Telecel fights for market share

TELECEL Zimbabwe says it will continue with its aggressive promotions on the market as it seeks to increase brand visibility and grow its revenue.

By the Business Reporter

Speaking on the sidelines of the grand prize final draw of Telecel’s Mega Promo promotion last Friday, chief executive officer Francis Mawindi said through the various promotions, brand visibility would be enhanced.

“We do an assessment of those promos, but what we have realised is in most cases, these promos are very effective in the sense that they increase our visibility on the market, raise brand equity, by so doing we are able to increase our market share and increase our subscribers,” he said.

“The more subscribers we increase on the market, the more we increase our revenue as well as profitability.

“So promos will continue for as long as we are introducing new products and services. This is a dynamic market and we have to respond to the dictates of the market.

“This particular promo, if you look at the bottomline it has actually increased.”

A total of 156 Samsung Galaxy Y PRO cellphones were given away as daily prizes in the promotion which began in August and ran for 90 days.

The weekly prizes were a Samsung Galaxy S2 and HP 630 laptop.

Twelve of each of these were given away.

Winners of the daily and weekly prizes where announced during the course of the promotion.

In August, Mawindi said the company would invest $70 million countrywide as it continues to expand its infrastructure.

Telecel chief commercial officer, Ashraf Elguindy, said 2012 had been an exciting year for the company as it had rebranded and continued with its commitment to provide customers with more value added products and services.

The company’s customer operations director Zodwa Chinyenze thanked the winners for staying with Telecel through the good and the bad times and said the company was grateful that its subscribers appreciated the value added services and promotions Telecel provides.


  1. I don’t know! Increasing market share through promotions in a market were one company holds more than 60% of market share. You get the feeling that whatever gains are temporary and will collapse like a deck of cards if the big shareholder can match the promos. With market saturation fast approaching telecel must rethink it’s strategy and offer something they can deliver better than econet. The investment must be channeled towards nurturing and packaging special competencies that will be critical in wrestling market from econet.

    1. I agree with you my brother, special attention should go towards nurturing and packaging special competencies that will be critical in wrestling the market share from the big player.

  2. With this Buddie zone thing Telecl is in trouble I am calling for 50% less why would i need to replace my lost telecel sim card.used to like it for mega juice though it was somewhat limited due to samll teleel subscriber bas ein my phone. With econetit diff coz 90% of all ppe i call have econet

  3. tecel just need to increase its coverage around Zimbabwe nekumamisha thats the only way and improve its network connectivity and then it can start to fight for the market share

    1. M in total agreement with you

  4. i think lets give them a chance. Maybe they have got ideas to wrestle those many subscribers from their competitors

  5. The big market share of Econet is current and the market growth is not stagnant.I switched over to telecel because econet failed to solve its poor internet after reporting it 4 the past 6mnths.Don’t be intimidated telecel

  6. Telecel Zimbabwe is failing the public. Its lines are being registered in a fraudulent and used for varoius unsocial transactions. Promotion is being done at the expense of the public.

  7. |Lack of innovation,copying what are other’s are doing will not make you gain loyal subscriber’s,Show us some innovation yearly something to look forward too you you’ll definetly take away many of the 60%. Provide look at their flaws improve on that we see!

  8. Telecel has been taken to court over this Mega Promo! This promo idea was given to them and they just stole the proposal and implemented it. We can’t support such thievery and bullying!

  9. Muchinda uyo ati econet iri poor pa internet u are total wrong my friend.hauna line re econet usatinyepere or else handset yako ndiyo yakamwa zed econet ka,1 my friend ini pachangu ndine 3 lines dze econet ose ari on uye ose ndojusa more than $10 line roga roga coz ne econet unoenda internet ukaneta sha uye inodya mari shoma,and again luk buddie zone yadadisa.malines angu ose mu4ni bk mangu muzere ma,econet chete.kwete zvekurota zvawataura.telecel iri poor pazvose.haina dhiri.ndakaiedza ndakaikoniwa ini.

  10. Zimbos make a noise when some poor mbare thief steals a wallet, but applaud when Telecel steals a proposal from Mobile Connexion, makes millions of dollars after running Promo they did not think of…and then tells Mobile ConneXion to meet them in caught…fighting Mobile ConneXion with the money they made from the Mega Promo Proposal they got from Mobile ConneXion. That’s criminality by Telecel and its amoral…pure and simple!

  11. Out of Harare Econet internet is very poor. Here in Marondera Telecel internet is better. They have been apologising and u hav to go outdoors in strategic places to send anything. Telecel has its loyal customers and frankly it’s a question of preference. Buddy zone is in selected areas. Here we haven’t heard of it. When I come to Harare it’s not unusual to get average 0% discount. Calling is still expensive. Mega ndizvo.

  12. kana usina line reeconet wakasara hama dzangu haikona kusara

  13. Telecel Zim matsotsi.unogona kuregister line nezita remunhu akafa.

  14. I have an Econet line but I am not a fan. They bombard us with tx messages atisina option of reply. I also have a Telecel line. Econet is not my preferred network. I just use these things to communicate. There is also this phantom entity called Econet ‘broadband’ very slow, expensive and unreliable. They ought to use all that advertising money to imporove their service. Go to SA and u can surf all the way from Messina to Cape Town. It’s too pompous and expensive. Some of these comments sound planted by insiders. How come internationmal calls r nw same price as local? That shows they r fleecing us. Econet doesn’t care for anybody

  15. Econet & telecel officials seems to have taken control of this discussion

  16. ini zvangu Econet is not a network of my choice. ndingatoda zvangu Africom ingave nani paeconet isina kana promo.

  17. I am not interested in any of these two network providers .I stay roaming on Vodacom(SA )because its even cheaper compared to Econet and Telecel on internet services.These two networks do not know the value of the dollar.

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