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Shumba’s gospel of hope


AFTER hogging the limelight with his two albums Ishe Wazvose and NdiMwari, Blessing Shumba has released his third album titled Shongwe.

Report by Tawanda Marwizi

The nine-track album, which went on the market yesterday, has well-arranged instruments and a spiritual message.

On the first song Mboni Yeziso, the gospel musician gives an assurance that the bright light of the Lord leads people everywhere and that He has planned better things for his children.

Kanganwiro is a plea to two enemies to bury their hatchet.

He advises the enemies to seek a mediator to help them settle their differences.

The Mutare-based musician praises God for creating a man and woman and binding them through marriage in song Wanano.

However, he pleads with both sides to be committed to their marriages.

Kuvimba Kwangu is a show of faith in God. He says he has faith in the Lord in times of trouble because protection is guaranteed.
Shumba intercedes for sick people in the song Vanorwara Vese.
He quotes the Bible several times to indicate that God sent his messengers to protect all the sick people.

Usarase Tariro is a song that tells people not to lose hope in everything. He urges people to keep on piling their request to God because every prayer will be answered.

In his song Iye Anotipa, the musician implores God to help people who have different problems.

Prayer is the way to solve problems and nations should put God first in all their plans, as the musician proclaims in a worshipping song with a traditional beat titled Mikumbiro.

In Ivai Vatsvene, which is his last track, the musician urges employees to reward their employers.

While the album’s lyrics are inspiring and the beat exciting, some tracks are dented by vocal echo, which could be a result of poor production.

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