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Chibaya judgment delayed


GWERU — Judgment in the case where MDC-T MP for Mkoba constituency, Amos Chibaya, who is jointly charged with party youth leader Livingstone Chiminya for public violence, has been postponed to November 19 after the legislator said he would be committed on Friday when it was due.

Report by Stephen Chadenga

It is the State’s case that sometime in October last year, Chibaya and MDC-T youths were coming from a rally in Mberengwa when they stopped at a bar in Guinea Fowl to collect change and empty bottles they had left earlier that day.

The youths allegedly started quarrelling with the barlady over the change and plugged off a radio, saying the volume was too high.

Radio speakers and a DVD player allegedly fell and were broken during the melee.

The State further alleges that the youths turned violent and stoned revellers at the bar.

But the MDC-T legislator is denying the charge, saying he only arrived at the bar and found Zanu PF youths stoning their MDC-T counterparts.

He said his party youths had only asked the barlady to reduce the volume of the radio as they were failing to communicate well with her, but instead Zanu PF youths at the bar turned rowdy and started stoning them.

Gweru magistrate Mildred Matuvi is presiding over the case with Bonwell Balamanja prosecuting.

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