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Mohadi court cases mount


THE company ownership wrangle between co-Minister of Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi and a Beitbridge businessman is far from over as there is need to consolidate the applications on the dispute before the High Court so that they are treated as one, it has been learnt.

By the Senior Court Reporter

At least five applications on the wrangle are pending at the High Court.

Some of the applications were made by businessman Reginald McGillivray Dawson.

The other applications were made by Barbara Lunga, the provisional liquidator of the company in dispute, Nerry Investments.

Lunga wants monies which were allegedly siphoned from the company accounted for.

A court official told NewsDay on Friday that the cases had not been dealt with and none of them had been given a hearing date.

“Any one of the involved parties should apply for the consolidation of the records so that the matter is dealt as one,” the official said.

“I think if they do so there will be some movement in the matters. At the moment nothing is happening.”

In September, Dawson applied to the court to expedite the liquidating of two of his other companies accusing Mohadi and his associates of dipping their fingers into their purses.

He made the urgent chamber application asking the court to expeditiously deal with the liquidation of Red Queen (Pvt) (Ltd) and Spoornet (Pvt) (Ltd), companies which he co- owns with his wife Susan Jane.

Dawson is involved in a bitter ownership wrangle with Mohadi and his co-director Josias Moyo over Nerry Investments which has since been placed under provisional liquidation by the High Court in Bulawayo.

The couple accuses Moyo and Mohadi of externalising money from these companies into South African bank accounts.

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