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Music trio in exciting comedy


MUSICIANS Sulumani “Sulu” Chimbetu, Peter Moyo and Jah Prayzah could come up with an interesting comedy series if their cameo roles in a comedy titled Bag Rabvaruka Part 2 are anything to go by.

Report by Entertainment Reporter

The trio took part in the comedy series after an invitation from writer and main actor Lloyd “Mabla 10” Kurima who is Jah Prayzah’s close friend and assistant manager.

Jah Prayzah featured in the first part of the series in which he played an adviser to an upcoming artiste. In the new production, he features as a guy from the neighbourhood who intervenes in a scuffle between an old man called Sekuru Zvambu in the series and Chimbetu.

Sulu, who features as himself, picks a fight with Sekuru Zvambu when the later falls from a ceiling when Sulu is in his girlfriend’s room.
Sekuru Zvambu and Mabla 10 had hatched a plan to eavesdrop on Sulu and his girlfriend and both climb up the ceiling.

However, Sekuru Zvambu accidentally falls into the room triggering chaos. Sulu accuses his girlfriend of cheating with the old man.

Sekuru Zvambu manages to escape from the room with Sulu in hot pursuit until Jah Prayzah comes to the rescue.

Moyo comes in the comedy when he is mistaken to be one of Mabla 10’s “rapists”. In a scene from Part 1 of the series, Mabla 10 is sodomised by four men and reports the matter to the police. In his hunt for the suspects, Mabla 10 meets Moyo, whom he mistakes to be one of the rapists.

He quickly apologises when he realises that the guy he accuses is the popular musician. Mabla 10 is elated to meet the musician and showers praises on him.

Mabla 10 said he involved musicians in the comedy because he believes all musicians are actors.

“When musicians do their videos, they act out some scenes. I take them as actors who can fit in a film or comedy. I am glad to work with these musicians because they add value to my work. I am looking forward to working with more musicians in my upcoming productions,” said Mabla 10.

Despite good acting in the comedy, Jah Prayzah says he just features in the comedy series to assist his friend Mabla 10.

“Acting is not in me and I do not see myself getting into full-time acting. I just feature because I will be assisting Mabla 10 who has a passion for comedy,” said Jah Prayzah.

Sulu said he enjoyed acting since he was young and his role in the comedy could signal the beginning of another arts career.

“If I get a chance to feature in any film I will take it. I have not thought of getting into the art that much, but I can do so if any requests come my way. However, at the moment, I am seriously concentrating on music and I would not want to burden myself with another arts genre that deserves serious attention,” said Sulu.

Moyo said he got into the comedy by accident.

“I last had a role in acting a long time ago. I think it was during my primary education when we did drama. I saw Mabla 10 shooting his comedy when I had gone to see Jah Prayzah in Budiriro. I was asked to act and it went well. I am not interested in acting at the moment, but I am prepared to assist any artiste and ready to offer my service for the development of arts,” said Moyo.

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