Chi’town workers block Chombo team

CHITUNGWIZA Town Council workers yesterday blocked Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo’s resuscitation team from entering the town’s offices, accusing the minister of fleecing the local authority’s coffers for the benefit of his “blue-eyed boys”.

Report by Moses Matenga Staff Reporter

Angry council workers said they decided to blockade the town offices after receiving a tip-off that Chombo’s team was coming to probe the controversial Nyatsime housing project.

Workers’ committee chairperson Nyikadzino Matsikidze said: “We gave notice of a strike for 14 days. We gave the notice on Monday, but the reason why we came here before the days given is that the resuscitation team was meant to come back here to investigate the Nyatsime stands issue. The team is expected to get $15 000 each a day,” said Matsikidze.

“They say they want to investigate the issue of Nyatsime and other related cases. The city needs only to have the director of housing to deal with the Nyatsime issue.

“This is a land dispute that can be solved by the Ministry of Local Government and the Lands ministry. We are forking out a lot of money because of these teams.

“Why do we need them here? The workers are three months in salary arrears yet Chombo continues to give money to his teams.
The resuscitation team, after all, has destroyed council, their systems destroyed council,” he said.

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  1. If somebody fails to run his home effectively with his one wife what can you expect from Chombo? In Gwanda,he is bulldozing again.I think these are the people who decampaign the party.

  2. chombo anetsa uyu. why is it the president keeps silent about him. tanyanyiwa was his appointee and personal assistant . he made him town clerk and messed up. now he sends ndoro gain for what. Nissam, delatfin,floburgh are all chombos companies which fleeced chitungwiza of its monies. wat action was taken against them. chombo owns nissam and delatfin and are all operated nevakwasha vake. mari yenyatsime yakapedzwa ne nissam . yakabhadarwa mari $4million pasina basa rayakaita. Enough is enuff. Iye zvino tantyanyiwa aripi? he is as good as a freeman. nyaya dzake dzavangani. only two cases dzaakungotaurwa ko dzimwe dzakaendepi.

  3. Ndoro anouya kuzo investigate chii. he came to chitungwia municipality having been appointed by Chombo . What dd he investigate, they just covered up shody deals bieng done by tanyanyiwa and chombo. What puzzles us is the continued silence by Zanu pf. Chombo is running the show in chitungwiza municipality. Even the special councillors he appointed to chi town have joined the gravy train train. Everyday u c them milling around the council offices with officials in the engineering department for what reason. Vavakupiwa mastand. Gone are the days when these people used to stand fo the people. DZAVA MBAVHA IDZI. How on earth munhu weresusicitation earn these allowances. ARE they here to resuscitate or drain the little blood Tanyanyiwa left

  4. zvimwe ndezvimwe chombo wauraya chitngwiza sei waivavarira kanzuru iwe wakaba zvakwanawo. ndoro muzukuru wako tozviziva. asi dai wambovapawo zororo vape mari dzavo iwe,kwete kuda kuchengeta hama dzako uchidzitsvagira mari yechristmas,

  5. At least, people in Chitungwiza are doing what they should have done ages ago…they should take the destiny of their town into their hands. People who come to help families in distress do not steal the families’ silver! These resuscitation teams should have a little shame, we are talking lives of the infirm and innocent children, HOW can you steal from them via these allowances with no shame? I can tell the Minister here and now there are volunteers who are willing to do these jobs which are being done by these criminals for FREE, all you need to do is to advertise and you will see an avalanche of them.

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