Glen View 29 trial: ‘Granny chased cops’

ONE of the Glen View 29 MDC-T activists standing trial over the death of Police Inspector Petros Mutedza, 57-year old Kerina Gweshe, was arrested in May last year after police informers allegedly witnessed her in hot pursuit of the retreating police officers, the court heard yesterday.


Chief Inspector Clever Ntini stunned the gallery and left it in stitches when he said Gweshe was arrested as being part of the MDC-T youth members after she was seen charging as the cops took to their heels.

Ntini’s answer came after defence lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa asked him why such an old woman was arrested and whether police officers regarded her as being youthful.

“She was arrested because she was seen chasing after the police officers at the crime scene,” Ntini said.

Mtetwa then asked Ntini to confirm if his informers had told him that the 57-year-old woman was seen charging  towards the police officers together with other MDC-T youths and he answered in the positive.

But after being told that Gweshe was not anywhere near Glen View 3 on the day in question since she was attending to visitors who had attended her grandchild’s birthday the previous day, Ntini said he was not aware of that information.

Turning to MDC-T youth assembly president Solomon Madzore’s arrest, Ntini told High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu that the youth leader was arrested by police acting on “additional information” from the informers.

Ntini’s disclosures came after intense cross-examination by Mtetwa, who questioned him to explain why he had supplied different information pertaining to Madzore’s participation in the matter.

Initially in his statement in July last year, Ntini said police officers who attended the MDC-T activists’ meeting in Glen View, advised that the youth leaders Robert Manyengavana and Paul Gorekore to cancel their unsanctioned meeting at which point he did not mention Madzore’s presence.

But when the MDC-T activists applied for bail in October last year, Ntini allegedly “smuggled” Madzore’s name in and said the officers advised him that he was part of the youth leadership that was ordered to cancel the unsanctioned meeting.

The trial continues today.

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  1. this Ntini thing is a fool period no tangible evidence whatsoever to convict these innocent souls.. Judiciary system gone to the dogs.. U will be judged one day jus wait and see.

  2. Very true. this ntini thing is either a clown or an idiot or both such clown and such idiot. one thing for sure is he is a party activist smuggled into the police force. zvino chikoro ndicho chaita chishoma. shame. lies will always be lies. creating lies so that people get hanged !

    1. its the judge who is an idiot. why refuse bail when there is no evidence linking them to the trial.mheche yamai vajudge

      1. Tru that Braai.I ve challenged senior police officers to take me to court on several occasions and they back down when they try top extort money.This is one area the Zrp needs to train its office.The task would be easier had the officers been educated better.They do not know the law,even how to behave in court.They think courts will take their poor evidence at book value.Best would be to jail this Ntini but as you ve said,the judiciary system gone to dogs

  3. The greatest evil in contemporary society is the prevalance of the informer.

    Thses are the hound dogs incarnate.

  4. We are reliving Cain Nkala situation, evedence is doctored at chibuku house and then exported to court where a zanu party activist parots in tha name of being a police man, a former zanla combatant sits in chair as a judge, then you have justice served in human flesh and blood.



  6. This is barely adequate and clear evidence of how our justice system has become a mere appendage of Zanu PF, the lack of evidence in this case is alarming yet innocent souls continue to languish in prison, the judge, the prosecutor and the arresting officers will definitely answer one day….

    1. nicely put @Judah Jongwe

  7. Everything is zanufied.but what i know for sure is this persecution will come to an end one day and we will witness it.and these judges(chidyausiku and chiweshe) needs jail time.

  8. Where is this country going to? A police officer, lying! No case to answer, these fellow country men are free!

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