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SK Moyo castigates Zanu PF vote-buying


ZANU PF national chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo has castigated senior party members for vote-buying, saying the practice was undermining the credibility of the party.

Blondie Ndebele Own Correspondent

Addressing a Zanu PF inter-district conference at Stanley Square in Bulawayo on Saturday, Moyo described vote-buying as a scourge and urged party members to shun the vice.

“Some members are using money to buy votes, what nonsense is that? People are being treated as commodities and we must not allow this to happen,” said Moyo.

“Why should we destroy the party with stolen money. Investors bring money and some senior members divert it so they can flaunt it to the people to gain popularity and get voted for. What kind of politics is that?”

Moyo said the electorate should have an independent judgment of the party according to its policies, abilities and intentions, not because of short term benefits such as money and material things.

“It worries us so much when we see the party structures weakening, yet the money is running around all the provinces. If you have the money, why can’t you take it to the party offices if it will help the party?”

Moyo urged party supporters to shun politicians who flaunt money and material goods such as food to win votes.

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