Mapeza, Methembe sacrificed

Norman Mapeza

THE Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) yesterday limited the damage they had inflicted on players who were involved in the Asiagate scandal, but still made questionable decisions that stink to heaven with regards to certain protagonists.


In sentences meted against the last batch of players implicated, the football governing body chose to hand players hefty fines while at the same time giving various wholly suspended years.

That Zifa have chosen to let players continue with their careers is plausible. They should have done that in the first place taking into account precedence elsewhere, especially in Italy where match-fixing took centre stage.

But it is the manner in which central figures in the trips to Asia have been given light sentences, despite evidence that they were central characters in this episode.

Former Warriors manager Ernest “Mapepa” Sibanda and Motor Action gaffer Joey Antipas, miraculously, had five years wholly suspended while Norman Mapeza and Bantu Rovers owner Methembe Ndlovu, who subtly participated in the matches, had effective punishments of six months and two years respectively.

No one knows the criterion used by the Zifa board to come up with these decisions, but one would not be far away from the truth that some of the conclusions were made out of emotion.

Mapeza, for example, was given one of the lightest sentences by the Justice Ebrahim Ethics Committee, but still suffered the wrath of Zifa because of the differences between him and the board.

Ndlovu travelled with junior teams to China and Bulgaria, but still found himself with effective two years on the sidelines.

How Zifa can wholly suspend cases of officials with stiffer sentences while sacrificing another with a lighter one remains a mystery!

Antipas was assistant coach to Sunday Chidzambwa slapped with a life sentence, but still escaped with a wholly suspended five-year ban.

The same can be said of Sibanda, who was also a regular feature in Asia as Warriors manager, but still made a great escape.

Efforts to get an explanation from Zifa chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze were in vain, as he was said to be in a series of meetings yesterday.


  1. The current Zifa board dont want Mapeza and they are running the association on tribal lines.Shame .Thats why meetings at Zifa are conducted in Ndebele

  2. ZIFA knows very well that the supporters had two issues with them that of Asiagate and Nomara. To Nomara I say appeal please, to supporters lets contribute for his appeal. Gumede you have one. i am sure you are going to have a few drinks with Bennedict celebrating your victory.

  3. Lets raise money for Nomara. Not to pay appeal fees, but for his salary for those six months. Six months is a short time.

  4. ZIFA had messed on their verdicts, surely how can Mapeza, who according to ZIFA “did not get anything from the fraud” and given six months ban still remains punished. This is gross unfairness and it shows there is bitterness towards Norman Mapeza. Whatever decision ZIFA make will not stick because Mapeza’s hands are clean. We supporters love and adore him. We just wait for Mapeza to speak out, please Mapeza fight, fight, we are behind you.

  5. ZIFA, ZIFA, ZIFA!!!! While you have finally come to your senses; it really boggles the mind of a normal person to think on why Norman Mapeza was not set free. Why? From their own invstgations, the Ethics Committee noted that Nomara never received the dirty money, in fact, he urged his players not take money to through games!!!! During the game against Japan in South Africa, he even queried with the HOD Benedict Moyo, on the presents on “the same Asian guys” at the hotel where the Warriors were staying. Surely, if Norman ‘s verdict cannot be wholly suspended, then who among all the Asiagate culprits deserve that??? Who?? Ernst Sibanda??? Why?? Is it because he is Ndebele?? Maybe. Team doctors and Physiotherapists?? Why when they actually received the money??? is it because some are employed at PSMAS and others give free medical service to some ZIFA members?? Maybe. For Norman Mapeza, I am calling upon the soccer supportes association to organize a solidarity march for Normara as it is quite clear that he is being persecuted on personal vendettas.

  6. Little knowledge is very dangerous. Our decisions will always come back to haunt us. In the first place, do we have a legal expert in the so called ZIFA ethics committee. When an ordinary person plays judge, the accussed suffers. Even Mhofu snubbed the investigations, but now is running after his

  7. It is public knowledge that Sunday Chidzambwa is being victimsed for successfully taking ZIFA to court for nonpayment of salaries. ZIFA lost the case but their political clout means they still refused to pay. Chidzambwa hired the late Godfrey Mamvura (lawyer) to appeal and ZIFA lost the case again. They pleaded for stay of attachment of ZIFA property in lieu of Chidzambwa’s salary. To date ZIFA has not paid him a penny. They want him to renounce his demands. Common sense will tell you that this Asiagate thing was choreographed to get and put Chidzambwa on the line to dry. They also failed to pay Valinos from Brazil. But Valinos will get his money when FIFA deducts it from the grant that is due for ZIFA. Chidzambwa is local employee left in the limbo because FIFA do not involved themselves in local contracts of employment. I am sure Mhofu’s lawyers are also going to argue this in their coming appeal. Expect more dirty about Cuthbert Dube and his sidekicks at ZIFA House come the appeal time. Lets hope it will all be played in an open court for us to hear it!!

  8. Go to psmas you will see mashingaidze he now working from there he has ceased to work from 53 livingstone. we need CEO who will bring some sanity back to zifa. employees are demoralised they have gone for months without salaries. maybe they will. be paid by revenue from asiagate fines

  9. 53 Livingston ave is like a house reposessed awaiting to b auctioned. the staff id very unprofessional. CEO nowhere to be seen

  10. Is psmas now running zifa? What happens if Dube dies today? How come the media has not picked this up? The media has got be on Dube ‘s payroll

  11. If people who took part in asiagate are to be panished ngavapanishwe zvinoenderana nemhosva dzavo kwete kutisiya tichifunga kuti pamwe vamwe varikupukunyurwa vanedzavakabhadhara kuti vapukunyuke, zifa imboitaiwo serious mbichana fifa and the whole world is watching

  12. surely if mapeza was punished for receiving no money but infact for being the coach of players who accepted bribes and then failed to act as the coach to stop the filth act, one then wonders why if all the same players were pardoned how then does the ban on Mapeza remain standing.

  13. The whole thing stinks. This Asiagate thing is becoming another scandal.Its nolonger about the game of soccer but settling personal scores

  14. Its not surprising. I feel Cuthbert was an honourable man before he fell into this tribal web. Run that institution on tribal grounds at your own folly.Enjoy it while you can and pray that Zanu pf gets out of power otherwise you’ll never see the light of day in that office again as you are {murikachikwata kemandevere} Overhead the Zanu pf Shonas speaking the other day hanzi “Imbovasiyai vachifarisa kudaro izuva one chete ratichavaratidza kuti ndiani vari pamatomhu.” Why is it that when ever someone from the South gets into a position of influence he quickly goes tribal. Had you run Zifa quietly no shona would have bothered because what we need it to watch good soccer irrespective of who is in charge, but there you go attracting attention to yourselves by victimising Norman Mapeza. The Shonas are beginning to raise their heads now. Your blatant tribalistic tendancies are showing now then you cry foul. Look at Welshman Ncube instead of focusing on a national Agenda he has confined his party to a regional tool. How many years in office ye Zifa nhai Gumede. And before this Mapeza victimisation did you ever get any complaints about why there are too many Ndebeles in top posts ku Zifa? But now you will hear more of that. Why do you fan tribalism when you can instead enjoy the power you have quietly. Let lying dogs sleep.

  15. This pagels has no coaching experience just Google his name another cowboy coach. zimbabwe needs a coach with a proven track record as a player or coach. cannot believe that a board of grown up man can appoint such a coach. this board has made a lot more wrrong decisions than right

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