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Police urge festive season caution


POLICE have urged the public and business entities to ensure strict security measures during the festive season as the period had become synonymous with criminal activities.

Report by Blondie Ndebele Own correspondent

In a statement, Bulawayo Police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo said companies must engage guards to protect premises during the festive season.

“Companies should be vigilant otherwise they will end up hiring people who were dismissed by their employers owing to dishonesty,” he said.

“Management must make impromptu checks at their premises and on security personnel.”

Moyo urged supermarkets and clothing shops that make brisk business during this time of the year to regularly bank their money instead of letting it accumulate, saying armed robbers were always on the prowl.

He encouraged businesses to install closed circuit televisions and ensure administrative areas were free from public attention.

Moyo appealed to people not to leave their homes unguarded or leave children alone as they could be subjected to abuse by criminals.

He assured drivers that all major roads leading to and out of the city would have police road blocks to remove unroadworthy vehicles and ensure that all drivers followed the law.

Moyo urged the drivers to co-operate with police at roadblocks to avoid accidents.

He urged the public to desist from violent behaviour.

“The police force will be patrolling streets and lawlessness in public places will not be tolerated,” Moyo said. “If people heed these tips, we will be guaranteed of a peaceful festive season.”

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