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Model to unveil dance contest


SUPERMODEL and G-Tel Face of Zimbabwe finalist, Cynthia Qongo, is set to make a difference in the local arts industry through a dance competition titled You Think You Can Dance, which is expected to run next year.

Report by Tinashe Sibanda

The competition will be open to all dance genres and dancers will be invited from all walks of life.

“Through this initiative, I felt I could create a platform for youths to interact and share information on the importance of working hard in various fields instead of engaging in unscrupulous and illegal activities,” Qongo said.

The competition will go through a number of elimination phases and the best will square up in the final.

She said the initiative was mainly set for unemployed youths since it would also involve sharing information on capacity building and business development.

It will also be an opportunity for the youths to explore useful initiatives in the arts industry.

Although Qongo’s biggest passion is modelling, her aim in this project is to encourage creativity among the youths via other art genres.

“Aspiring candidates for the competition will be vetted through a number of means. They can come with demo videos, come for live auditions or enter through an online channel,” she said.

Qongo said her competition was unique in that it did not focus on one genre.

She said her vision was to have regular events across the country in order to reach out to talented youths from urban and rural areas.

“The programme will also incorporate social education messages like HIV and Aids awareness, gender violence, environmental protection and behavioural change tips.”

The model was inspired by America’s televised series So You Think You Can Dance which has a big following internationally.

The show features a variety of American and international dance styles including classic, contemporary, ballroom, hip hop, street, club, jazz and musical theatre styles among others, with many sub-genres within the categories represented.

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