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How far are you from your breakthrough?


As you edge towards the end of the year, it is natural that you take an inventory to ascertain whether you have done well or failed.

Report by Pastor Erasmus Makarimayi

It is advisable to be sincere and accept the truth of how you have conducted yourself. It is not time to regret and cry over spilt water, but strategise and reposition for a better future. You probably started various projects and you abondoned them thinking they were wasting your time, energy and resources. Your fear now is that you are getting out of the year empty handed after trying so hard.

I have seen people that have worked so hard to pursue their dream, vision or passion in life only to quit when they were almost there.

People full of zeal and energy have embarked on very promising projects and lucrative ventures only to give up when they were almost through and about to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour. Before you give up, please ascertain how far you are from breakthrough.

Before you embark on anything, you need to conduct proper research, planning and methodology, so that you equip yourself fully. You need a strategy of how to deal with mountains, valleys, storms, setbacks and all forms of adversity.

The painful thing is that someone else that was sleeping and snoring will come just after you have quit and complete what you had been pushing for years and enjoy the harvest.

Maybe you have been praying, fasting and beseeching God for a business solution or winning of souls in your community for years and nothing seemed to come and you packed your bags and went to another area.

Someone came after you and they are now leading the biggest church or business in that area. They are now enjoying the fruits of your hard labour. Some of you have spent the better part of your lives tilling the land, sowing, weeding – only to be displaced when the harvest was imminent and eminent. You are the bulldozer and caterpillar for others.

Don’t ever pursue a dream if you just want to try. If you are not patient and diligent, all you will do is to level the ground for others. After enough exploration you discover that there are vast mineral deposits, dig until you get to the mineral.

If you quit after digging for years someone will come and dig for few hours and get massive minerals that will sustain her/him up to the fourth generation.

In Shona there is what is called muchekadzafa, meaning the smart Aleck’s who let others do the dirty and hard work of chasing an animal in hunting and then come when the animal is tired and lying and all they do is cut the throat. Unfortunately credit is given to the one who kills the animal.

There are many things that are ready to flourish if received and acted on. Christians have been moving mountains and filling up valleys, but unfortunately gave up when the job was almost done.

The clever ones – Christians with discernment and non-Christians with instinct – grabbed what was thought to be useless and are now enjoying the results of your hard work. Ecclesiastes 11:3a illustrates this: “If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth.”

If you position yourself under such a cloud, rain will come and you will smile all the way to the bank. Some of you have planted the heavens with prayer and fasting and because you were so spiritual and never saw that the heavens were about to pour rain you moved on and someone came and simply positioned themselves and rain came upon their lives. Open your eyes and engage your mind.

Maybe there is discord in your marriage and you are working at solving it and you probably have gone through counselling, but you are now tired and want to divorce. May I suggest to you that your spouse has been moulded well and the one who will marry her or him after you will see her/him as the best under the sun? Before you give up, engage your spirit and mind to see the distance and the work left to get to breakthrough point.

Remember the only way you can glorify God is to finish your assignment. John 17:4 confirms: “I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.” Don’t give up, you are almost there. Push on. You are going somewhere.

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