Mbada semis revert to original draw

IT’S back to the original draw.


Defending champions Dynamos will play Caps United in the semi-finals of the Mbada Diamonds Cup next Sunday at Barbourfields Stadium.

FC Platinum take on Monomotapa at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare next Saturday.

It has been a seesaw of events, leaving the football fan confused and it was only befitting last night that the final word on the semi-finals be issued by Premier Soccer League (PSL) chairman Twine Phiri. He offered his apologies to the sponsors and the football world and invited soccer fans to travel to Bulawayo and Mutare to watch the last four.

First, it was Dynamos vs Caps United and FC Platinum against Monomotapa, with the secretariat having confirmed that as per the rules and regulations booklet governing the competition and signed by all clubs.

Then, it was Dynamos vs FC Platinum and Caps United against Monomotapa after Phiri made a new confirmation based on the live draw made two months ago.

But as it stands today, it’s back to day one where the Harare giants will be involved in the final before the final at Barbourfields next Sunday while Platinum, semi-finalists in the same competition last season, will tackle high-riding Monomotapa.

Yesterday, Phiri released the following statement last night:
“The Premier Soccer League Executive Committee would like to inform all its stakeholders that the Mbada Diamonds Cup draw followed the standard Confederation of African Football (CAF) draw format of numbering matches from the first round to the final match.

“We take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to the sponsors, Mbada Diamonds, the participating clubs, all stakeholders and fans for the lack of clarity on the draw procedure. We now invite all fans to bring their families to watch the explosive semi- final matches scheduled for next week.

“Mbada Diamonds and the PSL are committed to bringing football to all corners of the Zimbabwe, while harnessing diamonds for the people.

“We are certain that our clubs and their football players are looking forward to lifting the prestigious Mbada Diamonds Cup, and represent Zimbabwe in the CAF Confederation Cup 2013.”


  1. can someone who know better tell us the correct position. We are now confused as we feel let down by PSL….All these statements are coming from PSL.

  2. What ever comes we wil beat De-mbare at emagumeni.nxaa

  3. TWINE PHIRI ave kuita yake Mbadagate fuit, Whats tis flip -flop with a major sponsor. Anoenda ne mari yake ku Rugby

  4. psl is confusing itself wwther dynamos kana monos kurohwa chete hatina ream hombe kumberi kwekepekepe

  5. Twine Phiri is forever a failure.

  6. Someone must resign here, it shows inconsistence and poor management, for how long should Zim football lovers tolerate this incompetence. Its everywhere, zifa psl, why ?, we need people who know what they are doing, fixtures are a very simple matter, why flip-flop like this, is this final or we are to hear other changes again tomorrow, how are the players supposed to remain focussed when opponents are changed like under pants.

    1. Iwe bhora hauna kukwana,Phiri aita sei,PSL is going very well,hapana team iri behind and we have masiponsa unlike these are others years where teams were playing for nothing.Soccer yedu yavakubuda paS/sport.everyone is happy about the league is going except you,pple who do not appreciate ,tendaiwo kuti Phiri arikuedza paanogona napo

  7. VanaTwine should leave the CEO do his job at the PSL. He first draw was clearly clarified and these guys changed things in between. I suppose they wanted to skew the draws in order to favour their teams. Apparently, someone supposedly knocked sense in their dealings and changed again. Moreso, instead of CEO announcing this I suspect he refused to be toyed around and Phiri had to announce this himself. Kusvika riini these things happening. Twine ran and signed a deal with DSTV prematurely and now clubs will only get peanuts from the deal. Munomaneja sei zvinhu vanhu imi. Disgusted.

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