MLF unveils new flag


SECESSIONIST party Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) has unveiled its new national flag.


In a statement on Monday, MLF secretary-general Paul Siwela said they intended to officially hoist the flag when their plan to form Mthwakazi nation in 2018 materialises.

He said the flag, which features red, blue, black and white colours in addition to a shield, spear and a knobkerrie, symbolised the struggle for the independence of Matabeleland.

“Red stands for the blood of our heroic forefathers who fought many battles to create our great nation and state resisting colonialism in the 19th century,” reads the statement.

“It also represents all who died during the war in Rhodesia and those killed by the Zimbabwe government.”

He said from 1980, Mthwakazi people had suffered much humiliation, genocide, marginalisation and domination first by the British and now by rival local ethnic groups.

Siwela said the shield, spear and knobkerrie signified the weapons which were used by the Matabele State standing army during the 19th century.

“All ethnic groups found in Matabeleland, including the Shona who desire to make it their permanent home, are entitled to be full citizens of the republic,” he said.


  1. The idea sounds nice, seccession happened successful in the russia, lesotho,swaziland l now hear 40 states in the US want independence. Let people rule themselves

    • Time to open History textbooks so that we know who should be in Munhumutapa Empire or Mapungubwe. It will be very nice for those who are not supposed to be staying in this Empire to start provoking citizens of Munhumutapa.

      • Shepard, so you want the Gukurahundi His-stories just to liven up you Gukurahundi upbringing one more time – go ahead and open them up. Your Gukurahundi leader is still there at State House you can consult!

      • Why are these guys want to confine history to the period of 1863 – 1890? Here Siwela is talking about 19th century “heroics” yet fellows like Mbonisi refuse to acknowledge that this land you call Mthwakazi was once proudly owned by Changamire Dombo, who preserved the boundaries of this country when he pushed the invading Portuguese back to as far as Villa Manica. Previously various successful kingdoms of the Shona have been established on the plateau, notable being Great Zimbabwe, which the name of the country is derived from. However, the boundaries of its successor kingdom, Munhumutapa was impressive. The kingdom had ports along the coast where custom officials collected revenue from imports and exports. The Europeans, especially the Portuguese paid courtesy call to the king, just like what special envoys do to the head of state and government. Mbonisi want to rubbish this history and naively purports that what matters is when Zulu impis pitched up and took advantage of the weakening states under constant attacks by the Portuguese and established a Ndebele state as recent as late 19th century. The concept of Mthwakazi is therefore misplaced, is unAfrican and borders on treason. Siwela should consider joining opposition parties and champion the inclusive and equitable distribution of resources irrespective of language, region. To continue dividing the people because you have nostalgic affinity with a long gone privileges is a height and irresponsibility and is VERY COSTLY to the country, the Shonas and Ndebeles!

        • @GZ, This is one of the best comments that I have read in a long time. If I may add, while we are at it if we go down history lane the original habitants of Guruuswa Plateau are the Khoi and San people now living in the Khalahari so unless Siwela intends to hand back the land to the Khoi San people he is having selective amnesia. We should be focusing on regional integration in SADC and AU to increase our economic competitive advantage and inslulate ourselves from foreign dominion not this business of small fiefdoms. If Africa was one big state they would be no militia roaming around in Congo and sanctions on Zim would not hurt the common people.

  2. Gentlemen, it is still early in the morning just wait until the Gukurahundis arrive, you will see – their comments are always predictable.

    We will get the usual Gukurahundistic tribal vitriol that never talks to the issues but as usual, plays the man and not the ball.

    We will be lectured on the usual Gukurahundi HIS-stories (His (Mugabe/Chigwedere) stories) about their 1800s tribal hangovers about who came from where and when and Tthe usual Gukurahundi majority rubish!!!

    • mbonisi
      you seem to get a kick from this Gukurahundi tribalistic thing. Know one thing my man, not everyone who doesnt subscribe to your views is Gukurahundi. Grow up and get a life!

  3. Eventually Hwange will want seccession from mthwakazi, the Binga, the Beitbridge wld want to be an SA province! Then Gwabalanda would want autonomy from Bulawayo! I mean whats the point, deal with the issues! separation will not help and has knock on effect. look at Georgia.

  4. There is nothing bad about day dreaming. It only becomes sceptic when one wants to spoil people’s minds with warped ideas. Whoever supports the warped idea is wasting space

  5. Its a good idea, it has always been a good idea to the Ndebeles to take that part of Zimbabwe. These are the guys who walked from KZN. Let them dream.
    We also, would want to claim back our land taken by these guys when they arrived from KZN. There are the first colonisers.
    Let take back our Mutapa Empire, lets do it The Chibatamatosi Way.
    We have suffered when these guys arrived before the whites, upto now we havent claimed back our land from them. Lets push them back to KZN. and see what Shaka’s children will say.

    • @ Hombarume

      So indeed I was right – there goes the HIS (Mugabe) stories again. Its Gukurahundism at its best – I knew it!!!

      • Mbonisi
        Gukurahundi is a part of history and u cannot decide to let pple focus on history selectively. If u r goin to spend the whole day talkin gukurahundi then we have the right to remind u of those boys who failed to get independence from Shaka and ended up in mutapa empire. If they insist on it I believe they shld be kicked back to Shaka’s land and try it there.

      • Don’t use Gukurahundi as a defensive shield. If Mthwakazi feel that Matabeleland is their land and should belong only to them, I am sure they are basing it on history. Unfortunately they are choosing to deliberately ignore an earlier stage of this history which will prove that the land does not belong to them after all. We are all Zimbabweans and we should live together in this country peacefully. We might be having bad leaders but God will give us good leaders in future to unite us all.

  6. On another note. We can allow them to space to shout, but my question is how are they going to form their own country from that part of Mutapa State? Lets hope they dont dream of starting a war. That would suicide.

    You know when people have failed in their lives, they start dreaming instead of working. These guys failed to raise bail money.

    Dreaming for sure, they do not even have representa.tion in parliament. Which means no support in Southern Mutapa State, by those same guys they are saying they are representing.

    We will start Operation Dzokera KwaZuru Natari.

    They also sold our land to the whites after they were given sugar. This time hamulume, muno lumila!

  7. Whilst the MLF has a constitutional right to frame their main policy thrust as one for secession, I doubt very much that most Mthwakazi people are for secession – unfortunately only a referendum could prove that, which I doubt the Gukurahundis will be prepared to institute.

    In my view secession is not the best way forward – what we need is first and forefomost an appreciation by those with a majoritarian mentality that we can all live in peace and harmony in language and cultural diversity. Besides, it will be difficult to sell the idea to SADC given the snowballing effect this might have within the region.

    The majoritarians should accept that whilst they maybe the majority as a percentage of the Zim’s population, they are not a majority in Mthwakazi provinces and such they should integrate, learn local languages and cultures and stop riding rough shod over everyone – especially in rural regions of Whange, Nkayi, Tsholotsho, Lupane, Jambezi, Binga, Khezi, etc, etc.

    Secondly, we need to change the name of the country to a more neutral name – this will prevent anyone group from owning the name and becoming arrogant with claims that the country belongs to them – thus excluding everyone else. My suggested name is the “Republic of Limpopo”, and not Zimbabwe. The name Zimbabwe has sown seeds of division and arrogance.

    Third, we need to be strict in the manner we use our national languages especially within government – it doesn’t matter how many people speak a particular language. Language and culture are human rights issues – they cannot be the subjects of numbers. Government should endevour to use as many African languages as possible when dealing with national/state projects. This will also get rid of arrogance and the tendency to marginalise other citizens on the basis of Gukurahundi-inspired majoritarianism!!!

    • Mbonisi your comments depict a deep rooted pain, and a seeming need to correct something that you are totally not in the know how it came to be in the state that it is. That is the problem of trying to rewrite history, it has proven not to work because the ancient actors who partook in forming that history are long gone. The idea of a separate Matebeleland must not border on just the need for the Ndebele to rule and not also on trying to correct history, but must be to the benefit of the Ndebele people and Zimbabwe at large. I also think that working with a futuristic mind will not see the need for a separate Ndebele state but rather working in unity as Zimbabweans regardless of what your orientation is. That way when fully unified, not just unity shown by signatures on pieces of paper, but unity of purpose then no part of Zimbabwe will appear marginalised. What you should be seeking is to identify that your are Zimbabweans first and then Ndebele and the same applies to Zimbabweans who are Shona. Let us not let politics create new identities for us and be misled into propping up other people’s ambitious agendas, losing our identity in the process. Shona, Ndebele, Karanga, Wasu or whatever, we are Zimbabweans and with a right policy, anyone of any ethnicity can rule Zimbabwe.

      • @ Nyoni,

        Do you ever understand what you read or you read whilst imagining other things. Your comments seem to be speaking to something else, other than what I wrote.

        You are not the only one – there are plenty of people here who seemingly never understand what they read.

        I always wonder how they passed through their schooling? Try one more time, re-read what I wrote and then comment – this time around, intelligently please!!

    • Minorities learn the majority language thats how it works,aliens have no right to suggest the name of a place they take refuge in,,shove your dreams in your behind.

  8. This is guy is even more ridiculous than the likes of JOJO Big Head Moyo, focus on nation healing instead of sowing seeds of division like this

  9. why not go back to kwaZulu Natal and be free among you kith and kin and leave us alone. imagine if our people in south africa started demanding their own nehanda republic in gauteng how many would be burnt by your brothers xenophobia

  10. Provincial names(matebeleland, mashonaland, manicaland etc) are the ones that fuel tribalistic boundary feuds and seperationist ideas. Gvt should change these colonialist branding of Zimbabweans. Better say province 1 , province 2 etc.

    • Paradox – government does not prescribe names for the people, it is the people of the region who come up with names. In Matebeleland we have our ouwn provincial names Mthwakazi South and Mthwakazi North – this should never be confused with the secessionists and their ideas. Matebeleland is a colonial name!

      • @Mbonisi,Zimbabwe is a name derived from our early architectural mavel of Dzimbabwe,for you to foolishly believe that name can be compromised to accomodate ungrateful refugees is a pipe dream.
        The only name that we are going to change is Matabeleland to its original name Guruuswa,this will serve as a reminder that you are in foreign lands vafana.

  11. @Mbonisi – You are totaly and utmostly wrong. Us the Mutapas/Nyamutotas/Rozvis/Chibatamatosis are the ones who determine what we want to call our country. Not the Zulus. The Zulus should first go back to South Africa and change the name of their country into a local name. Zimbabwe is our name.
    Shona is not a tribe but a collection of different tribes. Nyikas, Zezurus, Tokos, Karangas etc. We united to form a front for our beloved nation of Mutapa/ Munhumutapa.

    Ndebeles are like Indians in South Africa, they have been classified as blacks under BEE because they helped fight colonisers.

    Here in Mutapa State, Ndebeles were the first colonisers. They took our land and sold the Northern Mutapa State to the whites. We only recognised you as Zimbabweans but not Indegenous because of people like Nkomo. Who helped fight the Whites.

    So Ndebeles are like Indians from South Africa. But Ndebeles are trying to renovate a rented house. They have overstayed, and i tell you, This new generation of Mutapans wont accept any part of our country to be seperated.

    Before you talk of referendum, first get your own MPs, and let people vote for you. If you win, then you can start by doing those things you think you need.

    Also, Ndebeles still have the Zulu syndrome of blaming the government and wanting the government to do everything for them. These are just failures in life who are trying to earn donor fund.

    I repeat, Let the Ndebeles go back to KZN. Even there, KZN is not a country on its own. They should migrate futher North to DRC and join M23.

    • This coming from a grown man. Cry the beloved country. Dziripi mombe dza sekuru vako. Une mutupo here. 10 – 15 % of Shonas are Chewas, Bembas Nyanjas etc.

      • @Joe – You dont know Zimbabwe, Chewas and Bembas are part of Zimbabwe. Ma Doma unoma ziya here eku Guruve uko. Ko Binga, Kariba all the way to Musioatunya, are the Bembas and Chewas.
        But i accept your ignorance. Shona is Hunde nemapazi ayo. Shona is not a tribe but Manyika, Zezuru, Sena, Karanga, Chewa, Bemba, Nambya, Tonga etc.

        Ndiri Gushungo, ambwere-ambwetete chaiwo. Chigara chosiya chatotesa.
        We migrated from the Rozvi Capital (Masvingo) under Moyo/ Soko Murehwa, we then built our small ruins in Mrehwa.

        Joe, mudzidzisi wangu aiti mubvunzo nhando. Unonyadzisa padare pazere vanhu. Chako kungo otomota. Kunge kamwana karota kachiita weti.

      • tendai meaning 90 – 85 % are genuine shonas ??? and the 10-15 percent will go to zambia and moza and malawi right ????? ha ha ha ha ki ki ki ki it shall be interesting wen ma zimbo will jump on each other like rwandese once did. kosara zvisoro bedzi .

  12. Mbonis
    U r a diesesed being. Pple like u urgently need to go to school and do away with your tenderfoot shoes as well as dancing all day. Education will assist u to understand the country u live in and stop hallucinations on your part.

  13. @ Hombarume
    Your brains are located in the genitals. Otherwise if they were in the right direction your thinking could have been normal

    • MOYOZA – You know as a Mentalist, i know when i would have prikled anyone at the pressure points. You have been prickled at the pressure points. Ukaona munhu aku tukirira, apererwa.

      Anyway, because of lack of education (not schooling), you think brains can be located in other places.

      Im not normal, normal is mediocre. Normal is average. Please state your facts and areas where you are disagreeing with me.

      If you have doubt of my reasoning and thinking. I can show you in real life that i am an achiever. Im Realist also. All i state is real.

  14. @Mbonisi

    Since you are the one who always starts the tribalist trash, there is no harm in finding others are prepared to go the full length. As much as you brag about the Madzviti invasion of Mutapa state, so must you also be willing to be lectured on original history. Foremost, this Mtwakazi state created by Mzilikazi was an illegitimate colony in the Mtapa kingdom (Dzimbahwe) that was home to present day Karanga (who remained in Masvingo), Korekore (Mash west, )Zezuru (Mash central-Hwata Clan from which war spirit medium Nehanda reigned), Vaungwe of Manyika-a detachment of the Hungwe clan in Masvingo, the Nambya (Hwange-Vic Falls area ;these were displaced by Mzilikhazi from Matopos-the Njelele shrine is not Ndebele but Shona and there is no need to consult any foreign sojourner when the Shona need to consult their ancestors in Matobo) Before Mzilikazi invaded the Mtapa state,these people were one-but he divided and scattered them all over the place-some Nambya even escaped the Madzviti to Angola, Namibia and Zambia and have since lost touch with their homeland-Dzimbahwe. Oh by the way, long before the Mtapa State, there was Mapungubwe State headquartered at Great Zimbabwe again, but stretching into South Botswana and Mozambiques, Gaza and Manica province and the whole of South Africa’s Limpopo province. The venda language closely knits with the Shona because it budded off from Mapungubwe. Did you know that the whole of Mozambique west, manica province speaks Shona? Did you also check that some of the original KwaZulu Natal Zulu has shona words in it? These people were one at some point, and still are one today. Back to Mtwakazi state. Mzilikazi stole shaka’s cattle from KwaZulu Natal and escaped north. Oh! that thief-that shameless cattle rustler! Anyone should be ashamed of having him as an ancestor! Would you slaughter 12 cattle like Zuma just did, askinf an ancestor like Mzilikazi to help you win an election-a democratic election? Mzilikazi did not run elections. He plundered people’s resources by force-taking away their fat cattle and beautiful wives and daughters. That fits present day description of a serial rapist-carrying, together with stock theft, a maximum sentence of life imprisonment! His skeletons should be exumed and tried for rape, stock theft, and genocide! Of course this guy formed a Matabele colony in the Mtapa State, just like Rhodes in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Malawi. But you know the problem with colonising people is they eventually revolt and chase you out. The Rhodesians were chased from malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe-and RSa very soon will be doing that! In Zimbabwe, one mistake was made-they didn’t sent off all colonialists, including Mzilikazi’s children-minus stolen cattle.The assumption was that since the skin was black, there was one common enemy-white skin. But no, Mzilikazi’s children are ungrateful. In 1982, they revolted against the legitimate government of Zimbabwe at Entumbane, generating dissidents that invited the 5th brigade to administer shock therapy. Legitimate government not only because the ruler had majority votes, but because he was a descendent of Mutapa State-WeDzimbahwe, Mapungubwe-the original. Lets be more specific here Mbonisi, this land between Limpopo and Zambezi does not belong to the white people or descendents of Mzilikhazi-they are foreigners here. The whites who were chased from the farms returned to England and were welcomed with open palms.If Mzilikazi’s children are chased (as I see in 2018, they will go back to Zululand, but will not be welcomed with open arms before they are tried for stock theft) This land belongs to descendents of Mutapa and all that were his subjectes before colonialists Rhodes and Mzilikazi came.If there are still any remnants of these colonialists, that is because of the kindness of the man you often demonise as Gukurahundi leader. He is so kind to extend a hand of reconcilliation to his ungrateful former enslavers. The million dollar quesrtion to ask oneself is will there be similar leaders in future-those that will not seek to purge all foreigners? Mtwakazi state! Eh! Is that not a provocation? A reminder of the dark Shona slavery age of Madzviti? Maybe oyu underrate the bitterness that Mzilikazi caused here. This Mtwakazi state is not just the business of the man you often demonise as Gukurahundi leader.It is the business of every Nguni tribe (San, Venda, Batonga,Setswana) and every Shona whose great grandfathers were remorselessly dispossesed and butchered at KoBulawayo. Everyone simmers with the wish for revenge! Only this man you call Gukurahundi leader restrains them! I would thank him in my prayers if I were you. What needs to be changed is not the name of the country ‘Zimbabwe’ bjust to please some Zulu cattle rustling exiles but the name of that danned pagan city ‘KoBulawayo’-it is a reminder of the ills done to innocent people by a foreign race! I hope thats why it is dying slowly from de-industrialisation and lack of water-for the unappeased spirits of the slain innocent cry out loud on its doorsteps! Did Siwela say the red colour on the fleg represent blood? Does it include the blood of Nguni tribes spilled by Mzilikazi? As Siwela and comapny prepare for seccession of Mzilikazi’s babaric colonial state in 2018, they should also be packing their bags and applying for citizenship in KwaZulu Natal. Changamire Mtapa has had enough! Time to deport foreigners. The Venda in RSA’s Limpopo province has never sought recognition, nor secession as part of Zimbabwe,nor has the Nyika of Mozambique’s Manica province irrespective of that both are Shona tribes. “Even the shona in Mtwakazi will leave peacefully with us…” Mbonisi must be a daydreaming idiot. never again will the Madviti blood imbibers be allowed to do as they wish in this land. If they want to stay, then they should stay as subjects of the Shona-the legitimate owners of the land. Need that debate be rewound over and over again? Did mzilikazi not tell you the truth? That he invaded this land? Why should a few unrependent Madzviti dissidents keep giving this peaceful country unneccesary headaches?

    • Big essay ( I did not say good)

      # meanwhile your mother is standing in a 1 km long queue for water, Your kids shout yeeeeh when the electricity comes back. And here you go ranting about dead people.

      Priorities man, priorities. Shamee

      • If u got nothing to say about the topic at hand just shut up joe. Why don’t u prioritise and solve the water issue yourslf instead of commenting of topic. Get a brain.

    • What a long and tedious Gukurahundi story.Anybody out there with the time to waste reading Gukurahundism please raise your hands?

      • Very mature response mbonisi. U can’t argue the content so u try to attack the length. You truly nid help and stop startin issues u can’t handle. Stick to pansula.

    • Proper, accurate and useful articulation…the Shonas are for peace. Whoever respect the law and behave himself will for sure be allowed to stay but those who want to cause despondency and anarchy will be dealt with, without fear or favour!

    • Thank you Shame,i always lecture to these aliens on Zimeye site where they like to make noise,we are going to take it more personal because they honestly underestimate our bitterness,thank you for that instalment,,,dont mind Tendai Joe mubwidi

    • Shame. Inkomo zikaTshaka is all you say in your contributions. Okunye okukhulumayo ngumsuzo kuphela.

  15. @ Shame
    Wasted energy…. Zimbabwe is a creation of white supremacists. By refering to Zimbabwe as Dzimbabwe before. You are only showing colonial history and you are not displaying your independent thinking as an adult. 1) Inferior shona tribes were displaced by the super Ndebeles for the control of matebelaland region. That is correct as you suggest. 2) Prior to that the shona tribes had also dispaced the kalanga, nambias, Tongas and so on. You forgot to highlight this. 3) the shona tribes migrated from as far as tanzania for greener pastures as such they can not claim to be indegenous as far as modern Zimbabwe is concerned. 4) Let the Mthwakazi people have their self determination there is nothing wrong with that. They are the last indigenous poeple to have been in that land before the whites. Don’t forget that the Shona people are the beneficiary of colonialism. Otherwise the super Ndebeles will have displaced and assimmilated the whole tribes inthe region.

    • you sound gay,an adult blessed with the brains of a two year old,,if you got nothing to say its good for you to shut up than exhibit ultimate tomfoolery.

  16. Now its midday, Gukurahundis have arrived see the results? Do people see what I meant when I said it was still early morning – when the Gukurahundis arrive and start posting it will be just Gukurahundism everywhere – I have been proved right.

    We are now beeing fed the Gukurahubndi diet, Gukurahundism, Gukurahundi HIS-stories (His/Mugabe/Chigwedere) Gukurahundi stories.

    No intelligence, no college education, no facts, no global travel, primitive village mentalities – all clouded by the 1800s hangovers!!!

  17. Kikikikiki! I like “the ndebele’s must treck further north and join the M23! But should’t they go a little further to the Mediterranian? Just to finish off Rhodes dream…’From cape to Cairo”? Kikikiki. Mbonisi could lead the outfit and form a mobile nation-“The Mobile Republic of Mtwakazi-from Cape To Cairo in Cahoots with Cecil John Rhodes” Neccessity is the mother of invention these days-those without business premisses all over the globe have started mobile phone shops, mobile hair saloons, mobile restaurants, mobile tuition, mobile this… mobile that. If Mbonisi and Siwela do not have their own land to start a nation on mother earth’s dearly valuable ground, why not try a ” Mobile Republic’ where their citizens are always on the move ;either on foot, by train, by bus, on brooms(you could consult Achimwene on the tokonology), on trains, airplanes or winnowing basket (rusero-please to see Achimwene nakuti Achimwene anafuna kuchokela kunyumba hee…Anachokela naluserho)

    • @M23 – hohoho, ndosunga mbabvu sekuseka iniwe. Mobile Republic. They should first surrender our passports and IDs.

  18. @Mbonisi – we dont just wake up and go on the internet. We are productive.

    @ Shame – You cant argue with these uneducated fools. You truly nailed it.

    Look, we are trying to make ends meet in Harare and they are jelousy thinking its Government. Why cant they try to revive their industries. In Harare any international company which closes, we open the same to complement that. Come to Willowvale, Mbare, Highglen, Gaza. See for yourself.

    Ma Kombi in the morning anenge ari tii, akamanga. Tobhadhara ma nozhi. Tichiendepi? Kuno sevenza. Hatizi kuchema kuvhrwa kwema kambani evarungu, tirikutanga edu.

    They are busy starting Flea Markets by importing all things from SA. In Harare we are starting companies.

  19. @Moyoza

    I liked “inferior shona tribes were displaced by the super Ndebeles for the control of Matabeleland region” For once we agree that the Ndebele displaced the Shona from the Njelele shrine in Matobo ( KuMatonjeni). But since they have their ancestors there, now you see the reason why there is no need to consult any Ndebele chief in the Matobo area if they want to consult with their ancestors? Second, I also liked “…super Ndebeles..”, but are you refering to the present, the Gukurahundi era or Madzviti era? Please clarify the era where you think the Ndebele are left off ‘super’ because Mbonisi is always crying out lamentations of this and that. You may need to consult with mbonisi because you seem to be running two parrallel themes. Moyoza holds the Ndebele as “super” ahilst Mbonisi holds them as “Oppressed, marginalised” Please compare notes.Thirdly, point of correction. The Shona did not displace the Nambya anywhere. Like I said before, the Nambiya are actually shona people who stayed in the Matobo area before Mzilikazi came. How could the Shona displace themselves-are you thick in the head? Can’t you hear that the Nambya language is 100% Shona minus the Ndebele adulteration? Forthly, there was no such tribe as “Kalanga’ before the Ndebele invasion. The Kalanga is a detachment of the Shona from Mutapa kingdom that were held captive by Mzilikazi and had their language adulterated with Zulu, Setswana and so on syllables. But the truth is the Shona displaced the Khoi Khoi now vastly resident in RSA west, Namibia, Angola and Botswana-infact they have the shona to thank for the vast diamond deposits they finally discovered there-otherwise they could be wallowing in the dry wilderness of Mat South. But I do not know about “…the Ndebele were the last indeginous people …” Didn’t the Malawians come to South Rhodesia in droves more vast than Mzilikazi and his outfit and settle here? I have never head them lamenting about an “Achimwene Republic” What makes you feel the Ndebele’s are more indeginous than the Malawians? The true problem is the Ndebele are not proud of their origins and how they left home. If the Americans are proud of their Anglo-Saxon origins, why do you Moyoza want people to believe that the Ndebele fell from heaven like hail? The truth is you don’t like that story where the stealing of Shaka’s cattle is mentioned. There is a method of handling stocks called Last in First Out (sorry my brother Mbonisi, I have actually read one or two books) where the last stocks are dispensed first.Apply it to this debate, the Whites came last, they left first. Did you say, the Ndebeles were last before the whites? Well, according to this LIFO method, that makes them the second most eligible candidates to pack and go. Where to now is the problem. since those Shaka cattle have not been returned, maybe why not consider what the other blogger said? Trek further north and join the M23, or rush to the Mediterrenian sea to finish off what Rhodes started-the Long March-From Cape to Cairo?What do you think? I will be sincerely looking forward to hearing from you soon

  20. iI’m very sorry if I’m going to insult some of you.Your ideas of secession is a far fetched idea and even if Ncube becomes a president that will never ever happen. we the Mashonas has respected humankind makatora nyika yedu tikati yakaipei ngatigarisane.You continued to treat us like second citizens you took herds,wives,boys an ruthlessly killed our grandpas and we kept quite.You talk too much of the gukurahundi but you shy the pre-colonial attacks on the natives.

    My advice is let’s bury the hatchet and face the future with confidence.Why should we live parasitically to the past.And why do you mock the noble UNITY ACCORD>


  21. @Shame – You are very eloquent. I have to accept your knowledge and how you put fact for fact. But the unfortunate thing is these Ndebeles are too lazy to read. They cant finish your posts as always. Go to Bulawayo and see how many finish form 2.

    Nust, Byo Poly and Solusi are full of Shonas. They are lazy to come up with facts and are not realistic.

  22. @mbonisi know i see for one to be a triblist to u he must not agree with u my man stop preaching propaganda the truth is a vote to any ndebele guy is a vote wasted

    • @Admire

      You are a Gukurahundi – that is why you say the things you say – you are successful Gukurahundi Mugabe project!

  23. @ Shame
    You seem to be sick in the head or should I say myopic thinking. Only a superior person can dispace the inferior. As you suggest the Shona displaced the koi koi and the Ndebele displaced the shona and the white man colonised. Its as simple as that. Your ancestors are the beneficiaries of the latter. marginalisation and oppression comes to the fact that after benefitting from colonialism most of your ancestors became whiteman’s tea boy, where as the Ndebeles remained adamant and refused to co-operate with long knees man. It is within this period that the shonas multiplied and their numbers grew in tenfold. However, during the struggle for independence the shona benefitted from their numbers to confront their master the (whiteman). On the other hand the super Ndebeles used their biologically superiority to confront the whiteman as such they are credited to be the main players in bringing Zimbabwe’s independence (please read the story of my life by JMN Nkomo). Mbonisi laments the issue of oppression in the sense that the shona are using their numbers to oppress the biologically super ndebeles through the whiteman’s tools such as the gun, the constitution and so on. The shona even yourself has the whiteman to thank for, for their modern day control of this country. otherwise the story could have been different had the whiteman not come to this country.

  24. The post-1980 Gukurahundi Mugabe projects are on the warpath – guys check the venom – Mthwakazi check the red-Gukurahundi eyes and the straining necks with strong veins protruding in typical Gukurahundi style!!.

    That man Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a master at his game – I say give him a BELLS – he can really model youngsters to his designs for sure.

    Gukurahundism will go down in history as the most successful projects in post independent Africa – I don’t think you can find anything like it on this continent.

    Mugabe’s post-1980 Gukurahundism Projects are what we call PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONING par excellence.


    ””””””””””””STRIKE THE HARMMER WHILE THE IRON IS HOT”””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You must all know that GUKURAHUNDIS don’t understand English – so debating with them is a waste of time.

    At best they just regurgitate what Gukurahundi Mugabe and his clansman Chigwedere taught them.

    There is nothing knew you will ever get from GUKURAHUNDIS!!

  26. 1st Chimurenga was to try and resist White Colonisers, 2nd Chimurenga Was to liberate our Mutapa State to Zimbabwe, 3rd Chimurenga was to take back our farmland, 4th Chimurenga is taking a share of our minerals.

    1st Gukurahundi (1982) was to put the disidents who opposed majority rule and thought since they colonised my country first they had the right to upstage a 20th Century Ndebele raids on Rozwians. Mugabe could not stand an uprising against a democratically elected government. The UN/US and rest of the world can not support Rebels. They cant get into civil wars.

    2nd Gukurahundi (2018) will drive all Zulus back to KwaMashu or KwaMhlanga or Nkandla. But i dont see them being received there as they are Wanted Thieves. What is being waited for is their provocation, Mtwakazi something. The government will not be used to avoid UN overcry, this should just be a fight between Mtwakazi people and Mutapa people. SADC, EU, AU and UN will not be justified to come in as it would be a civil war. Not by government but peoples. Declaration of any state is a waited justification for my people.

    As an advise, if they want to be part of a new state, they can Continue their trek north. Either join M23 to establish a their country in Goma or further north to join the building of South Sudan. If they are not satisfied, they can still proceed to Gaza and join Hamas.

    Kweke muvhu rangu ini Changamire Dombo, mwana wa Nyamutota, Chibata Matosi

  27. @Mbinisi – What makes people to vote for Mugabe? or not condem Gukurahundi. People like Moyaz and Mbonisi and Siwela. I now think if we vote Moregay Chemabhebhi we will be in for it from these rude Zulus.

    Its like USA voting a Democrat when going to war. Or removing Natanyahu when Hamas is striking.

    People who want to align all Shonas with Gukurahundi, will make us stop hating Gukurahundi and like It.

    Mbonisi my fellow citizen, as you want, im now a Gukurahundist. I have to support 2nd Gukurahundi. Maybe you might be happy.

    • @Hombarume

      How you love contradicting yourself. You are a Gukurahundi my friend – look, you already talking tribalism here about “these rude Zulus” – this is Gukurahundism.

      You never see people as people but you always see them in terms of tribes thats Gukurahundism and you are one.

      You have a problem of voting for some people, not based on issues or policies but on their race and tribve – this proves you are a Gukurahundi.


  28. @Moyoza

    Hello Mister ! Welcome back . I forgive you for thinking that I am sick. Actually I am as fit as a fiddle! And raring to go an extra mile! But I have noticed that you suffer from a small medula oblangata formation in your head. Your brain cells are very few and probably soaked in water or is it transformer oil? Why do you pre-suppose that I am sick? Why pre-suppose that I am Shona and my ancestors benefited from Rhodes? I actually am neither here nor there on tribalism.I thought this was an intellectual forum for exchanging history notes, not a show of origins and exchange of tribal barbes. Actually I never took you for a Ndebele.I was thinking you could be Achimwene or so unlike Mbonisi who has come clean to declare that he is a direct discentent of Mzilikazi (probably misinformed-his family tree could lead him to Changamire Mutota himself). I would like to correct a few historical facts. Since the Ndebeles displaced the Shona’s, the Shona’s have legitimate claim over their land, and can present the Ndebeles with a bill of ownership anytime they wish. Secondly, the ndebele had no biological superiority. When Mzilikhazi left KwaZulu Natal, he had a few rag tag Khumalo family clansman-those were and are the true Zulus-the rest were captives co-opted into his raiding militia of cattle rustlers. Anything that he came across, Mzilikazi swept into his arms. Did you eber hear of the Mfekane-the great wars on his path? There are very few Khumalo people remaining today-and they don’t say shit about Mtwakazi. Those that do are misdirected overzealous peripherals suffering from an identity crises-most probably children of mzilikazi’s captives who grew fat on stolen cattle. That includes the Kalanga-of which the writer of ‘Story of My Life. there is no such Zulu word as ‘Inkomo’. I am supprised that you pride the Mzilikazi for having decimated a lot of Shonas, or pacified many more into captivity-and even to extent his practice further. Did the shona have the whites to thank for stopping those dreams? Is that what the 1982 dissidents sought to do? Start again from where Lobengula left off butchering the Shona, feeding the city of KoBulawayo with more Shona blood? Well, no wonder they got shock therapy from the 5th brigade. Did you also say that because of the Ndebele biological superiority, they are credited most with liberating Zimbabwe? Shame and a half! I havent read that book ‘Story of My life’ but if Nkomo said that, then he is a leached , naked liar!As naked as the Fichani twins. A go at the tribal genetics says the whole of Matabeleland North comprised and still comprises of Shona off shoot tribes-the Kalanga and Nambiya. That leaves Mat South for the Khumalo tribe. Where did Nkomo fight his liberation wars? There is only one recounted fatal contact-the Wankie battle where a lot of ANC and Zipra guerrillas were killed, then the shooting of the civillian viscount plane in Binga-Kariba. Shooting civillians is liberation contact my foot! Agreed facts are that Nkomo mobilised resistence against the whites with the intention of asking for more black say in a white led government. (Sorry, who had sold the country to Rhodes? Was it Lobengula and for what?A sachet of sugar. Boy could he read and write? Did he not just put an X?) Lobengula sold Mashonaland to Rhodes coz he could not parcify it. Did Nkomo really care to liberate Mashonaland? Oh by the way, in that book, what did Nkomo say was supposed to be the name of the country he wasfighting for? Was it Mtwakazi or Zimbabwe? Dont be fooled. Nkomo in his wisdom knew that he had more Shona ties than this Ndebele fable.Even his own Kalanga ancestors were captives of Mzilikazi.However, a visit to the war mesiums would show you that the liberated zones, by 1979, were 75% Zanla and 25% Zipra. Zipra had covered Matebeleland and parts of the ndebele-speaking Western Midlands.The remainingcentral, southern, northern and eastern parts were occupied by Zanla. I am merely repeating recorded events, and have nothing against any liberation army, infact, I respect them all. But what cannot be respected by history is the twisting of facts to suit political grandstanding and senseless braggado. What then was the basis for crediting Nkomo with the overal liberation of Zimbabwe? Please note that I haven’t read that book but you can at least help with what he said. We cannot write off anyone’s efforts to liberate Zimbabwe as much as we can’t write off whoever sold the country for a satchet of sugar-but is exeggeration accormodated? Lets have facts of known contacts, battles, victories, areas covered, names of heroes involved and so on. Why should those facts remain clouded, shrouded in mystery and lurking in the dark like someone selling a python or a cobra which is harmfull to society? come clean Moyoza.

    • @Shame

      Please remove your Gukurahundi rubbish from here. We don’t have time to waste reading Gukurahundi HIS stories!!!

  29. @mbonisi u know mbonisi i tested ur temper my friend are u a politician or an activist now u cal me gukurahundi by the way wat is the meaning of the word gukurahundi and if those zanu p f guys termed it gukurahundi there must be a reason my friend in shona gukurahundi is a name of the late rains that fal to clean the earth after harvest time so gukurahundi was made to clean some dirt elements there in matland.mbonisi gukurahundi was the order of that day,today lets focus on the real thugs zanu stop preaching about gukurahundi it cause divisions and by ur sentiments i can tel u are already living in a divided zimbabwe

    • @Admire
      Anyone who is anti-Ndebele/Mthwakazi is a Gukurahundi. Anyone who cannot accept differences between people is a Gukurahundi.

      Anybody who thinks Zim belongs to the Shona only is a Gukurahundi. Anyone who is mentally enslaved by the so-called 1800s tribal wars is a Gukurahundi. Anyone who calls upon fellow Zims to go back is a thorough-bred Gukurahundi.

      Anyone who refuses to learn other African languages but imposes his own is a Gukurahundi. Anyone who believes in violence in solving problems is a Gukurahundi. Anyone who is intolerant of constructive criticism is a Gukurahundi.

      Gukurahundis are Robert Gukurahundi Mugabe’s post 1980s projects – make your pick!!

  30. I now have serious reservations about Newsday. Is this a national or a regional paper?or none? Its the only newspaper that carries stories about MLF, more of a mouthpiece for the

    • MLF is news. Only state controlled papers leave out news they don’t want to hear or the be heard. Your problem is that you are used to living in a Gukurahundi environment, that is why you have difficulties with the independence of the media!

  31. Mbonisi are u looking forward for the future of zim or ur are concerned of matland only and if so thats being triblistic we are al zimbabwe stop that nonsense of the republic of limpopo,by the way is limpopo a shona word?the majority can’t be ruled by the minority.

    • @Admire

      This idea of majority not being ruled by minority which is based on tribes is typical Gukurahundi thinking.

      We don’t want the name ZIMBABWE – we shall change it come hell or sunshine – even if takes a 100 years, it shall be changed!!

  32. Mbonisi are u looking forward for the future of zim or ur are concerned of matland only and if so thats being triblistic we are al zimbabwe stop that nonsense of the republic of limpopo,by the way is limpopo a shona word?the majority can’t be ruled by the minority.mbonisi i said define gukurahundi.who told u that i’m shona don’t rush to coclusions my man i hate mugabe’s policies at the same time i don’t agree with ur sentiments

    • @Admire

      Who said you are Shona anyway?

      I said you are a Gukurahundi, a post 1980 Mugabe Gukurahundi project – I never said you are Shona!!

    • You are a Mugabe Gukurahundi project. Please get over your 1800s tribal hangovers. Most of you are too primitive.

  33. All you guys are a shame to this generation and a poison to the generations to come. I do not know your ages but frankly, your thinking is death itself. Its like you have been in a school of demons learning hatred and selfishness. You can never go anywhere in life with this kind of thinking and with this evil in your hearts. Am shocked! Even the devil himself is, I guess, shocked by the evil in your thinking guys. He must be jealousy now that you are more cruel and self-destructive than him. May God have mercy on you and help heal your minds.

  34. @mbonisi u once said anyone refusing to accept diffirences is a gukurahundi so ur a gukurahundi urself who is primitive i think its someone who always point to past mistakes and never accepts today’s truth u wil perish with time my friend

  35. i learn that wi had a gukurahundi in the early 80s where an approximated 20 000 super ndebelez were butchered to their graves after a failed rebelion at entumbane. Its high tym these marons stop hallucinating and daydreaming for the benefit of the entire tribe coz once they go ahead with their ill informed project in 2018, we wont hesitate to unleash gukurahundi phase 2, this tym decimating every ndebele lyk creature. Not even a whiff of that kingdom wil be left 2 talk about. If they failed 2 learn from the 1982 shock therapy its not anybody’s baby. Foretold is forewarned and forewarned is forearmed

  36. By definition Gukurahundis are those who believe the land they stole from the San is theirs alone and everyone else is a foreigner. This belief is based on the Satanic Verses of the Gukurahundi Bible, the 1979 Gukurahundi ZANU PF Grand Plan.

  37. Mbonisi,you have been waffling for too long like a gay on this forum youngman,the sad thing is you are simply exhibiting a shallow chicken brain that lives a repetitive life like your uniform posts which are suffering a drought of facts.

  38. What happens to the tails of the rats when the shonas eat these rodents. Do they chew the tails as well. Someone please tell me.

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