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Vic Falls council workers strike


VICTORIA FALLS — About 300 council workers in the resort town yesterday downed their tools demanding an immediate payment of their salaries dating back to July.

Report by Nduduzo Tshuma Staff Reporter

Workers gathered at the council offices yard in the morning vowing that they would not go back to work until their outstanding salaries were paid.

A workers’ representative, who declined to be named, said they were last paid in June and accused the council of being insensitive.

“They now owe us monies for five months, considering that they should pay us our bonuses,” said the representative.

“When we ask for our salaries, we are told that the council does not have any money. However, management gets their salaries on time, their vehicles are fuelled and school fees are paid for their children.

“Councillors are also up to date with their sitting allowances. When they go for workshops, they are given full allowances.

“They do not consider that we pay rentals at our homes and that we have to pay school fees for our children as well. How do they expect us to live when we are not getting our salaries?”

Contacted for comment, Victoria Falls acting town clerk Phillip Ndlovu, said: “We are still trying to manage things here, so there is not much I can say.”

However, the employees vowed not to return to work until their monies had been paid.

“The management is not honest. Even the devil is honest compared to them. All they do is lie,” said an employee.

“We wish the minister (of Local Government Rural and Urban Development Ignatius) Chombo could intervene on the matter because we are suffering. We are headed for the festive season and things are looking bleak,” said an employee.

“We work without any protective clothing and our union subscriptions and pensions are not up to date because the council does not want to pay. Last year we had to take them to the Labour Court and we won, but they delayed paying us. We are now considering taking them back to the courts.”

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