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MDC warns youths to be wary of abuse by politicians


MDC youths have warned young people to be wary of politicians who use them as pawns during elections, but dump them soon after.


Addressing MDC youths in Bulawayo last Saturday, party youth secretary-general Discent Bajila said youth participation in national issues had been reduced to “tokenism”.

“While as young people we bear the brunt of the collapse of all tributaries to human development in our country, our participation in reversing national ills by whatever definition has been reduced to nothing but tokenism,” Bajila said.

“One election after the other, leaders in Zimbabwe have failed to deliver on their promises, thereby becoming wrong role models or dissuasive forces to would-be voters and would-be leaders.”

He, however, urged youths to dedicate themselves to contributing towards national development.

“As young people, we often argue that because we constitute above 60% of the population, we are therefore entitled to at least 60% of every proverbial cake that exists in our country.

However, we also have to accept that for us to enjoy 60% of the cake, mere demographics are not enough, we also need to do 60% of the total work required in making the cake,” Bajila said.

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