Home seekers besiege Mutodi’s offices

DISGRUNTLED home seekers yesterday besieged the offices of Zimtrust Housing Company in Harare, believed to be owned by musician and businessman Energy Mutodi, demanding refunds for stands they were allegedly promised since 2007.


When NewsDay visited the offices, about 30 irate clients had converged, demanding to see the company’s management and after failing to do so, they turned the offices up-side-down. Some of them are owed as much as $4 000 each. Soil was thrown on computers and documents were strewn all over while employees scurried for cover.

“We were told to come here today (Friday) and some came on Thursday to collect their money only to find deserted offices. Most of us are civil servants and they used to take money from our monthly contributions. We cannot talk to them as they are not answering our calls and some of them have switched off their phones,” said one home seeker.

Another one weighed in: “These people are ruthless because they are enriching themselves at our expense. We hear they earn a lot of money and drive fancy cars. We came as far as Guruve only for them to play hide and seek with us.”

Some of them alleged the company had repaid members of the uniformed forces, fearing a backlash. Contacted for comment, Mutodi hung up as soon as this reporter introduced herself.

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  1. chinhu chine musangano kana munhu wemusangano mukati chese kuchema.

  2. atowona zvekuimba soo.lol

  3. Mutodi imbavhw akabvira kare. Ndosaka akasiya arova headmaster ku chinhoyi kwaa idzidzisa

  4. Zimbabweans beware of the new crop of frausters who intially start by promising you houses and as time progresses they will short change u promising you stands mahousing trust aya they are owned by the same people.Just look at their contracts if you want to withdraw u will be charged 50% adminstration fee off ur contribution, their prime targets are civil servants izvozvi vaona kuti zvedzimba mavakuzviziva vakuita zvemombe.Ivo pachavo vanadzo here mombe nedzimba dzacho.

  5. Energy Mutodi is a crook because he is the onwer of one coorperative in Mutare which we joined in 2007, and we have been paying since then up to now. But to my surprise they are playing games with one coorperative named Dreamos. Dreamos is saying it is taking over from Energy Mutodi so the members should forget about the instalments they paid from 2007 to 2009 because they were Zimdollars. Vehamawe tingabhadharawo here without compensation for two whole years zvonzi torasa 2years coz anga ari maZimdollars and yet we suffered paying instalments. Now the Dreamos cooperative is saying we start from 2009 and for the next 7years we will be paying again for the same stand, so hama vadiva we will pay instalments for 13years for one stand. Is that not broadday robbery,ukati ndipei mari yangu then they say totora ivo manje 35% of that same money from 2009 and the member will get 65%. Vanhuwe tarwadziwa, tobiranawo pachedu here, tibatsireiwo responsible authorities, tinodawo kugara pamastands edu tisati tafa. Takatanga vana vari kuprimary izvozvi vave kumaUniversities, tanzwa Minister of Housing pliz look into this.

    1. beware of Mutodi tachema kuno kwamutare the guy is just a crook

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