdrive. The fella needs to rest. He has done enough damage already.Why doesn’t he just pull out a garden chair and nap? Work, work, and work all the time? Why doesn,t he just rest, or better still, just quit?

  5. Such moves destroy morale in the party. Any card carrying member whose allegiance is not questionable should be allowed to contest. Mutasa is now becoming a sellout like Mangwana. The are slowly becoming enemies of the revolution. We need men like prof J Moyo. They are an asset to the party. Who will take his constituency. It’s just unimaginable. We need to reclaim all the Matebeleland vote to stop the call for a Mthwakaz state from some short sighted village politicians we know

    1. If Moyo, Mahoso, Chivaura and Manheru are assets then explain to us why pigs can not pilot Air Zimbabwe..these are just opportunisitic careerists and the ZANU party is doing a much needed laundry service which they should have done way back..Of course you have Mutasa, Chombo, Coltart, Biti, Kasukuwere, Masunda, Davengwa and many others who should be actively persuaded to join the above on the dung heap of our politics.

  6. dont worry proff Jonnah, Bob needs you in HIS party.

  7. come on guys contesting is not bad even i myself aspires that one day i be a member of parliament but rules have to be set and followed.Surely for a party the size of ZANU PF 5 years is not big a period,if there is anyone who is affected let it be,there are a lot of other members who are able and those will contest in the primaries.

  8. good riddance for bad rubbish.

  9. This reporter is just giving a false alarm. Retired members from the security services, some of them war veterans are very senior in their Party Ideology. They will be considered, mark my words.

    1. U’re right Love Joe.Infact, the reporter’s interpretation of having served the party for five years is misplaced.For evample, Jonono has served the party for over five years.Many cadres have served the party not as constituent members but in other spheres as young turks consistently for over 5 years.This lack of investigative journalism is what killed papers like the Zimbabwean, after having promised so much but delivered too little.

      1. well done, u have liberated this thread from paralysis of analysis

  10. Agree with 1Tate. You need to prove that you are a real party member not a spy fom the MDC. You must kill your own helpless folcks in the name of the party, rape in the name of the party, steal in the name of the party. Remember you do not have a brain, you must not think unless asked to do so, yours is to follow the party.

    1. in short u are a zombie!

  11. we wiill contest muchida musingadi this caused by usesless& unpopular rugare gumbo to impose himslf to ppl of mberengwa who previously rejected him. he want to get ready of july moyo 4 sanatorial seat

  12. jonathan moyo has always said zany pf is a democratic party. he should not cry foul. but i think he will flip flop again and form a one man party since nobody needs him. he betrayed the people of tsholotsho by joining their enemy whom they had voted out in 2005 and 2008 . he dined with the devil and to them it is an abomination, sacrilege and treachery. the zany party has used him and is now vomiting him out. where to now rocket scientist who calls any dissenting voice stupid. who now appears stupid ? sweet music. kikikiki .lol

  13. Why should we worry about the usual Gukurahundism in the Gukurahundi party of Gukurahundis?

    1. been reading ur comments of late ,sorry to say they do not (taste)

    2. l echo the same sentiments. u are so obsessed with Gukurahundi. ukanzi hello Mr Mbonisi u answer- Gukurahundi Morning, Wat can we give u tuday- Gukurahundi ice cream.Uri mubedroom- Mai nhasi tinode kuita Gukurahundi kurara………..

    3. jabulani kulekani

      Your comments are full of hate and revenge you are soo bitter , you hate everyone who is not Ndebele and you blame everyone who does not subscribe to the Muthwakazi ideology . I feel sorry for you! Honestly I do!!

  14. yeesss. Kikikikiki.LoL(Laughing Out loud)…PDN(pidigu Dhii Nekuseka)Jono u miserable excuse for a human being.The man who feels in his dreamy world that he is the only zimbabwean that makes sense.Well Nutty professor make sense out of this. Try Tsholotsho again and face the humiliation of your life. No more Parly for u buddy unless ofcourse u go to Ankeli Bob and lick his torso for you to be smuggled in. But then again why waist the energy bob. Nutty is just simply insane.

  15. Maiwe Baba iwe Moyo. Forget the rest and know that the Tjolotjo seat is Jonnies personal possession.

  16. Riseup Zimbabwe Freedom Party

    Are you young, energetic, intelligent and full of love………. Grab the leadership opportunity now and represent the new generation society now. Riseup Zimbabwe offers leadership opportunities to young Zimbabweans who are members in good standing in their societies.

  17. At least this proves to a lot of people out there that Zanu Pf will use you for their gains and after you have done the job , they discard you like thrash, we said it all along. t was just a matter of time.

  18. Since Jonathan is such a visionary, one wonders why he did not see this coming. Whilist you are plotting the fownfall of others, at least you must now that there are others who are plotting your downfall as well.

  19. What are you gonna do now Jony!! You know what, if I were you, I’d go back to the trenches!! Tsholotsho is a NO GO AREA. Is for you Prof! Do the Dhlakama way, back to the bush.

  20. This is just false alarm – Jonathan is in both the central committee and the politiburo ; how can he be barred from contesting primaries. It is much harder to be in politiburo than to contest some stupid non-entity primaries. Jonathan will always his way in Zanu anytime and everytime he choses

  21. @justsaying
    Are you a Gukurahundi party member?

    1. mbonisi grow up please!!!

  22. you can always be an independent Johnathan, then afterwards have a sham repentance and be loved by the party…… history repeats again and again.

  23. “If there is one sobering thing that can be unequivocally said about why the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has scandalously delayed the announcement of the March 29 presidential election, it is simply that President Robert Mugabe did not win the election and is now desperately trying to steal the result through an unjustified recount because he does not have any prospect of winning a run-off or a re-run,” (Jonathan Moyo, ‘Mugabe can’t stomach defeat,’ 13 April 2008). He did not stop there.

    “Against this background, ZEC’s perverse delay in announcing the result of the presidential election leaves Zimbabweans and the international community with only one gloomy conclusion: the defeated Mugabe and his shocked hangers-on are using the delay to scheme up a dirty game plan whose nefarious purpose is to reverse Tsvangirai’s electoral victory with the collusion of ZEC at all cost and by any means available. This is being done under a barrage of confused and confusing Zanu PF talk around a recount, runoff or rerun when the result has not been announced,” Moyo said. Ironically, that time Moyo did not accuse those he called “the UK, US and EU imperialists” of regime change!

  24. Felix Fidza Mushonga

    Guys in the Musangano- MANIPULATE THE RULES OF DEMOCRACY @YOUR OWN PERIL!! Right now its minus two seats already. Jonathan Moyo was ELECTED… THey could have ELECTED him again. Phidza – Well he would have gone all out to get himself ( and the Party) a seat … But well- … Thats water down the bridge now sisnt it?

  25. Zimbabwean, i thought all rubish is bad, Good? i wonder

  26. Some rubbish is good, some bad!!

  27. Zanupf and the law of the jungle, transition without transformation at its best, the result is political constipation.

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