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Guard accused of raping girl (9) for a dollar


A nine-year-old Harare girl was recently lured from school by a security guard who offered her $1 and later sexually attacked her, after threatening her with death.

Victor Tapfumanei (25) of Aspindale in Harare, has been arrested and charged with raping the girl after ordering her to choose between being killed or being raped. The minor reportedly opted for the latter.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on Monday this week at around 3pm soon after Tapfumanei called the girl, offered her a $1 to buy a packet of snacks (jiggies) before asking her to follow him to nearby water tanks.

The girl is said to have allegedly fallen for Tapfumanei’s tricks and after buying her goodies, she followed him as per his request, oblivious of the impending sexual attack.

It is alleged when they got to the scene, Tapfumanei wore a mask and covered the girl’s face with a piece of cloth and gave her the two difficult options.

Tapfumanei allegedly removed the girl’s uniform after undressing himself, held her by the neck, pressed her down and raped her once without a condom.

After allegedly raping the girl, Tapfumanei escorted her to Sikombela area near Joshua Nkomo housing stands, where he pretended to be looking for a lost item before disappearing.

The girl is said to have proceeded to school where she narrated her ordeal to her classmates. Her mother was later called, prompting the matter to be reported to police, which led to Tapfumanei’s arrest.

Tapfumanei was not asked to plead when he appeared before provincial magistrate Olivia Mariga on a rape charge and was remanded out of custody to November 15 on $50 bail with the State’s consent.

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