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Mutinhiri exposes party


FORMER Zanu PF women’s league commissar Tracy Mutinhiri, who was expelled from the party because of her alleged close links with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, on Saturday claimed Zanu PF activists once threatened to throw her into Marondera town’s “notorious” Wenimbe Dam as punishment following her visit to the Premier’s rural homestead last year.


Mutinhiri, who has since defected to the MDC-T, told party supporters in Buhera she fell out of favour with Zanu PF after showing respect for Tsvangirai as her boss in government during her stint as Labour and Social Services deputy minister and accompanying the Premier on a government programme in Manicaland.

“This is the place (Buhera) with the history behind my expulsion. I once came for a government programme supervised by the PM,” said Mutinhiri.

“That’s the sin that I committed and I went to eat sadza at Gogo Tsvangirai’s homestead. I go to the same church with Gogo Tsvangirai and I didn’t see any problem. The Marondera demon then surfaced and they wanted to throw me into Wenimbe Dam.

“God had a plan for me and I made a choice. The Bible says, ‘Don’t destroy, don’t kill and don’t steal’,” she said.

Mutinhiri was expelled from Zanu PF for closeness to the MDC-T after she had earlier attended the memorial service for her brother, Innocent Muzuva, an MDC-T supporter who died in a car accident last year.

During the service, Mutinhiri praised Tsvangirai and his party for the support they had given the family of the deceased and all hell broke loose.

Zanu PF was quick to launch a probe into her alleged closeness to the MDC-T after the victory of Lovemore Moyo, the MDC-T chairman, for the Speaker of Parliament post amid suspicion that some Zanu PF MPs had voted for Moyo and not the party’s preferred candidate Simon Khaya Moyo with Mutinhiri being the prime suspect.

Speaking at the same occasion, Tsvangirai’s wife Elizabeth challenged women to warn their children against perpetrating violence as it was a danger to society.

“As women, we have the keys and you can talk to your children to desist from violence so that we go for elections freely,” she said.

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