I’m not a dissident – Nkosana Moyo

FORMER Industry and International Trade minister Nkosana Moyo has spoken out about his dramatic resignation from government almost 11 years ago, saying he did not betray Zimbabwe.

Report by Bernard Mpofu  Chief Business Reporter

Addressing participants at a forum hosted by the Netherlands Embassy in Harare on Monday, Moyo blamed lack of dialogue in most African countries for the slow pace of development and polarisation.

“If you look at me, do I look like a dissident? If I disagree, I got to be put in a bucket where I am said to be disloyal to the State. So it goes back to the notion of what is a nation state,” he said.

Moyo added that most African governments were struggling to move forward due to incompetent bureaucrats that often received hefty salaries at the expense of the State.

He became the first minister in government to resign in 2001 in what was regarded as one of the most educated Cabinet formed by President Robert Mugabe. He was appointed after Zanu PF won a narrow majority in the parliamentary elections in June 2000. Moyo left the country to join his family in South Africa, saying that he was frustrated by lawlessness and attacks on farms and businesses by Zanu PF activists. After his shock resignation Mugabe criticised him for growing cold feet.

“I do not want ministers who are in the habit of running away. I want those I can call amadoda sibili (real men), people with spine,” Mugabe said then.

“Our revolution . . . was not fought by cowards. If some of you are getting weak-kneed, tell us and we will continue with the struggle.”

After his resignation, Moyo worked at Actis Capital LLP as managing partner for the Africa Business.

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  1. Jimmy Tsvangirai

    poor report, very poor

    1. tell them more like Herald

  2. Mr N Moyo you are well principled

  3. I guess he is a true professional who would serve our masses well . Morgan needs to approach
    this gentleman .

  4. Indeed this is poor reporting. Please be real and give us the story liked to the Headline otherwise don’t.

  5. Weak person quits ministry to become a general manager!!!!

    1. That’s what we call being principled. He defied a very strong man!

    2. waida kuti aswere achipisika madhoti ezanupf here? You killed and destroyed the economy and you wanted Moyo to miraculously resuscitate it, usapenge.

  6. One has to be corrupt as well in order to be n remain loyal to our gvt. Moyo respects his intergrity n could not fit in the team of amatsotsi sibili.

  7. This a very shallow report. What does it take for one to be a freelance journalist. I want to give it a try and help by selling my stories to the Newsday. What was the purpose or theme of this forum? Who else was present amongst prominent Zimbabweans. Has he been here all along or did he fly in for the purpose of this forum? What other examples of lack of dialogue resulted in lack of development. What did other participants say about this issue? etc etc. Please be more informative and avoid drinks when assigned to cover such events so that there is depth. Mungakundwavo ne Herald here akomana?

  8. Like Sai mentioned, I looks like this gentleman still needs another chance but in a different set up. I think N.Moyo could be a very useful technocrat. His early resignation spared him from political contamination and confusion thereby makes him a sober and more objective candidate. However, something is terribly wrong with this report, I don’t see the relationship between what N.Moyo said and the writer’s story.


    “I do not want ministers who are in the habit of running away. I want those I can call amadoda sibili (real men), people with spine,” Mugabe said then.

    kikikikiki kikest ayah

  10. amatsotsi sibili

  11. The headline generates a lot of interest i.e a must read story but the content leaves a lot to be desired.

  12. So what did he say about his resignation? Nothing! Lets be serious Newsday.

  13. Lobengula’s sellout spirit got him and he ran away. After all the country still moves on. He is a sick fellow

    1. Tawanda, you are a tribalist that also happens to be a complete idiot. What Lobengula’s sellout spirit? You are just off topic

    2. Khulu/Sekuru (Bambo)

      You are a pile of unadulterated tribalistic trash Tawanda, and i am being very conservative in describing you that way!

  14. This is a great man, amadodo sibili have looted this country to the core and those are the people our comander in chief wants close to him and these are the same people with spine to loot
    N Moyo I wish you well I know you personnel you are just a simple man, a man full of courage and remain principled in what you stand for, god will provide with more wisdom and long future

  15. what happened to good journos?

  16. People like Nkosana Moyo, Welshman Ncube, Trevour Ncube, Strive Masiyiwa, Simba Makoni etc are what Zim needs right now, hayi ama unprincipled Gukurahundis of no direction and no consequence!!!

  17. This guy is a sellout like his ancestor lobengula.

  18. tawanda the country is still going backwards

  19. Khulu/Sekuru (Bambo)

    shut up you tese tese (tsetse) fly

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