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Free legal aid for Gweru residents


GWERU residents are set to receive free legal representation, health and counselling services during the first week of December when a local non-governmental organisation, the Zimbabwe National Aiders (ZinAid), opens its doors in the Midlands capital next month.

Stephen Chadenga Own Correspondent

ZinAid director Douglas Mambure said free services will be available between December 3 and 7 at the organisation’s headquarters in Mkoba 13.

“As ZinAid, we have organised free psychological, legal and medical clinic for Mkoba residents,” he said.

“Experts that include lawyers, doctors, dentists, opticians, psychologists, counsellors and pastors will offer free services to residents.”

Mambure said ZinAid came up with the idea after realising the majority of people were financially disadvantaged and could not access such services.

“It will be the first of its kind in Mkoba for people to receive packaged professional services,” he said. “People will get medical, psychotherapy, legal as well as spiritual advice.”

Mambure said the organisation would also offer childcare and youth programmes, humanitarian, HIV and Aids, healing, reconciliation and conflict resolution services, among other services.

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