Mugabe secret funds mystery

Zanu PF has remained evasive on its source of funding that has seen President Robert Mugabe splashing $20 million on agriculture inputs that he intends to dole out to poor farmers ahead of next year’s elections.
Report by Everson Mushava

The party has also spent over $14 million on 500 vehicles and $6,5 million on a 5 000-seater conference centre that will host its annual conference between December 4 and 9.

The projects, being implemented amid revelations that the inclusive government is broke, have raised eyebrows.

Education minister David Coltart questioned the logic of Mugabe splashing $20 million on inputs when his portfolio was only given $8 million in this year‘s Budget.

Zanu PF claims the money is coming from well-wishers, including those who benefited from the land reform programme and economic empowerment, eventhough all sectors of the economy are struggling.

Rugare Gumbo, the Zanu PF spokesperson, yesterday insisted that the party’s opponents had no right to question its source of funds.

He dismissed claims that Zanu PF was siphoning revenue from Chiadzwa diamond mines that have failed to remit adequate money to Treasury this year. Ads

“Can they (MDCs) prove that Zanu PF is using diamond revenue?” Gumbo charged in an interview with NewsDay. We have been hearing about that several times. It is sounding like a broken record. Who are they to demand to know where we get our money from?

“Zanu PF is a big organisation and a well-established party. We get the money from our supporters who have businesses and some have just benefited from our empowerment programmes. (Finance minister Tendai) Biti is supposed to fund agriculture and if he refuses, we cannot just fold our arms.”

Mugabe’s agriculture input scheme will benefit over 800 000.

At the launch of the scheme at the Zanu PF headquarters last weekend, the veteran ruler blamed Biti for government’s failure to fund agriculture without saying where the minister was supposed to get the money from.

Coltart said Mugabe must name the source of his funds to promote transparency.

“The source of the inputs fund may be legitimate, but Zimbabweans will only know that if the President is candid about its source.

Transparency!” the minister wrote on Facebook recently.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said Zanu PF was looting the country’s diamond revenue to sponsor its election campaign.

Mwonzora’s party accuses Zanu PF of setting up parallel government structures so that it can misuse diamond revenues at the expense of other Zimbabweans.


  1. Chabwino Chauruka

    Ko nhai shamwari ingotaura kwawakawana chibhanzi ichi. Shuwa vanhu votemeswa musoro kufunga kuti wakaiwanepi iwe uchiziva zvako kuti yakabvepi? Buda pachena comrade!

    1. Ko nhaiwe shamwari mari yemaintenance yaLoca yakabva kupi? Iye Loca aita mari nedofo iro as mari iyi dai yakatenga ma inputs zvaiva nana kwete bar re sipo ne 2 kg upfu zviri kupiwa muMasvingo.

      1. 300 thousand is nothing compared to the millions stolen by Mpofu. And the hundreds of millions stolen by your father mother and brother in Zanu pf at the expense of the povo. Its not morgan’s problem its the corruption of zanu pf for the past 30 years. And how about 100 million set aside to tarnish the image of Morgan, why not buy the food needed in Masvingo. Dofo ndiwe coz u can never stand in front of 30,000 people, speak with eloquence and convince them to stand up against dictatorship. U will never set foot in any presidential office in any country in the world but guess what even the African leaders make a lot of sense from this so called Dofo. Iwe neka Degree kako what have you done even for yourself. Dofo Ndiwe.

        1. Supporting mugabe is just like supporting a dead person.CIOs dont waste yo time posting.we went to skool we think and we can choose who to vote for but this shld be crystal clear to you,we dont vote for mugabe.

        2. Well wishers-fuck this one can give mugabe money.its diamond via magnate mpofu who is also dishing goodies in matebeleland.Mpofu owns ZABG and mugabe is dishing u think they are doing this out of

      2. MA C10 TIBVIRE APA

      3. You are a moron Nhongonhema or whoever you call yourself.

    2. people shouldn’t be used like monkeys to vote for a donkey ,, its a pity that there are some pple who cant see what is happening around the world ,, days are gone for the monkeys to exploit one another

  2. No comment. he is the father of the house

  3. its true chiadzwa is the source

  4. Grand thievery

  5. Cleophas Nyikadzino

    The source of funds for the Revolutionary party are well wishers me included. So those who want details you can get from a lot of progressive Zimbabweans. Its no secret that there are a lot of ZANU (PF) well wishers who have money.

    1. Where were the well-wishers when the Gukurahundi party went pennyless at the height of hyperinflation in 2008 which forced them to eat humble pie and settle for a unity government?

      Remember that was before the discovery of the massive extent of the diamond wealth of Manicaland. Has this just been a coincidence, seeing that the econmy of the country has not really picked up that much?

    2. Feisal Greenland


    3. Nyikadzino…lets hope kuti kurudzi kwako hakuna anotambura….chii chaurikuwana kubva kuna Mugabe chauno well wisher kuti arambe achitonga ne party yake yemharadzi…iyo povo yese ichishaya…..munozviita mune mari iyo nyika ichishaya investment saka irikubvepi mari iyoyo yamunopa Zanu…. mazimbavha anonyepa..the day of reckoning is nigh at hand….muchadura chete….

  6. all those who claim to be zanu well wishers obviously have access to the same source of this money as zanu itself.its only given to them for safe keeping,clever philosophy,’NEVER PUT YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET” what can they say really?meanwhile they will verbally castigate, abuse and question rival political parties where they get their funds from…grand thievery indeed!!!we are not dumb!

  7. Gukurahundis bafowethu, Gukurahundis!!

    They now don’t want to be questioned about their source of funds when they were in the forefront of question the MDC’s funding a few years ago? Din’t they claim the Westminister Foundation was funding the MDC, how did they come up with the puppets label?

    It is obvious – these are diamonds from Manicaland – these are the resourced which led to the Gukurahundis’ brutality against the Manicaland villagers – the poor Gogos/mbuyas – those same people who are refusing devolution!!

    Refusing devolution because it is from a muNdewere so as to eat Gukurahundi ZANU PF brutality – its a crazy country indeed!!

    1. Iwe Mbonisi you are nonsense neGukurahundi issue Shut up!

      1. If you are a Gukurahundi – take it like a man – here it is, GUKURAHUNDI and GUKURAHUNDISM in Zimbabwe!!

        1. MaDzviti sewe akaitirwa zvavakamboitavo so dont worry it was an eye for an eye.

          1. iGukurahundi lo hlala liliGukurahundi – once a Gukurahundi always a Gukurahundi kuphela. If you choose to be one of them, that is your problem!!

        2. Wadzoka futi????? just tell me you think Gukurahundi was a ndewere issue chete ? do you belive that ? just because Gukurahundi occured kumatebeleland does not mean this was a ndewere cause? taivekowo tichirariswa ku Phumula ne ku Nketa. kuma sewage takadzitsvagiswa pfuti asi ini ndiri muzezuru… mavanga ndinawo asi ko ndaive dissident here? Iwe chaunoziva nezve Gukurahundi chii? Anyway whatever it is Zanu must declare its source of funding to the nation. afterall if they cant then goodbye to good governance and welcome corruption…

      2. Feisal Greenland


  8. it is questionble and if it is legitimate money the source should be named. 20 million usd is not a joke guys. Anyway they keep them poor, give them and get votes. So poverty is good politics in Zimbabwe.

    1. true poverty is politics source

    2. And these are not Zim dollars – American dollars you know!

  9. Yes I encourage you all felow zimbos to make sure you are not left out of the inputs scheme even if it means buying a nusangano card and actually attending one or two rallies. It will booste productivity and never mind you vote, its your secret.

  10. John weku Mabvuku

    Am just thinking, two leaders with mysterious sources of funds; combined- thats a lot of money if we add it and plan its use as a nation, resourceful leaders…good fo Zim, one of them gives to the farmers to produce food for all of us, thats good, the other decides otherwise, …..Im not into that,Now to condemn the support of our farmers becomes ….Come on Zimbos, tose tinoda kudya wani? While we do our things someone must farm. Politics aside zhara haina basa nezita reparty yako kana team yaunosupporter, Lets be realistic.

  11. Africa will never be progressive. We are going to call the white man back in order to save us from ourselves. Mugabe is the worst leader you can imagine.

  12. ko nhai vamugabe hamutsvakirivo vashandi vezisco chekudya zvavakakuroverai maoko mati mavavigira essar vanhu vzrikufa vamwe vacho vanorimavo vanekumisha kunoda kundorimwa chinjai maitiro nemaonero vamugabe

  13. Our country’s name ZIMBABWE should be changed to a more innocent, unifying and neutral name.

    ZIMBAGWE is not only associated with GUKURAHUNDI, but is also full of GUKURAHUNDISM – clearly evidenced by the daylight robbery of our national resources by the Gukurahundi party and its Gukurahundi leader Robert Mugarbage!!!!

    1. musatuke, lets just debate the matter like adults. a good day to you all.

    2. Ai man. Zimbabwe was chosen as a historical name. Even Zapu supported it. No gukurahundi ties to the name. Unless your implication is that all Shona were avid supporters of gukurahundi.

  14. pwetere pwetere iye anorima chaiye anomirira kupihwa mbeu handi anotogadzirira.mapurazi akatorwa mangani akushandiswa zvakazara.hamheno kti mbeu yacho yamunopuhwa ndeye sora here coz muzhinji macho isora .kana dziri mombe makadya .matirakita makauraya,farming equipment yese kubva kuma water pumbs nemapipes makatengesa mukakoma mapoto.chamai mhanyiri dzimba dzaigara varungu nanhasi muri kudzirwira.4 sure u want 2 feed e nation when u ar farming using zvibhakera kushandisa badza remaoko sure mukore uno.vamwe ndivo vakapamba akawanda.mhuka dzesango murikungodashura chese chamabata mukungo paradza .ngoda dzikucherwa zvikungonzi hapana mari.kana pane anoti zvandikutaura kunyepa.prove it 2me

  15. Yes we have changed the name to the Republic of Limpopo and we are all Limpopians – to hell with the Gukurahundi name Zimbabwe.

    Its divisive; full of corruption; thieving everyday; racism and tribalism; the ubduction and killing of innocent citizens; everywhere there is evil in the land – hell no to ZIMBAGWE, to hell!!

    1. How about Zimpopo bro? And we are all Zimpopians!

  16. Whats the problem with us Zimbabweans. AT one time we accuse ZANU PF of looting funds fo their benefit, now that they are donating to farmers we cry foul. I dont see anything wrong in this move cos it benefits the majority . If its about transparency, all parties shld go public abt their sources of funding,not just ZANU PF alone which in this case has decided to do it fo the majority of ppl whereas other party leaders are revelling in belated honey-moon abroad I dont gthink revealing the source of funds will change the way the inputs will grow in the soil. Lets learn to aaplud when something good has been done,not just criticise fo the sake of it. Love him or hate him, Mugabe has the ppl at heart.

  17. Tendai Chaminuka

    Mugabe sources $20 million for agriculture inputs.Tsvangirai pays $300 000 for maintenance

  18. You really want to know the source of ZPF fund where did tsvangirayi get the money to pay off Locadia where does he get money to fly every week. This truely retrogressive reporting.

  19. You really want to know the source of ZPF fund where did tsvangirayi get the money to pay off Locadia where does he get money to fly every week. This is truely retrogressive reporting.

    1. Tswangirai wont noble peace prices worth millions! were is your memory you fool?

  20. for your own information right honorable m r tsvangirai is a businessman so dont question three hundred thousand. and did tsvangirai refused to openly say out his sources ryt like what rugare gumbo had said.

    1. Bob himself is a successful businessman. His dairy project is the best in the country. You talk of 20 million given to the pipo for production. Even if it’s from Chiadzwa to the pipo what’s wrong with that. Talk of 300 thou to finance prostitution. I can see a big difference





  22. John weku Mabvuku

    Im bemused, change the name of the country!!! The contrubuter must be a foreigner, Shamwari yangu verenga history yedzimwe nyika, Gukurahundi came yesterday, Dzimbabwe ndiwo musimboti wedu tose,, wanyora nehasha, hadzibatsiri kuti fungwa dzako dzinzwike…take a deep breath, there will be no country name change. Limpopopians suggest uvele ezansi,LAMI FUTI, Thats sacred inhouse history, Yu are too emtional and too young to partake of this debate, Dont touch our SACRED tribal drums…

    1. Nothing secred about that Gukurahundi name – it belongs to the dustbin of all the thugs we are slowly getting rid of, who have blighted our country!

  23. saka tovhotera ani weduweeeee?lam appealing for zanupf wellwishers kunzwawo zvichemo zvedu ma civil servants tatamburawo

    VaTsvangirai musasanganise zvinhu you are letting people down here mabva marohwa nehana netumari twe unity govnment kuzoti mukaita president wenyika muchaita wangani


    1. ZvaTsvangirai naLorcadia haisi nyaya nokuti Mark Chavhunduka naRay Choto were not tortured for it! Or maybe you were at kindergatten when it happened?

  24. Kutamba nevamwe zvakanaka kunongodikanwa weduewe. Hezvo Zanu PF yaita mari nemawell-wishers. US$20mn + US$14mn + US$6.5mn = US$40.5mn. Ndokuti marika uku. Kuzoti tikaisa US$100mn yeSpiderweb Sting Operation inobva yaita US$140.5mn not mentioning imwe yatisingazive. I’m sure dzimwe nyaya dzaTsvangison dzichazobuda @ a convinient time especially close to elections bcoz wallet ichiriyakanuna, kuzoona US$100mn yapera dzinenge dzabuda dzese rega uone!

  25. The source of the money is well wishers, that’s all we need to know. Let’s stop scandalising noble deeds for political expediency. For personal privacy and data protection the president cannot name the well wishers and he does not need to. Infact he does not need to name the individual well wishers, because what we know is that the money is benefit farmers to produce and feed and benefit the country. Coltart is speaking out of his backside, what does the budget for his ministry have to do with the cost of teh inputs? There is nothing stopping him sourcing money for his ministry from well wishers instead of complaining about how the $20m is more than the $8m his ministry got from Biti’s budget. The $20m is not from government coffers but from well wishers as stated by the president. Spending time worrying about the names of the well wishers is wasting time on the trivial. The MDCs should be also sourcing funds for their favoured activities instead of spending their efforts on trying to know the names of the president’s well wishers.

    After all the $20m is being spent on things that will benefit the nation as a whole. This is where the MDCs fall short because they have such a narrow view on issues. 800 000 families benefitting from agricultural inputs from the president versus few families receiving bars of soap and packets of matemba from Tsvangirai while he pays out $300k + to one woman? I am sure Elizabeth wanted something of equivalent value as well and was given while on their honeymoon which should make it a $1m that Tsvangirai has spent on 2 women. Feeding a man for a day or teaching him how to fish, do the analysis.

    Has anyone asked where Tsvangirai is getting the money for buying matemba and bars of soap that he is dolling out at his rallies? Has anyone asked where Ncube is getting the money to buy the bicycles that he is dolling out at his rallies? If Mugabe reveals the names of his well wishers, what will be the reaction if the list includes Strive Masiyiwa? He did benefit from Mugabe’s empowerment policies, getting all the PTC contracts through his previous company Retrofit.

  26. Tru patriot wakamuona here mpofu achiba mari u stupid desperate fool prove it dnt waste ur tme ko yemurowa diamond irikufamba seyi

  27. The money spent here is party money not gvt get it right fellows. RG has been in the game for long and has since made some investments all over and is now reaping when it is necessary. Vane ma projects avo kare kare. I thank you for remembering the nation RG, its going to benefit more people that way, we only pray that God give us enough rain. ZVAKANAKA VANHU TENDAIWO musangoisa ruvengo pese pese, after all we are encouraged to forgive one another so that we may also be forgiven by the Father above. Vame muchashamisva kuona vaRG vari ku heaven imi muri kumoto kutendeuka hakudi gore.

  28. Masiyiwa fought a gruelling battle in the courts for years because he was perceived to be politically incorrect. He was actually harassed and tormented because he was apolitical. If it were not for the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo ( peace be upon him ) Masiyiwa was never going to get an operating licence. High court records are there for all to inspect.

    1. Please do not misrepresent facts. Mujuru was demoted by the president for her handling of the Econet saga. VP Joshua Nkomo who intervened also happened to be VP of Zanu PF so what’s your point. Now we know there is a tendency to want to discredit Mugabe and creating heroes against him by misrepresenting the Econet licence saga but, those in the know know that the president and Nkomo were supportive of Masiyiwa. Read up on Retrofit and tell me it did not get most of the PTC’s contracts to lay down cables when PTC was nicknamed Pasi Tino Chera beacuse of networks of trenches across Harare. How did Masiyiwa get all those lucrative PTC contracts with his old company Retrofit if he was such a marked man?

      “Masiyiwa’s business benefited from his association with the IBDC, and from the political connections that this association facilitated. Even though Masiyiwa estimated that his company carried out the electrical installation of 30-40% of the major buildings in the capital city of Harare, its main business was projects for the armed forces. Retrofit thus had high-level security clearance – it was even given the contract for President Mugabe’s rural home.”

      1. If mai Mujuru was demoted then how did she become vice-President, I do not know a demotion like that; from Minister of Information, Posts and Telecomunications to Vice-President regardless of time span that is great. Just agree that Mugabe and company did not want Masiyiwa to be in that business, he has never commented on that issue till today and I may not be surprised if they want him to cede 51% to indegenous!!!! Retrofit might have gotten some tenders because of Leo but Econet was being blocked because ana Leo vanga vasingalume.

        What we need to know is where did the $20mil and $300k come from because the two are public servants who we know their earnings. The other chunk is from Marange and the smaller chunk from Westminister I suppose unless someone corrects me we shall believe it is true.

        1. Mafungire ako akaneta. Time is a healer and Mujuru was rehabilitated. She is VP because she was voted for into that role by the party’s supporters. I guess you missed where Masiyiwa’s company did the electrical work at Bob’s rural home. Selective reading?

  29. Why should he reveal the source of the money? Is it a crime in Zim to have 20million?

  30. The Rich and the Famous! Thaty is why in twenty yeasrs time, when am 88,I will seek the highest position in the land!

  31. zanu yaita mari hurumende isina

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  33. useless pple wats beter to steal money from diamonds and help ordinary zimbos than to steal government money and pay to a bitch who was once married.mikosho yenyu vanhu imi

  34. a lot of rubbish from zanu pf theives

  35. Vunza zvako mbonisi.i coinsidence kuti kuya dubuki’ daimani e chiadzwa then all of a sudden the mines minister is filthy rich then goes on to buy a bank.then he becomes the darling son of the 2008 umpofu waenothile kangako?hw did he amase so much a little more than 3 yrs.looking at amaprojects awe zanu right nw,their budgets are close to half the national budget if not more.for a party that was almost bankrupt just above 3 yrs ago something smells here.from hundreds of vehicles,a conference center,$20m inputs to the supposedly average army commander who owns a fleet of grand cherockees but less than 4 yrs ago waehamba ngesiqcathulo esitshekileyo aahh ngiyamangala.

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