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Mujuru orders chief to work with Zanu PF


GOKWE — Acting President Joice Mujuru, at the weekend, ordered Chief Misheck Njelele to work closely with Zanu PF party members in distributing farming inputs donated by various local companies to villagers in ward 15 Njelele 2, near Gokwe town centre.


Mujuru, who launched a government work programme on food and nutrition security at Chemahororo Irrigation scheme, received 2 000 day-old chicks from Irvine’s, a tonne of maize seed from Seed Co, three tonnes of cotton seed from Quton and other farm inputs from various agro-based firms, to distribute to villagers.

She handed over the donations to Chief Njelele and ordered him to distribute the goods in liaison with the Zanu PF structures under his domain.

“I accept these donations and hand them over to you chief so that when we leave you can then give your people, but you have to work with the party structures who will help you donate these inputs,” Mujuru said.

“We are deliberately bringing this programme to the ward level after realising that in the past government programmes were not getting to the ward level and they had to survive with the help of NGOs who bring with them their own agendas to destabilise our country.

“That should stop.”

Ironically, Chemahororo Irrigation Scheme was revived by ward councillor Newani Nyamazana (MDC-T) with the help of Agro Germany a non-governmental organisation after it had collapsed in 2007.

Just a week ago, Zanu PF distributed 800kg of maize seed which were part of its $20 million project to party membership card-carrying members in the same ward at Bomba business centre, where those without party cards were denied access to the farm inputs.

The move was condemned by Gokwe-Kabuyuni MP Costin Muguti (MDC-T) who accused Zanu PF of abusing the electorate.

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