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Man jailed 5 years for killing wife’s lover


HIGH Court judge Justice Martin Makonese has sentenced a man from Juru Growth Point to two years behind bars for killing his wife’s boyfriend after finding them in a compromising position.


The judge found there was extreme provocation of the accused, Tongogara Machimbidza, before slapping him with a five-year jail term for culpable homicide. Three of the five years were, however, suspended on condition of good behaviour.

The court heard that Machimbidza (34), of Musungate village in Chief Chikwaka’s area in Mashonaland East, used a knobkerrie to club Wilson Zhanda (32) to death after he found him having sex with his wife behind an anthill near his homestead.

Justice Makonese heard the incident occurred on August 8, 2011 after Machimbidza sent his wife to buy paraffin earlier in the day and became worried when she failed to return home in time.

While at Juru shopping centre, Machimbidza’s wife, Susan Mugumi (age not given), met her lover, Zhanda, and the two decided to walk home together and as they approached Machimbidza’s homestead, the pair had sexual intercourse behind the anthill under cover of darkness.

At about 7pm, Machimbidza is said to have left his children at home and decided to follow his wife.

As Machimbidza left his homestead, he walked along a footpath passing through the fields where he heard the lovebirds talking to each other and managed to recognise his wife’s voice, prompting him to move closer and investigate.

The court heard that to his amazement, Machimbidza found the two in a compromising position. Realising that they had been caught red-handed, they both bolted away from the scene, but Machimbidza pursued his wife’s boyfriend and caught up with him.

Machimbidza then attacked Zhanda with his shoe on the head several times, grabbed and dragged him to his homestead where he assaulted him with open hands and feet, before clubbing him to death.

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