New party to tackle the ANC?

Durban – The ANC has encountered another bump on the road to Mangaung with news that a new party, possibly a breakaway by disgruntled ANC members, is about to be formed.

Report By The Mercury

However, more than anything else, it was the name, South African National Congress, which set social media networks alight with sarcasm, finger-pointing and disbelief.

Government Gazette 35761, published on Friday, October 12, stated: “Notice is hereby given that the South African National Congress is applying for registration in terms of the Electoral Commission Act, 1996 (Act No 51 of 1996).” It invited anyone with objections to submit them to the chief electoral officer within 14 days of the publication of the notice.

“We don’t know about it, but… we will challenge it,” ANC spokesman Keith Khoza said.

“We view it as a misappropriation of our name. It will cause confusion to our constituency. Remember, even Cope started there. One of the names they looked at when they started out was SANC,” said Khoza.

He was referring to ANC members who broke from the party in 2008 and settled on the name Congress of the People. ads Ads

At its birth the ANC was known as the South African Native National Congress.

Despite two days of research it was still not clear on Tuesday night who placed the notice in the Government Gazette. The finger pointing extended from those who supported President Jacob Zuma for a second term to those who wanted Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe to be the next ANC president.

The IEC’s chief communications officer, Kate Bapela, said: “The Electoral Commission has not yet received an application for registration for the South African National Congress (SANC).”

A group called “Forces for Change”, known to be lobbying for Motlanthe, has been accused of trying to establish the new party. Former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema and the league’s suspended spokesman, Floyd Shivambu, who have thrown their weight behind Motlanthe were also thought to be behind it.

A statement released by the Economic Freedom Fighters, which include Shivambu and Malema, said it was a “pathetic rumour” that those advocating for a leadership change were behind the attempts to register a party.

– The Mercury

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  1. Phillip phogole

    We will support sanc since Anc is nolonger relevant to the poor people,Zuma stole money to build his conpound Zuma promote tribalism in the party that is ANC is devided,we must reduce ANC dominance

    1. You are free to support whoever, but stop making false accusations about President Zuma. He has the most tribally, racially and religiously diverse Cabinet since 1994; even Mandela and Mbeki did not have such a cabinet – how does that make him a tribalist?

      You are now sinking to the level of Gukurahundis up north across river Ngulukudela/Limpopo. When they cannot win against their opponents, the tribalism tag always comes in handy!!

    2. I think there is nothing called SANC but only the false genuine designed to shake and or frustrate those marching for Motlanthe to lose hope and change direcion to Shower man Zuma”s camp.But our concious is clear-The IEC’s chief communications officer, Kate Bapela, said: “The Electoral Commission has not yet received an application for registration for the South African National Congress (SANC).” said NEWS DAY.So please refrain goin for this propegunder statements.

  2. This is typical of African politics – its always about personalities and not party policies. You leave a party to form your own, not because you differ with its policies but you don’t like the leader who has been elected – how daft can one really get? In the bigger scheme of things, leaders come and go, but parties and their policies are here to stay!!

    1. I totally agree with you this is typical its about greed and being on top, it’s not about improving the lives of the people as a whole but improving the finacial status of the ruling elite. Greedy bunch of fat cats!

  3. what i cant believe is that you south africans are buying the prosperity for all notion of julius malema than equal opportunity for of zuma,even God our maker said we should work yet he has endless and unconditional live for us,so never trust primises for free things you will surely be like zimbabwe has malema and comoany have demonstrate lack of reason and direction by not making full use of structures within ANC to make their aspirations fulfilled.surely if they had good intentions why are they finding it difficult to get them into parliament and debated into national policies especially with the number of representation of the ANC.Dont be fooled by the free gifts promises Malema is the illiterate who lacks both education and reason,zuma is no longer illetarate as he as shown great leadership skills and basic common sense which malema has exchanged for a big zim we knw plunderer from miles ,trust us.

    1. pliz leave my zim alone.concentrate on your country,the strikes caused by in equality and nzuma (honeless cow in shona) is watching then u dare call him literate?.he is going to workup soon and verysoon.anyway who said malema was behind the new party?

  4. Xhosa Xhosa, Zulu Zulu Sotho and Venda. That is the order!

  5. Forget talking about Malema! He is a spent force! The guy will totally ruin RSA if he is given a chance to be in top two of RSA leadership! He’s after power nothing else! He should first of all go back to school and study programs related to administration, conflict management and resolution, diplomacy, governance and etc!

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