Tamborinyoka out of danger

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka is reportedly out of danger and has significantly recovered from a near-fatal car crash that has confined him to the intensive care unit (ICU) at a local hospital for the past two weeks.

Report by Moses Matenga

A close family friend, Kudakwashe Matibiri, yesterday said the former scribe was now able to sit with the aid of a pillow.

“He has seen considerable improvement and we are humbled by the support from Zimbabweans. He is fine now though he remains in the ICU,” Matibiri said.

“He has shown a lot of fighting spirit. He is going through some processes, but can now sit with the aid of a pillow, something that he couldn’t do. We are humbled by the support we continue to get and we call for prayers until he is fit to continue serving the country in his position as spokesperson to the Prime Minister.”

Tamborinyoka was seriously injured early this month after his car burst a rear tyre and overturned on his way to his rural home in Domboshava in the company of his brothers and an uncle.

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  1. This is great news..One hopes he hurries back to the office and straighten things out..there appears to be a disaster in that department at the moment. One of his bosses Mwonzora will need all the help he can get as primary elections are threatening to tear the party apart like the senate debacle those ages ago. Whatever decision is made it will need careful selling to achieve traction with the grassroot. Presently the rumblings in the ranks are slowly heading towards a crescendo. Why is it all of a sudden the MDC is appearing to be AFRAID of the democracy they preach day in day out? Who does this fear of democracy seek to protest? Whoever they are, they are not worth the damage the party is doing to itself. If anything it is the incumbents who will benefit from the primaries as this will serve as VALIDATION for their candidature going forward..people must see democracy at work within the party..Failing this the MDC will end up as ‘democratic change’ not the main article.

  2. Unoita bhoo mdara!

  3. Elections will come & go while he rests on a pillow. Get well but not so soon.

  4. iwe unehutsinye! manje anopora and next year anenge ane chedzvimbo chacharamba(presidential spokesman)

  5. get well soon mdara keep fighting God is on our side

  6. Luke, its good to read what you write, it really shows who you are, like your masters, you are still blood thirsty and yerning for more, you have finished 2008 buckets of innocent blood and since the shout of elections you have found a lee way of filling them up again, you survive on people’s blood, time will treat you well.

  7. A hero doesnot die easily, God be with u

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