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One-on-one with Nox


THE hit Ndinonyara spurred Enock “Nox” Guni to a new level of popularity. The South Africa-based musician, who rose to fame with the song Maria in the early 2000s, has become one of the most sought-after urban grooves performers.

Report by Tinashe Sibanda

He has toured Australia and the United Kingdom. He has also staged a number of shows in the country, with the latest being his appearance at the Lion Lager Summer Festival headlined by Nigeria’s P Square in October.

A lot has been said and written about the musician’s rise to fame and his flourishing career, yet his lifestyle has barely been discussed. NewsDay had a chat with Nox (NG) to discuss his way of life and personal background.

Below are excerpts of the interview the musician had with our Entertainment Reporter Tinashe Sibanda (ND).

ND: Tell us about your family
NG: I’m from a family of six. My parents live in Masvingo and the first born is named Martin. He lives lives in South Africa with his wife and they have two kids. I am the second born. The third born is Gabriel who is also based in SA. The fourth child is Tafadzwa, a talented singer, dancer, songwriter and composer. The fourth born is Tinashe who is in Masvingo and the last one is our only sister, Tendai, who also lives in Masvingo.

ND: What do you do for a living besides music?
NG:  I am a professional marketer and work for a training company in Sandton.

ND: What type of mobile phone do you use and what car do you drive?
NG: I use a Samsung Galaxy and I drive a Chrysler

ND: Do you own a house yet?
NG: I live in an apartment that I am renting to buy.

ND: Which perfume do you use?
NG: I love Hugo Boss, but nowadays I use Usher or Beckham

ND: What is your favourite drink?
NG: Coke. Sometimes Black Label or Heineken

ND: What is your religion?
NG: Christianity
ND: What is your favourite movie?

NG: I do not have much time to watch movies, but given the chance, I watch action and thrillers. I think to date my favourite movie is The Departed.

ND: Who is your favourite musician and why?
NG: R Kelly because of his versatility. He can sing any kind of genre and that inspires me. I am trying my best to reach his level. I also appreciate P Square and locally I appreciate Trevor Dongo and Alexio Kawara.

ND:  Do you have beef with any artist in the country?
NG: I don’t do beefs. I am cool with almost every artist in Zimbabwe. Our industry is way too small to cater for beefs and besides,  our culture does not respond well to such gimmicks.

ND: What are your weaknesses?
NG: Getting swamped in what I do, especially music, to an extent that everyone or anything does not really matter. I think I need to go for a time management workshop so that I can be able to give other people and other activities attention as well. Fortunately, all the important people around me do understand this and they do not really fuss much about it.

ND: What were your wildest moments?
NG: Driving at 190 kilometres per hour in the freeway on my way to the airport just so catch my flight to Australia.

ND: Tell me about your most embarrassing moments
NG: At the 2007 Namas when I was performing live on TV and I decided to go onto the stage without shoes. Unfortunately, the stage was slippery, so i fell on the stage just as I got there. I will never forget that.

ND: Which schools did you attend?
NG: Kuwadzana 2 Primary School from grade 1 to 7, Ellis Robins Boys School for my secondary education and Morgan High School for “A” Level. I went to Midlands State University for a B com Honours in Marketing Management and graduated in 2007.

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