Principals dump Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe faces a stumbling block in his quest to wrest the constitution-making process from Parliament after his co-principals, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC leader Welshman Ncube, yesterday said they will not be party to the move.

Report by Everson Mushava Chief Reporter

Mugabe on Tuesday said Parliament had done its job and the remaining processes would now be assumed by principals to ensure speedy completion of the process, which leads to the next election.

Tsvangirai and Ncube yesterday maintained that the constitution-making process, according to Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement (GPA), was driven by Parliament and Executive authority would only be needed when calling for a referendum.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, yesterday said Mugabe was expressing his own views as no such agreement had been reached at by the principals.

“The Prime Minister’s position is that the constitution-making process is driven by Parliament,” Tamborinyoka said.

“He is stickler to the rule of law and he believes in the separation of power. Parliament is an autonomous body which should be allowed to fulfil its mandate without the control of the Executive. He has made it clear that he has no intention to meddle in the affairs of Parliament.”

Ncube, who is one of the principals according to a Sadc Maputo declaration, also said he did not know of any agreement giving the principals the veto power.

“The only agreement I know is in the GPA which says the Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee (Copac) will produce a draft, which they have already done.”

According to Ncube, the Executive powers should only come in to call for a referendum.

“If we have a draft which is agreed, Executives will take over and call a referendum, not to rewrite a parliamentary process.
“It is Mugabe’s personal view, which is not shared by some of us,” Ncube said.

Ncube’s rival, Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara, refused to comment on the matter.

Officially opening the Fifth Session of the Seventh Parliament, Mugabe said principals had literally taken over the process.  Last week he also told delegates at the Second All-Stakeholders’ Conference that principals had the veto power and Parliament would merely rubber- stamp their decisions.

“There is now the need for government to assume the management of the process leading to the referendum,” Mugabe said.


  1. …headline yako is misleading….but the article is spot on. We usually see such misleading headlines in the other paper….so its something you really dont want to emulate!

  2. Headline and contents contradicts , learn to marry the two for a positive bearing in reporting.

    1. There is no contradiction here – Mugabe has been dumped by his fellow principals on this issue – its as clear as daylight.

  3. Watever we might say,there is need to speed up the process so as to proceed to the referendum n election.our parliament is sometimes draging its fit yet the nation need to move out of the disfunctional GPA

    1. You do not speed up the process just for the sake of it. There should be consensus on fundamental issues, otherwise we are simply playing games here. You cannot spend so much time and money – money that is not even yours on a process that you are not serous about – its not about windowdressing. These processes should be irreversible because a constitution is the foundation of the nation. Again constitutions are not meant to facilitate any other pre-determined outcomes other than democratic ones. Only dictators have a problem with the doctrine of separation of powers!!

    2. With the opposition fractured as it is the is likely wood of another GPA so the dysfuctional continues and a lot of fools blame the fractured opposition to Ncube while party actual proposed unity long before 2008 election and that agreement was drawn and at alst minute Tsvangirai disappeared into his kitchen cabinet only to come the next day saying he is going it alone and no seems to want to know this but blame Ncube, that is blinding following.

  4. Chero zvazvaita, lets focus on retiring our old men gracefully

  5. Neither way, we are sick and tired of politics and this ‘man’

  6. these zanupf goons have become too rich and are scared of losing their ill gotten wealth hence the dilly-dallying with the constitution making process

  7. This is what is called UNITY OF PURPOSE on the part of Welshman and Morgan. Guys continue on this path and shame the tribalists and Gukurahundis!!!


    1. Welshman has taken a consistent principled stand on this matter. As for Morgan, am afraid he might chinja anytime and take a totally different stand especially if he is promised one nice and fresh woman/young girl!!

    2. Mbonisi you are Mudzviti akapedza mombe dzemaShona

      1. I think that comment is vile to say the least!

      2. No need for name calling..there is no harm in shutting up if one has nothing to say. Who does this statement help?

  8. There is a procedure to be followed in the drafting of the constitution according to the GPA let’s abide by it.

  9. thanks modza & prof

  10. On this particular issue Tsvangirai and Ncube must bury their differences and stop Mugabe from manipulating the Copac draft constitution and including his ZANU pf imperial amendments. Tsvangirai in particular should be careful in handling the Mugabe/Mutambara evil axis. If Tsvangirai and Ncube are decisive on this one then Mugabe has no where to go. He is between a rock and a hard place! Mugabe doesn’t give up and we will soon see some other scheme of arrangement on this one. Time and space,old age and poor health are consuming Mugabe whether he likes it or not. The next elections should not be rushed and if holding these elections in June 2013 let it be. Why is Mugabe panicking and insisting that elections be held in March 2013 when systems are not ready? His health is his own problem and if he can’t stand the heat in the Kitchen let him hand over the baton to a younger and healthier person in his party of geriatrics. It is time to tell Mugabe that he can no longer do these things unilaterally and he is in a GNU where he must be consultative and not dictatorial as he has been doing all along.

  11. The title of this article is misleading. Mugabe referred to Principals as Mugabe,Tsvangirai and Mutambara. Mugabe does not consider Ncube a Principal. Even though Mutambara was de-recognized as a Principal by SADC on SADC /Zimbabwe matters Mugabe does not agree and has grand plans for Mutambara in his bid to retain power in next year’s elections. If Tsvangirai and Ncube stick to their guns on this constitutional matter then Mugabe has a problem but he can re- scheme his way to some how. At 88 yrs old, poor health, misrule and mismanagement for 33 years Mugabe has an uphill battle in 2013. Time will tell!

    1. The definition of Principal that matters in the bigger scheme of things is that of SADC – not Mugabe’s definition. The Gukurahundi can continue scheming with his so-called “Principal” Mutambara, but at the end of the day, without SADC’s greenlight, anything that comes out of this scheming will be illigitimate and will not be recognised – it will be back to square one.

      ZANU PF are very much afraid of SADC, notwithstanding their public posturing about “soveregnity”; “we don’t want Zuma”; “Lindiwe Zulu must shut up” etc, etc. Remember SADC is now led by younger leaders and its not the European Union of that matter!!

  12. i think TM and WN nid to pull their act together. uyaz bayangdina.

  13. There is no need to write screaming headlines without the body of the story to back it up. Anybody thinking that Mugabe will be fixed by grand standing statements from two powerless leaders is in denial of reality. If the constitution is not completed on time Mugabe will still call elections in March under the old constitution, after all he gave his word to the High Cout. The term of the current parliament expires in March 2013 and it is Mugabe’s responsibility to call for elections when they are due. Mugabe made his speech to the nation while opening parly and these two are issuing comments through their spokespersons to the press. Therein lies the difference. We will wait and see kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe!

    There seems to be a pattern to this reporter’s stories or is it just me seeing him as being anti Bob and Zanu PF?

    1. The guarantors of the GPA are SADC not Mugabe – times have changed mfowethu – these are not the Mbeki days. Wait and see!!

    2. why didnt Mugabe call for elections this year as the people’s congress had puported?zinyangoma can’t you see that time has run out for zanu pf and its oldest leader in the world……. times have changed my man…

      1. He did not really need to call an election this year despite what was said at congress. However, the term of the current parliament ends in March 2013 and elections are due then new constitution or not. This is what he has also told the High Court and so he is legally required to fullfill that lest he be found in contempt of court. It’s called rule of law!

        1. The HIGH COURT! Is it the same high court that is denying almost 30 accused bail in the ‘single’ policeman murder case?

        2. Yes that High Court! Whether it’s one person or 100 people being denied bail for killing one person it is still a court of law by which Mugabe has to abide by its rulings. The person killed was no ordinary person but an officer of the law carrying out his lawful duties and brutally murdered by a marauding group of lawless rascals. The law has to be seen to taking its course and it is. Public opinion is not how judges make their decisions but what the law says as passed by parliament. I do not really get what your point is though?

    3. this person so-called dzvinyangoma is a zanu pf parrot. please stop parroting for nothing.people have suffered and enough is enough with these old men

      1. Says an MDC-T puppets parrot!

  14. there is nothing misleading about the heading

  15. zanu pf yamama

  16. Kana akadhambiwa akadhambiwa hazvinei nesu Toda sadza chete

  17. He want to hijack the copac draft


  19. mugabe is power hungry he ken do anything 2 use his veto powers

  20. Mugabe haasati atanga,muchaona chete zvatichada kumuratidza 2013.ini parizvino ndirikuita ma,car parks ndichishandisa zita reZANU PF.ndine ma,cards hobho eZANU PF,ndiri chairman weZANU PF but handisati ndambovhotera Zanu Pf yacho.Wel done Mr Tsvangirai and W.Ncube.rambai makatsika ipapo ZANU pf yaenda iyo kwaZVIMBA.muchaona chete zvichaita vemaromo anaRUGARE GUMBO,vemhanza dzema demon ana Jonathan Moyo.zanu pf yaora iyo kwangosara madhara madhara chete.

  21. This is what i suspect is the ZANU PF The Grand Scheme.
    1. Although SADCC has pronounced Ncube a Principal ,Mugabe and ZANU PF insist on Mutambara. Mutambara feels he owes Mugabe esp after the protection he has been receiving from Mugabe. So Mutambara will most likely support Mugabe for amendments to Copac draft
    2. For Mugabe to try to justify Mutambara as a Principal he will whip the heavily compromised High Court and Supreme court bench to declare Mutambara Principal ahead of Ncube. You will see that when ZANU PF want Mutambara to be declared Principal by the courts the courts will quickly do so. Right now they are awaiting for instructions. The idea is to try to neutralize Sadcc decision
    2. Ncube and Morgan will refuse to be part to it .Eventually Mugabe will be forced into an embarassing retreat..
    As for Mutambara the young man is as confused as Jonathan Moyo. He is the sort of guy who can see the scheming of Mugabe but for his own selfish end he would rather go along with Mugabe. He does not have a future after June 28 Elections 2013 . Although the grapevine says after Mugabe steals this election he will try to bring in ministers from different persuasions to buy credibility..That credibility will not come never mind the fact that Mutambara will be appointed an Education minister in ZANU PF govt. Whether Mutambara would like to be used like this is not the subject here for he is already being used.

    However, as you will all see Mugabe will lose the elections to Tsvangirai . For TSVANGIRAI TO WIN even during zanu pf election fraud he will need to realize that 80 percent youths esp in towns are not registered voters. The challenge is for MDC-T to ensure they are registered. ZEC and RG Mudede are ZANU PF creations so MDC-T must wake up in that regard.

    1. Dream on Razaro Morgan has reached his best before date you need to get out of fantasy land get out of the papers into the real world and you will discover that Morgan is no longer popular especially amongst the youth.Yes he does have supporters but his support base is not growing but dwindling. If you understand the life cycle of a product which Morgan by the way is then you and those who believe in him will be shocked. I

  22. We observe from afar

  23. Wakarasika shaz u dont knw whts on the ground wht most of the pipo wnt is to remove zanu pf frm power thn tozoona zvekuita naMorgan.

  24. I think this newspaper,ncube and some commentators on this page owe the pm an apology for all those conspiracy theories they paddled for the greater part of last week.he has always mantained this stance but for ncube and co to paint him as a conspirator.shameful!

  25. Support Tsvangirai with care. Achaitawo saMugabe mukasa chenjera

    1. ko hazvinetsi kana term yake yapera in the next elections we rule him out. I doubt kuti tichazowana zve vatungamiriri vano rambira pazvigaro

  26. May be Mugabe’s grand plan is for Mutambara to take over ZANU PF leadership after him. Otherwise, how then can we explain Mugabe’s spirited support for someone who is not even a member of his party, but is supposedly in the opposition?

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