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Cost of living up


THE cost of living as measured by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe’s (CCZ) low income urban earner monthly basket for a family of six has gone up as retailers move to cash in on the Christmas shopping period.

By the Business Reporter

The cost increased from the September 2012 figure of $565,34 to $572,18.

The food basket increased from $153,09 in September 2012 to $160,01 in October 2012 by $6,92, reflecting a 4,52% increase. Soaps and detergents decreased by 28c from $13,25 in September to $13,17 in October 2012 reflecting a 0,60% decrease.

The consumer watchdog yesterday said: “The rise in the basket can be attributed to the wave of price increases that
usually take place around this time of the year as retailers increase prices in anticipation of bonuses and Christmas shopping.”

Movers in the basket
According to CCZ, increases were recorded in the price of margarine, which went up 11c to $2,41 per 500g, mealie meal up $1,02 from $9,98 to $11 per 20 kg, while meat rose by 60c from $4,50 to $5,10 per kg influenced by low production of beef in the market.

Shakers in the basket
Decreases in prices were recorded for onions which dropped by 8c from $1,10 to $1,02, tomatoes by 7c from $1,27 per kg to $1,20, cabbage by 1c from 61c to 60c and laundry bars by 2c from $1.55 to $1,53.

The prices of other basic commodities, among them white sugar, tea leaves, fresh milk, cooking oil, bread, flour, rice, salt, bath soap and washing powder did not change from the September 2012 figures.

The CCZ, which described the Christmas period as  “the mad season”, urged consumers to exercise caution during their shopping.

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