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CSOs pledge to work with Zuma for free polls


CIVIL society organisations (CSOs) have pledged to work closely with Sadc facilitator South African President Jacob Zuma’s team to create a conducive environment for the holding of democratic elections and an end to political violence.

Report by Staff Reporter

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition spokesperson Thabani Nyoni said in a statement: “The political and legislative environment is currently unsuitable for free and fair peaceful elections in Zimbabwe, thus more must be done to ensure political parties comply with the Sadc-mediated election roadmap.

“We also note that the economic stabilisation agenda, social justice and economic issues remain not fully implemented, thus affecting the levels of citizens’ participation in key national processes. As a result, civic groups must engage in collective citizen action for full implementation of the socio-economic justice question.”

Nyoni said CSOs remained convinced that “despite the challenges” in implementing reforms, the Government of National Unity remained a necessary transitional mechanism that could usher in a democratic dispensation.

“Considering progress made by the mediation team, despite the slow pace and lack of insistence  on implementation, civic society organisations shall strengthen mechanisms for engaging Sadc and AU as the guarantors of the GPA and note the concerns that have already started posing a challenge for referendum and elections preparation.”

He added: “CSOs shall demand a comprehensive National Healing and Truth telling model that must be victim-based and must, as much as possible reflect the particularistic nature of challenges faced by various regions within Zimbabwe. CSOs shall up the documentation and reporting of political environment issues that show a clear move towards the resurfacing of structures of violence, intimidation as a build-up towards the next elections.”

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