Capital city moves to Zvimba

GOVERNMENT is planning to build a new capital city in Mt Hampden, which falls under Zvimba Rural District Council, President Robert Mugabe’s home area.

Report by Everson Mushava

The new city is designed in the mould of the wealthy Sandton area of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The project is already underway at the site, some 40km west of Harare, along Old Mazowe Road, where construction of a new Parliament building to accommodate the country’s 210 MPs and 80 Senators has already started.

This is expected to be followed by the establishment of an affluent residential area, state-of-the-art shopping centres, hotels and government buildings.

The capital will also be home to critical government buildings such as State House, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the Supreme and High Courts and several government departments. It will be the seat of government.

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo yesterdayconfirmed the development which he said would give birth to a new modernised city at the scenic Mt Hampden.

According to Chombo, the site was where colonialists originally wanted to set up Harare before two emissaries sent to raise the British flag at the mountain lost their way and raised it at the Kopje (Afrikaans for an isolated hill), resulting in the construction of present-day Harare in the 1890s.

“The satellite city will be properly planned with residential houses, state-of-the-art shops, hotels and offices,” Chombo said.
“This will ease congestion in Harare, which has become heavily populated to the extent that facilities such as water supply are under pressure.”

Chombo did not disclose the source of the funds or when most of the work on the project would commence, but said his ministry already had the city’s plan.

“The site has already been identified and it is now up to the responsible ministries to start construction of the Parliament Building. Mt Hampden is a scenic place, that would give Parliament a nice home and, better still, Mt Hampden is not far from Harare,” Chombo said.

The minister said he would make sure that the new capital would have adequate supplies of water and services befitting a modern city.

“Government will make sure that the city has multiple supplies of water by setting up three to four water treatment plants near the city, unlike the current situation in Harare where treated water is pumped about 40km from the city,” he said.

Chombo said the water system for Harare would fail gradually if efforts to ease pressure from the overpopulated city were not done now.


  1. Why not renovate our old cities and towns? Why Zvimb of all places you are busy wresting resources how about our road this isa shame & ridiculous

      1. I see it as an upgrade than a disgrace, let us keep build like any other country

        1. My friend why build more cities whilst we are failing to maintain those that we have which are dilapidated?

          1. You are so right. How can we be building more cities and fail to maintain those that we have……dont understand!

        2. I like your sober-mindedness, partriot. People are falling into the trap of the pathetic reporter who wrote this article. I am so shocked with the reporter’s way of thinking. Ok, let’s face the facts – is President going to live for ever? Will Ignatious Chombo be the Minister of Local Government forever? If Mugabe leaves office, are we going to destroy everything associated with him?

          I think freedom of expression is being abused by this moronic journalist here.

          Saka new capital city yovakirwepi – Buhera kana Tsvangirai wotonga?! So, people can’t think beyond Mugabe and his legacy? This rates as the most ‘moomish’ news article of the century.

          1. This has got to be the most stupid thing they have done so far. Why build a new capital city (in mugs homeland) when we can’t even keep the present cities and towns in good condition. The pioneers didnt get lost it’s just mugs wants the city in his homeland and God only knows why because he will never see it.

          2. I agree with you lance. This reporter makes it look like the city will be built next to Mugabe’s homestead. it’s just 40kms from the post office, westage is 20km from the postoffice. so it’s not that far from town. it’s not even in the same direction as mugabe’s home (it’s along the old mazoe road). all city expansions in that direction and along bulawayo road have to be approved by the zvimba rural district council, and that includes norton. do what’s so special about this?
            Also, we can only start renovating harare after we have decongested it. These MDC journos need to grow up.

          3. it doesn’t make any sense develop desolate Bulawayo and other dilapidated towns i feel its too premature for this project ,where is the money coming from ,improve our health facility and archaic education system.

          4. apa reporter abhaiza,you don`t want development becoz it`s done by Chombo near Mugabe rural home benefitting everyone.Zim politics going to the dogs…..Lance is more than fair in his judgement after all where is Mugabe`s Zvimba residence

          5. do you really know where zvimba is? besides it wil great to hav another city .In other words u are saying the city belongs to Mugabe —wrong school of thot

        3. dnt think so bira, this is pure madness, n for sure why zvimba o all the places

          1. This is ridiculous bira to say the least.How can they build somewhere when they are failing to just renovate the old dilapidated buildings,roads where one can actually fish in the potholes,dualise Masvingo,Harare -Chirundu and all the major roads including Mutare?You are jumping to number hundred when you still haven’t done number one Chombo…kikikikikikikikiki ndaseka nekuronga kwakadai.

        4. Should we let things like this be decided by suspect people? If you cannot provide good services to what you have got, what guarantee is there that you will build and maintain a state of the art city? Look at Harare Airport etc? Was this idea passed by pariiament, cabinet or the masses?

      2. there is nothing wrong with this. It’s only given wrong headline. We need our own city designed in an African and Southern way. Guys, not all that is done is bad. Zvimba or not, the project is spot on.

        1. u ARE mad

        2. i thought Harare was designed in an African ( and Southern – whatever that means) way. Could it be like you want us to go back to the way our ancestors were constructing homes using mud?

        3. I agree with you on that brother we need our on city not white’s city.

          1. Nonsense Charlieboy.Where were you in all these 32 years?Didn’t you know that the city was built by whites for you and when you took the land for resettlement,did they say they wanted to go to England with the structures that they have built in Zimbabwe?So why now and not yesterday?People should know how to prioritize their issues.

        4. this is nonsense, you guys who are saying its a good thang you stupid and selfish minded. we need to first sort out what is there before we can start expanding… Harare itself is falling apart and you want to building a new city….. Guys at times you need to think … and being honest at the end of the day some people want to benefit from this obvious and get money from this….. the problem with us ZIMBOS we just say yes to anythang thats why our country is like that.

        5. If you want to decongest Harare, why not just build more shopping malls around the city, like all the malls I see around Johannesburg CBD. There is Eastgate, Kilaney Mall, Westgate, Southgate (close to soweto), Northgate, Sandton/Nelson Mandela Square, Cresta, Jabulani Mall (in Soweto),to mention a few. There are many of these malls with office parks around them. The construction of all these malls in these areas resulted in the decongestion of JHB….. can one imagine if all these establishments had never been constructed, what would JHB CBD be looking like today. The benefits of decongesting JHB CBD enabled the renovation of some of the building to start, though there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to-date, but you can see the change…..

          Why can we, as Zimbabweans do the same. Why build a new capital city?? Thats weired to think of…….. cry the beloved country. Tave kuita kunge nguruve dzinotiza corner yaitirwa tsvina kuenda kunoitira kune imwe corner, forgetting kuti iri kuitira tsvina mudanga mayo. What is required is to clean up what we have by decongesting…….. let us try and learn from what other nations have done.

          “He who has not travelled thinks that his mother is the best cook in the world”.

          This saying refers to the widely held belief that travel opens peoples’ minds and introduces us to new experiences

    1. The leadership is practicing what it teaches.

      the current set up is colonial. You have the church of england (Anglican cathedral), parliament, supreme court of Zimbabwe housed in one massive building. you have the herald house and Meikles Hotel all encircling the African Unity square. If you take an aerial view of foot paths that cris-cross African Unity Square they form the union jack.

      until 2000 they union jack was fly high inside the Anglican cathedral.

      these buildings symbolize halls of power for the British empire.

      by the way parliament building and supreme court belong to the Anglican Church (also known as Church of England”

      I salute you the leadership for your wisdom.

      1. thanks for th esoteric facts which i hajust verified. as a truly independent country we need to move on and assert ourselves beyond the colonial vestiges tht we have had to make do with thus far.

      2. Steve, the problem you mention is not solved by building something with no money unless you guys are now using the diamond money? What is of highest priority today?Is it a new city, a fast passenger train between Harare and Bulawayo, the transfer of 51% of Stanchart or ensuring that our economy grows so that we can all contribute towards thinking about what to do will all the wealth we have?

        If the money to be used to build the new city of coming from tax payers then the minimum that should be done is to consult them. I would rather see lots of medicines in our hospitals administered by professionals than driving to Zvimba in potholed roads???

      3. Right on spot Steve. Apart from just political practice we needed another legitimate reason to spend a lot of government money, not to mention they are correct about congestion. Decentralizing some activities works very well. Also political power is well housed in Zvimba not to mention strategic military defence( observe hoe the rhodesians did it) if you know what I mean. After all that’s the big mans home area, charity begins at home. As for other narrow minded people against this idea, you need to introspect and see how well you fit in the equation.

        1. We already have Harare. We already have decentralisation happening in the periphery. All this does is bringing the (already existing) power-base Home!

          It is bad enough that those from Zvimba have more control and/or access to resources, funding and opportunities…now spending tax-payers money to glorify that self-serving need is worse.

          Even within ZanuPF, we have people from all provinces and areas. Why Zvimba? Is it representative of the diversity of Zimbabweans or the clinging greed of the few from Zvimba?

          Is it not better to, say setup a third hub in another region…like Masvingo…or better yet, to pump in that money to our ailing industry in Byo….to have fund import-replacement initiatives. To fix Harare’s infrastructure… to finance the MZWP to a rapidly drying Matabeleland…to there’s so much that can be done that would realise a return on investments.


      4. Poor stupid man lacking in any reasoning and hell bent against colonialism to the point where his brain is not functioning.

      5. steve, open up your mind and think beyond politics. Think development, think progress, think upliftment, think economic emancipation. Dont blame the British for what you have, as an individual, failed to achieve.

    2. Long live Zvimbabwe!

    3. my brother devolution wil take ke of the renovations of old cities nd towns ..pamberi ne new capital , build modern sky scrappers nd easy conjestion in harare

      1. The is a foolish idea. Chombo wants to personal make sure there will be water when Bulawayo is dry, all our current cities are in dilapidated state. Besides it will not ease congestion just go to Lagos its worse than it was when it the Nigerian capital. The best solution against congestion is to simply develop other towns, cities and growth points.Should there not be some consultation on this what if majority of Zimbabweans prefer a capital somewhere else.

      2. newewo hauna kutokwanawo ko HARARE yaita sei

    4. The idea of a seperate capital city from a financial capital is not unique to Zimbabwe. Nigeria moved its political capital from Lagos to Abuja. South Africa’s political capital is Pretoria while Financial capital is Johannesburg. USA’s capital is Washington DC while the financial capital is New York. So yes, lets allow Harare to be the financial capital of Zimbabwe and move the Government capital to Mount Hampden. Thats the first step to decentralizing. Harare is overpopulated. And yes I support the other government policy that mandates mines to be headquartered in the provincial capital of their mining activities. Job opportunities and economic development cannot be restricted to only Harare. Bulawayo, Mutare, etc need attention too. It can only be done one step at a time.

    5. This is a good move!!very good indeed, but dont forget to upgrade services in the current city as well. HandsUp saChombo. Basa mberi!!

    6. But this is not correct. Mt hampden is in Harare along Chinhoyi road about 10 km from town. the fact that it is in the district of Zvimba does not mean its the President’s home

    7. i find it odd, is Mt Hampden in Harare or in Zvimba. Mt. Hampden is under Harare City Council or not, which means Charles Prince Airport is in Zvimba according to this article, which should also include Norton and Chinhoyi as they are closer to Zvimba, than Mt. Hampden. Please help us to understand, there are two different things here. Is the Capital City moving to Zvimba or Mt. Hampden. Good Hope therefore should be also under Zvimba Rural Council and not under Harare.

    8. What a shock!! If Harare does not have water, what does the rest of the population drink? Where will their future supplies come from? Chombo, Mugabe and their Zvimba cahoots are taking the country for granted. I mean Zvimba? Surely? Surely April Fools day is far away, or am I going nuts!?

    9. What a shame, why dont chombo easy the problems that the old harare is getting look at the roads chombo.

    10. only is zimbabwe i know where all the diamond money is going .how can u have problem with water in harare dnt have money too fix it but the goverment have enough money too build a whole new capital next to bobs home town thats crazy coflict of interest but who cares i swear we need to get our country back one way or the other

    11. Cde you are equally mad as the writer of this shit story.Or it is that you do not where Mt Hampden is from either Zvimba or Harare.Or that you do not even think.Mt Hampden is behind Marlbereign.How it has now gone all the way to Zvimba can only be understood by fools like you and this equally rabid writer.Kumwe kupenga muchisiya kumba Cde.

    12. ah imi we r failing to bring change to our country and pipo r sufering coz of tt……..moti new capital city kwanai imi…….ol wi ax fo z change to our economy and en motaura zveanada capital city zvido zvavanhu kunyanya first basa rekudya mari dzeda…bvaiapa…….

  2. so what chombo is fullfilling the colonial master desires….

  3. nkandlagate scandal imported to zim

  4. Its okay,They always do what they want any way!They should be using that money to pay starving civil servants.Haaaaaaaa!mina ilizwe leli liyang’daka,liyang’caphula shem!!!*screaming

    1. True, Zim iyang’daka!

    2. Even in the United States they do what they want. So what’s bad about the Zimbas doing what they want? After all this is no news at all.

      1. Correction…Zvimba’s. Zvimba’s rule the Zimba. They believe they have the right to everything. They decide Zimbabwe’s path and desctruction. They divide people. They never get tired of self-enrichment. As far as they know, other provinces, cities have no needs. Especially since theirs are so important. The economy is Zvimba

        Viva Zvimbabwe Viva!!!

    3. our road , schools & hospitals are xtra ordinary so z better to take that money to rennovate our old school, buy some medicine for our hospital, make tared road

  5. better…..there is way too much traffic

  6. shadreck gwamba tayengwa

    dats nonsense

  7. Thy its lupane it wll work y kozvimba

    1. Yah l support u my friend there are meaningfully failing to build Lupane state university and the MN capital eh claim there are no resources so there are resources for Zvimba?

      1. You now see some people’s double headedness – all these queries can be addressed by devolution – I mean we don’t know how much resources originating from Lupane will be used to build the new capital city, and neither will we know how much resources from Harare will be used to build Lupane chakuti chakuti.

        Vanhu ngavabudirire nezviwanikwa zvedunhu ravo. You will notice that Masvingo Province has a lot of educated people – they have nothing to show of it. Masvingo should be the hub of consultancy projects, kuMash Central vanenge vachiita development nemasawu, nekutaura nemhuka! Ana saManyika vanofanira kubudirira nemaplantations, scenery, diamonds and lots of fruits they have. Mat North ngavadye necoal, Vic Falls and Hwange Game Resserve. Mat South should be creative with their amacimbi, cattle and teak! Mash West ngavadye negwenya reKariba, nzou, tourism, neNgezi Platinu, nekuraura tiger fish. Mash East vanopona nekusaruta vamwe – eish, dunhu rangu rizere mbwende – basa nderekurasirira simba redu kuMbare kumakoronyera – imagine the value add we can get from granite and mango from Mtoko, vegetables from Nyadire and Domboshava and hushasha hwekubinha vamwe pamaelection from Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe and Mudzi! Midlands ngavadye neZISCO, Buchwa, Sino, nanaZIMASCO vavo. In fact indigenisation is in line with devolution. Aahya, devolution ndizvo!

        1. A very good piece of writing Lance for thats what devolution is all about.

        2. @Lance
          I do not know you but I can certainly tell from your post that you are someone from Masvingo province pretending to be from Mash East. I feel very much offended over your post being one whose origins are from Mashonaland Central. I always wonder about the bragging from Zimbabweans, especially those originating from Masvingo. If people from Masvingo are as more educated /wiser than everybody else as you write then perhaps their education is meaningless because of the lack of under-development of their own area. Find something better to post than sitting on your desk and spewing out rubbish about other tribes/ares.

          1. “lack of underdevelopment”…..kikikiki!

  8. It’s plans like these that really make me sad. A gated community will not only benefit the upper class 1% of the nation, it will create an even wider gap between those in power and those who have no power to speak of. With the state that the country is in – universities that have crumbling facilities, insufficient water and electricity supply, infrastructure that is in need of serious repair and expensive health care – the last thing we need to be building is a gated community and a new Parliament building. This will NOT benefit anyone else but those in power, and it shows a lack of responsibility on the part of a government that is supposed to be addressing the needs of the majority. What I can’t help but wonder is where the money for this is coming from. We supposedly do not even have enough money for the basics – water, electricity, development of jobs, education facilities etc – and yet the government finds it fitting that at THIS time, they would like a new place for themselves? If that’s not selfish and irresponsible, then I don’t know what is.

  9. y not in mwenezi???? lets hope they don’t nid our votes cum election tym,they must bekoff

  10. Existing cities are dying but they are planning a new one, which is the cheaper route? – crazy!

    Development in Zim needs to move South and not north where neibouring countries are simply raw material exporters. Most of these countries also import their raw material inputs and finished goods from Mzansi. They also use the ports infrastructure in the South.

    Gukurahundis may never like this, but its a reality – 90% of Zim’s industrial inputs are from South Africa. This is why the colonialists located major industries in Bulawayo, which is closer to the industrial hub of South Africa, Gauteng. Beitbridge is the busiest border post in the SADC region, dare I say in the whole of Africa for the same reason. Even for export purposes, South African ports are the most efficient with Durban being the biggest, most efficient and busiest container terminal on the continent.

    Even the most developed infrastructure and cities are in the South – Maputo, Gaborone, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Durban and Cape Town.

    Pretending otherwise, as the Gukurahundis are doing does not serve Zim’s interests – it only pushes the country’s logistics costs up, making the country an uncompetitive investment destination!!

    1. Mbinisi, i would have supported your idea, but im not sure if Mthwakazi Freedom something, were going to agree with you. Besides, this is a way of keeping their investments to their children. Those buildings and infrastruture would be privately owned. They would do it down in Mthwakazi, were they are not wanted.

      1. Iwe Mbonisi, ita mushe iwe. Sak unoda vauye kuzovaka kudhesi ne Joburg???????? Munenge makaroiwa ne Egoli shuwa, i guess you can migrate to SA then!

        1. @Gabnilondo

          Ngikhulam ‘i Economics here. Akuyona into yokudlala.

          I know Economics is not for the fainthearted – especially for those who thrive on tribalism and Gukurahundism!!

        2. he was just making a reference my friend stop inserting what is not there

      2. With this mentality of centralising everything in Mashonaland near Harare – does anyone out there foresee Zimbabwe ever hosting the FIFA World cup in future?

        I mean, the country now only has one city you know – and it continues to grow just that one city – BAMBAZONKE!!

      3. @Hombarume
        Please dont confuse Mthwakazi, the people of Matebeleland and the MLF the secessionist movement – the two are different. Mthwakazi people are found in ZANU PF, in the MDC-T, in ZAPU and in the MDC. So, don’t lump everyone together just like that!

        1. Good thinking.

    2. Iwe, remember hatisati tavaka chitva chedu since independence and it is costly to renovate the old cities and towns.

    3. jabulani kulekani

      Mbonisi you speak soo well about south africa Why dont you relocate to SA and why is it that South Africans hate Ndebeles from Zim soo much. Man You really fantasize about SA but tell you bro Zim is home and we have to build our home land and not fantasize that one day we will be part of SA I am Ndebele and I am making a good leaving in Harare. SHONAS HERE ARE BUSY MAKING MONEY while people of your kind are busy destroying all the hope there ever was for the City Of Kings. Thats why Bulawayo is dying because you sound very lazy and are more than willing to blame Shonas for your laziness. Not every Shona is guilty of Gukurahundi like the way you put across your facts , IN FACT VERY VERY FEW SHONA S KNOW WHAT HAPPENED DURING THAT TIME SO DONT BLAME EVERY SHONA PERSON BLAME THE PERPETRATORS AND YOU KNOW THEM.ABOUT THAT STUPID CAPITAL CITY ITS CHOMBOS DREAM AND IT ONLY EXITS IN HIS BRAINS . iT WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.

  11. The rich will always come 1st. No water in Harare, create an isolated city for the rich next to the water. Imari yako chete lol

  12. They are now complaining of congestion in Harare – how could there be no congestion when they have been busy destroying towns, cities and infrastructure in every part of the country and centralising everything in Bambazonke, in the last 32 years?

    It is human nature to move away from areas where there are no opportunities to those with opportunities and Bambazonke has been no exception!!

    1. John weku Mabvuku

      Yu thrive on hatred Mbo, too much of it, in the last thirty two years you have become who yu are, thanks to the same people yu hate with such pathetic passion, why dont yu leave the country… The days of Ndebele conquest and annual plumber are history, leave it there, go see a shrink my bro…

      1. @John
        Kanti why don’t you learn to stick to issues under discussion – did you pass your schooling?

        You have a tendency of addressing issues that you are imagining, rather than what is being discussed nor written about.

        You have a psychological problem, rooted in your 1800s mental hangovers – please get some help!!

        1. John weku Mabvuku

          that makes the two of us, thats where we click

      2. Shut up you fool the Ndebele wilL always be the warriors of this country. You shona just keep beating and raping old people which is all you are good for. Things will change soon.

        1. haha Peter, the Ndebele are not warriors, your leaders sold the nation. Kutonyora X wena muchitengesa nyika…tibvire

      3. Shut up you fool, the Ndebeles are the superior warriors. You shona just keep on stealing, raping and beating people as you are good at doing.

        1. we both sufferng guyz ndebele o shona

  13. Nga yilupane ye kambe kaqalwa okutsha okudala ke

  14. Kathesi amapassport kuyiwa kobyo

  15. I still cannot get my head around this – how do people in provinces such as Masvingo, Midlands and Manicaland feel about this?

    Why then do they oppose devolution – I just can’t get it you know. How come these people are being railoaded by those from the North, to the total disadvantage of the Central and Southern parts of the country?

    1. That’s the point, exactly!

    2. becoz of people like we begin to wonder if it is the best thing. on its own its ok but some people are too emotional for it to be a success

  16. If Harare is indeed overpopulated, why can’t we just relocate government business to other towns and cities. That way we will be promoting equitable and sustainable development. Harare is a commercial city, an industrial hub, the seat of government, the cultural city, the most populous city in the country…I think there might problems in future…things like shacks, diseases, crime etc. Again Harare becomes a too powerful economic magnet sucking out any commercial life from outlying cities and towns. There is no doubt economic returns are higher in Harare than other places in Zim, thus for entrepreneurs to start projects outside Harare is a tall order. Such a scenario is disastrous to other provinces and cities in terms of development.

    1. This is one of the most brilliant ideologies written this is excellent think comrade

    2. Big up Mr Matsimba,at least you are talking sense not some tribal gibberish.

  17. We are fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Go back to Malawi where you will get no NONSENSE……….

      1. @Lulu
        So the DOKERAYI mentality continues – and thats national development according to your Gukurahundi book!!

  18. It’s actually not a bad idea, we seriously need to de-congest Harare.

    1. Taura hako Mbewe iwe!

    2. thats right there to decongest but being alive to other factors llike……………etc

    3. Maston decongestion is good but should we decongest the people in Harare going just a few kilometres from Harare approximately 10km away and we are done with it?From Harare to Mt Hampden and then to Zvimba?Why can’t we develop other cities just to ease congestion?Do you see the logic behind all this?

    4. Move the people out not the city you fool.

      1. @Peter
        Exactly, good point!

    5. Decongesting Harare isn’t a bad idea. Theissue is building a new city from scratch. What’s wrong with renovating a city thats already there? I think that’s pretty much the big issue here. Most of the country doesnt have a steady power and water supply and the gvt complains that theres no money but apparently kune mari yekuvaka a new city from scratch. And another issue is why are they building it separate from the rest of the country ‘a la sandton’? Thats just separating the MPs from truly seeing whats wrong with the country so that it can be fixed. This nonsense must be stopped. They are indulging the President too much now.

  19. There is nothing amiss in building city complex in Mt Hampden. Kuti muti hanzi Mount Hampden iri kwaZvimba because it fall under Murombedzi Rural district is a bit nonsensical. You should not politicise everything. How far is Mt Hampden from Kutama(Mugabe’s rural area) and how far is it from Harare CBD? Munhu anogara kuMt Hampden handiti anototi ndinogara kuHarare. There is absolutely no problem in deciding to decongest the CBD. Actually coming up with new structures is value addition because iwo ekare acho haasi kuzopazwaka. The construction will actually create employment in the construction sector and related downstream industries. Lets not be dull. Zimbabwe ndeyedu tose iyi ngatibatsiranei kuivaka.

    1. @Genuine
      You cannot use congestion as an excuse for this project when it is the same government which created the congestion in the first place, through its centralising every development in Harare in the last 32 years!!

      With your mentality of centralising everything in that region – do you foresee Zimbabwe ever hosting the FIFA World cup? I mean, as a country, you only have one city you know!!

      1. Lets hope ncube wins and develop byo. These guys are not even concernd abt byo situation. They are busy pumping out money to north. Thy dnt care abt Closed industries n water prblms

    2. Genuine do u think they are going to egage any local construction company for this

      1. mushaikwa phillip

        Malawi changed Blantayre tomove to lilongwe Gweru will have a 5000sitter conference centre soon thanks to people who think out side the box ko ndo development tinosarira tikaramba tichingonama zvigamba Harare haisi kupazwa iri kukura woke up and smell the coffe

    3. @Genuine: Rega vanofunga zvakaipa vaenderere mberi. Ndosaka vachisarira shure nokuti hapana chakanaka chavanoitirwa vakachiona. Rega vagare vakadaro.

    4. You are being very ‘genuine.’


    1. Thank you! They claim Zimbabwe will never be aa colony again yet they are still continuing colonial planning. Maybe they are the ones working for the british instead of tsvangson and crew

  21. Then devotion of power should now go ahead, amashona abiz ayazi enrich while thina sidli qwaqwa zomlomo. Instead of upgrading old infrastructures in other cities bona babizi baya koMgabe for inonsoso yeses!

    1. Mind you, the richest Zimbabwean now is Obert Mpofu who now own Vic Falls. Shonas have always been developmental. I never heard a Ndebele from SA thinking of developing back home. Only laitshaling food stuffs. Ask Obert Mpofu to develop there. Even Joshua Nkomo moved from Byo to Old Highfied, Harare.
      Stop your SA mentality of wanting government to provide you everything. Stop crying and act for yourself.

      1. @Hombarume
        Now why are you tribalisng this? What has it got to do with Ndebeles or Shonas? This is a Gukurahundi ZANU PF proposal (a political party), it has nothing to do with tribes/races or individual identies!

        1. if truth be told, and we are to develop as a nation then i think creating more and more small Harares is detrimental to development.Devolution in a case like this is welcome, we need to ensure that all our provinces develop equally an national resources are shared equitably. I am from Buhera in Manicaland and i say To chombo bring this kuBuhera or haivakwi totanga mademonstrations nhasi uno chaiye
          Viva devolution!
          Viva power to the people!
          VIva equity and equality!
          No to gated communities!

          1. Inga unenguva yekuita mademo… yu shud see hw sad e pipo here in SA nenyaya yemastrikes n demo n protests.half of them dnt evn kn wa they r on abt…if yu bliv yu hav a purpose dnt b leader in chaos bt engage e necessary pipo.dai naifungawo ibstead of jkutuka such a development mak it work to yo adv.if it wad here in Sa pipo wud b rushing fo tenders tht will arise from such a devlpment.push for expansion in yo own region.its sad tht stil 10years on no1has realised kty ndo govt yatinayo iripo fo now so js mak e best of it.thoz wu came upon ths realisation varikuita mari..imi muchingofunga.kuita toyi toyi…nguva yekuvenga yakapera.enrich yoselvs as ther is nw equal opportunity afforded to any wu isnt lazy akamirira kuty vaMugabe vachatisiya kana kuty tixhapohwa mari.nani.ndoda vukuzenzele…its sad to hear pipo vachingochema everday..

        2. Mbosini. I see you didnt read the post by Khehla Ndini. He clearly stated “amashona”. Thats being tribal, only failures in life blame other people. You are blaming the dying of industry in Bulawayo, but in Harare im actually failing to find an operating factory. When big companies moved out, shonas move in. You should do the same thing in Bulawayo.

          1. @Hombarume, most of you like blaming whites, the west, and King Lobhengula – conclusion: you are all failures!

        3. Mbonisi you need some help. you need to move forward and stop this business of continued reference to Zanu PF as the Gukurahundi party. What we need in Zim is development not people who are bent on dividing the nation on past events.

      2. Hamba uyonya wena, ngobukhulumu doti nje… This time around people from Matabeleland we are not playing around come elections, Tsvangirai and his Mugabe boot lickers are now irrelevant eMatabeleland. Hence we need a leader like Ncube who understand us fully. So keep fooling yourselves developing new cities & enriching yourselves khona eHarare naseZvimba. One day is one day.

      3. A silly contribution, don’t feel so yourself?!

      4. obert mpofu is the biggest thief in Zimbabwe that’s why he own so much. He has never earned an honest dollar in his life.

    2. Iwe Khela urikuti amashona amashona chii chacho…. Your city will never prosper because you are too rigid , you dont like us to come and invest there. Ask anyone who has tried to obtain a trading or operating licence from your Byo council and they can tell you kuti its a great pain. Every authority there is just too rigid hey. Huya ku harare udye ne vamwe Khela!

    3. @Khehla Ndini
      Deal with facts mfowethu and stop resorting to tribalism. I know tribal talk is the easiest thing to do for most Zims because it doesn’t call for much brain!!

    4. It is because you use your heads to sit down and damage your brains and think using you back-sides. Magaro haafunge hama yangu. You only think of induku yokutshayisa umunye umunthu. Brain chaidzo imbijana. Be human and think like people.

      1. @Lulu
        Please grow over you 1800s hangover – or better still, seek devine guidance. Mental slavery is the worst part of slavery a normal human being can ever be subjected to!!

    5. @Khehla Ndini Stop say shona’s wena where do you come from awufundangayine, i am married to a ndebele woman, do you what to start i war among Zimbabweans ass.

  22. Im am against people who always are negative. Nobody complains about where Hre, Byo, Mtr and Masvingo are. This is a good idea besides who is doing it. It will create employment, a city started by blacks. Anyone can start their own cities. SA is full of small contained cities by private individuals. Those who are complaining most are non achievers, some of us are already looking at how to get a portion of the action there. Nobody complained of Sam Levy village being in Borowdale or no-one complained of the new mall in Borrowdale. Now cause black are building their own you complain! Do you know how many jobs and business opportunities are going to be created? many. Im looking forward to it. Maybe, i will have my Deinfern Valley there.

    1. @Hombarume
      Look at the economics of the proposals – it doesn’t make sense. Don’t just support for the sake of it!

      1. @ Mbonisi: Its a very good initiative, at least the diamond money is coming back into circulation. We have been crying that Zanu hasnt done anything, now its a good start. Besides, the article is talking of private money. Where it comes from, we dont know. So im supporting a noble idea. The person who has planned this is highly exposed. Imagine having our own Sandton or Midrand, or Randburg, or Benoni, or Alberton, or Vereeneging, or Boksburg, or Mogale, or Randfontein, or Germiston, or Kempton Park, or Roodepoort, or Florida. These are all under great Johannesburg. Its the begining.

        1. @Hombarume

          The towns and cities you quote with reference to South Africa have nothing to do with Tshwane/Pretoria the Capital city – whereas in Zim, everything has to do with the capital city – this is what we are fighting!!

          Even some of the smallest towns in South Africa are now bigger than what Zim calls its second or third biggest cities – what a disgrace – all because of this CAPITAL CITY BAMBAZONKE mentality!!

    2. Hombarume you can not solve a problem by creating yet another problem.First solve Harare’s problems and then embark on other projects.We are not being negative but we want things to be done proffessionally without affecting the current set up because if we do it we will still go back to square one if congestion rears its ugly face again there isn’t it sir?

      1. Denis – The best thing is to accept our problems and challenges. What can we do? nothing, mugabe is still ruling, besides loosing. Its better they spend the money here than in Asia.
        Also its an individual’s right to do what they want with their money.
        What surprise me is that, no one is complaining of the new Pick and Pay Mall and that one in Borrowdale that they should be built in Hre CBD.

    3. Where is the money coming from to build a whole city fool. They are not building the black version of Sam Levys Village. Read the article properly.

    4. Dude, the story here is they are starting a new city. Why start a completely new city when half the country is living in darkness and doesnt get water from their taps? Or the fact that a lot of Zimbabweans will sleep hungry because of poor planning by the gvt?

      The fact is, probably very little in terms of employment will even in because they (ZANU) will call upon their chinese friends who will ship in their workers from china and us Zimbabweans will just sit as a few people benefit and a few people suffer. Whether shona or ndebele, we should all protest against this silly idea and force our government to work for the greater good that will benefit the majority of zimbabweans. Frankly, having a new capital city right now is completely pointless given the fact that the country is in the proverbial ICU

    5. I like your thinking Hombarume. people fail to see that this is just the natural progession and expanding is the key. the first real new capital city built by locals, africans a dubai in the hub country of sadc. i say let do it

  23. Its a good idea to decentralize harare,this is the only way we can relieve pressure on the current facilities like the sewer.harare will not cope the pressure,the only problem is we don’t have funs so its premature to talk about such a project now ignoring things like power generation which is vital for any development.

    1. @terras
      How did the congestion in Harare come about? You created it by destroying all other centres around the country, through your centralisation. You are mad control freaks!!

      1. WILL YOU PLEASE STOP BLAMING ALL SHONA FOR EVERYTHING WRONG WITH ZIMBABWE. You act like all the shona are living in mansions in harare eating all the money when in actual fact its actually a few Zanu elite. Being tribalistic and playing the blame game isn’t going to help. We should strive to act together as one zimbabwe for the betterment of our future. theres no point in comparing ourselves with other country’s and crying for what they have (in reference to your previous comments). Lets keep it civil and realise that what happened in zimbabwe was a few people who stopped caring about the country and lost the values of the liberation the minute the money started flowing in

        1. @Honai
          How is “terrus” all Shonas? Does he represent ALL SHONAS, such that when one criticises him for the views he hold,this amounts to criticising all Shonas for what is wrong in Zim?

  24. Quoting the idot “The satellite city will be properly planned with residential houses, state-of-the-art shops, hotels and offices.” “Government will make sure that the city has multiple supplies of water by setting up three to four water treatment plants near the city, unlike the current situation in Harare where treated water is pumped about 40km from the city.” These words can only come out of an idiot’s motuh. You have been the minister of local governenment for over a decade and you have not taken steps to rectify the water supply situation in Harare or any other city/town for that matter. Why doo you want us to believe you well be able to plan “well’ this time around. Why don’t you resign and leave people who know what they do?

  25. why not the kopje area as first suggested ?

    1. Aah, veduwee, kuKopje area papi pacho chaipo? Unenge zungairwawo iwe.

  26. how then does any reasonable Zimbabwean oppose divolution!!!! it boggles the mind!!! new capital city they say……Lupane & NUST are unfinished, National Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project has forever been in limbo, all that happens in chiadzwa in enviromental degredation and lootin of diamonds yet we see no development there, stagnancy in the tourist towns of hwange and vic falls except of cos mpofu money, list is endless………….“The satellite city will be properly planned with residential houses, state-of-the-art shops, hotels and offices,” Chombo said.
    “This will ease congestion in Harare…..” Funds looted all round the country go to harare for two very solid reasons , “ease congestion” the best one, “….two emissaries sent to raise the British flag at the mountain lost their way and raised it at the Kopje….” Honestly speaking????

  27. How is it possible that they quickly finish the defense college yet nust is unfinished?????

    1. some projects are hanging and they wanna start some funny project these people need to be voted out of office lets hope we all go to vote guys and send these bunch of fools outta government.All they think is their pocket and nobody’s,

  28. kuzima madoda!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. With this mentality of centralising everything in Mashonaland near Harare – does anyone out there foresee Zimbabwe ever hosting the FIFA World cup in future?

    I mean, the country now only has one city you know – and it continues to grow just that one city – BAMBAZONKE!!

    1. the owners of land (BaTonga)

      mazezuru arikutonga rega vaite zvavanogona b4 they leave offices

    2. We really need development in other cities Gweru, Byo, Kwekwe, masvingo etc. In my four years inByo I never saw even a single commercial or government building being built, only houses in Selbourne Park and Mahatshula

    3. Mbosini. ZIFA mandevere ega ega. Let shonas run Zifa and see. Ndebeles have been known for wanting to please Whites by selling out shonas. Mzilikazi/ Lobengula sold shonas and their land. Zifa same thing. Even coaches, if they are shonas they are fired, look at what happened with Gombo and Ndlovu. Let the shonas do their thing and ndebeles theirs.

      1. AGAIN! Can you please have arguments/debates without having to resort to tribalism? Hapana zvazvinobatsira. Whether we like it or not we’re all zimbabweans an d we’re in this mess together

  30. that’s why DEVOLUTION is necessary,
    Vote yes for devolution,

    1. You bet

  31. Gentlemen, this is kangaroo reporting. Mt. Hampden and Zvimba are poles apart.

    According to Wilkipedia…….. Mount Hampden is a village in Mashonaland West province in Zimbabwe. It is about 13 miles from the capital Harare.

    Zvimba district is located in Mashonaland West Province, in central northern Zimbabwe. Zvimba Its main town, Murombedzi, is located about 110 kilometres (68 mi), by road, west of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe and largest city in that country. This location lies about 48 kilometres (30 mi), by road, south of the town of Chinhoyi, Makonde District, the nearest large town.

    1. @Jason
      They are all in the same province!!

      1. Mbosini. and Bulawayo, Mt Hampden are in the same country. Go

      2. Thats very true Jason and Jonason Mwoyo doesn’t know that Zvimba and Mt Hampden falls under Mashonaland West province so why the noise when we are saying the same.In case you are lost my brother,the point that people are trying to put across is why the government is intending to build everything in one province as if Midlands,Masvingo,Matebeleland[both North and South],Manicaland,Mashonaland East and Central are not provinces in Zimbabwe?It therefore consider other provinces as well which is not Mashonaland West where our president comes from.There,.the issue of devolution comes into play to rectify these imbalances.

    2. iwe Mwoyo the report is right Wikipedia ndiani,munhu arikustates ndiye akanyora izvozvo bvunza isu tikuudze kuti iZvimba

    3. wats wikipedia

  32. this gvt is crazy, how can they? Lupane is claimed to be a provincial capital but up to date is no more than groccery shops. DEVOLUTION IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I think the idea is not bad. However, I feel we have more urgent matters to address first as a country. I also feel that maybe Masvingo would have been the best place for this project. I’m from Byo and I’m trying to be as reasonable as possible. Harare is our commercial Capital, Bulawayo our Industrial Capital, so I think a legislature Capital should not be located next to Harare or Bulawayo.

    1. @Lucky
      Being reasonable is not a wanted trait in Zimbabwe. One cannot talk economic development and politics in that country without tribalism coming in the way – especially the 1800s!!

    2. How I wish Zim was like that.

    3. I personally support Masvingo becoming the capital city. I’m from Harare and i feel it would be good riddance for the city getting rid of the government and their tendencies.

  34. Total madness is a new town a priority,hospitals do not have medicine, empty schools, potholed roads

  35. and who will be given the contract to build the city.. Ofcourse Zanu PF new colonial masters The Chinese.. Mark my words the city will be built Monk style wth dragons spitting fire all over the place kkkkkk. Mari yemaDiamonds yakupenza vanhu akomana voshaya pekuidyira. Civil servants are crying for a salary increase,educational facillities r in tatters,roads,hospitals r a disgrace!! A PARTY FO THE PEOPLE MY ASS!!

    1. John weku Mabvuku

      I agree, Zhingas is the new GLOBAL imperialistic power, like it or not, go anywhere, the dragons are there, like it or not. The IMF is BROKE !!! Hallo!!Yu are used to British/Western hegemony, sad yu are behaving like someone pining for an ex lover….they never come back except in dreams..

  36. It’s not a bad idea if only the contracts are awarded to local construction companies.If in a recession yuo can pull yourself up by increasing spending on infrustructure which means more money into industry and more jobs for the unemployed.

    The only sad thing about this is that over 90% of the contracts will be won by Chines.They will bring labour and building materials from China with no benefit to the economy and a huge bill to the tax payer.

    1. John weku Mabvuku

      I agree, we must develop selfish ways of dealing with the dragon, problem is called corruption!!

  37. The leadership is practicing what it teaches.

    the current set up is colonial. You have the church of england (Anglican cathedral), parliament, supreme court of Zimbabwe housed in one massive building. you have the herald house and Meikles Hotel all encircling the African Unity square. If you take an aerial view of foot paths that cris-cross African Unity Square they form the union jack.

    until 2000 they union jack was fly high inside the Anglican cathedral.

    these buildings symbolize halls of power for the British empire.

    by the way parliament building and supreme court belong to the Anglican Church (also known as Church of England”

    I salute you the leadership for your wisdom.

    1. steve Shut up you fool you don’t know what’s going on here.


  39. to a lesser extent the project is a good idea as it will create room for employment and development…however it will be unwise to embark on the project as zimbabwe is not in the position to be undertaking on huge capital projects considering the poverty amongst the majority…in matland south pple are dyng of starvation bcoz of draught…the gvt is failing to fund the cadetship programm in our varsities,,,civil servants are gettng incomes that are far below the poverty datum line…the ministry of finance is struggling to raise funds….there is deindustrialisation in bulawayo and thousands are being left unemployed…and all that some pple think about is building a new city and fancy hotels….WHAT FOR….#LAFA ELIHLE

  40. guys this issue is two sided and one needs to clearly understand the defination of of capital city. for record the much buildings used by governent like the courts are rented. i myself dnt c anything wrong with this move. let not funds be not abused and if this projects completes i think its amile stone in zim. just havn any area were government business is done is good. lets not take the picture of zvimba coz by that time ana chombo nanamugabe wil not be ruling. plus this is fo the new governments to cum. i jus support the project

    1. my friend way don’t they complete their unfinished businesses NUST; Lupane university to name but a few than waist resources Zimbabwe is still premature for such activities we need to first fix our roads; sewage system, infrastructure in different areas of the country then ey can talk about the “New city”

    2. the owners of land (BaTonga)

      unga rega sei kusapota iwe uchibva kuzvimba . its to your best advantage. y zvimba and not kadoma,kwekwe ,gweru or Bulawayo.

  41. this is the reason we want devolution. everything is to the advantage of the zezuru clan

    1. Vanhu vekuMasvingo munonyanya kujaiirirwa, midlands ikatove nani.

  42. the owners of land (BaTonga)

    Biti anga ariright kuti we should eliminate the isue of zezurusm. tine ma district which lack even basic facilities,eg grn complex vamwe vachirikutorerwa muma caravani zwitupa at district level ,go to zvimba mugwagwa unoyenda kundanga remombe unetara. vamwe vakasugester kuti palamende iyende ku Bulawayo vakati hazwiiti. kokuzwimba zwazoita sei imagine to start from ground. tipei mari yekuhove kuma license tidevelope kweduo.

    1. BaTonga, I humbly suggest that you sent a delegation headed by non other the paramount chief of BaTonga and seek audience with the authorities in government, perhaps Vice President, and articulate the issues for your community, for development is long overdue in your area.

  43. And this in a country where running water no longer exists.

    Fix what is broke.

    It will take you 50 years.

  44. Why nt move the capital to byo or some other cities bt esp byo becoz companies hv bn closng down in byo of late,we wont grow if ur country countinue hvng one city and some growth points.

    1. Moving the capital to bulawayo wont help. Then they’ll have it moved elsewhere because there’ll be complaints that bulawayo is congested. Frankly, they need to pick a small town/city that already exists and develop that instead if they are really adamant on having a new capital.

  45. @Mbonisi I get your point brother man but truth be told, in Zim everything is always about tribalism these days. And it doesn’t help when we have our country leaders who are the ones spewing hatred towards certain individuals of certain tribes. Thus why DEVOLUTION of power is paramount. Mostly Shona speaking people will always act superior against us hence the need for leaders like Professor Welshman Ncube.

    1. Khehla Ndini: have you heard about Democracy. Majority rules? The problem is that ndebeles are only 20% and want to rule the 80%. Out of the 20% only 5% came from KZN, they always thought they are Kings over shonas. When they came shonas were hybernating and thought them to be weak. Try develop your own Bulawayo, Harare was developed by local more than Government.

      1. @Hombarume

        Still on with your tribalistic thinking!!

        Are blacks the majority in the US, seeing that Barack Obama has just recently been re-elected. As I said, many of you guys need to get over your Gukurahundi upbringing – this is the only way Zim will be a success, as a nation. This is the kind of thinking that makes you hate Welshman Ncube and his party!

        A “democratic majority” mfowethu does not mean a tribal majority – it means a majority that shares the same views as those espoused by a particular party bor leader and this doesn’t have to be racial or tribal.

        Your mentality is one that says “just because we are both Shona, we should be friends” or “just because we are both white, we should be friends” – what if we don’t click?

        1. @ Mbonisi – firstly i agree with your points 100%. The reason for me to put these things like this is to show that if you are tribal thinking, you limit yourselves. Same aplies to MLF, why do they only want to rule Matebeleland without winning elections, why dont they want to rule the whole of Zim? As of Welshman, i respected him until when he hired a shona to lead. Gibson was supose to have led them and i would have supported them. Now im only voting Moregay to remove Moregarbage. After that we should have strong Oposition. Also Ncube should think above tribe, without the shona vote he cant win. Obama never stated a single racial remark thats y the majority whites voted him.

          1. @Hombarume
            while you claim to agree with me, you still exhibit the usual views that are based on misinformation – why don’t some of you people try to do some independent research on many of these issues and avoid swallowing popular propaganda hook line and sinker?

            1. MLF wants Mthwakazi provinces only based on its policy of secession. You don’t expect the secessionist Sottish party in the UK to be interested in the whole of the UK – because their policy is secession, they concnentrate on their home province for that reason. Let them campaign for a referendum and let the people of Mthwakazi decide what they want – if the MLF wins good luck to them, if they lose the referendum tough luck for them – in Scotland, they have been losing because the Scottish people prefered to remain in the Union;

            2. Welshman never hired a Shona – the usual Shona propaganda when you fail to argue your case. It is public knowledge that Sakhala and others suggested Mutambara lead the party and the party concurred. So why is this a Welshman Ncube issue?

            3. Besides, why would you be concerned about what another party does with its leadership?

            4. Again you are too party-leadership focused. You are never bothered about discussing party policies – you seem to support a party because of a leader and not because of policies – that is backward politics. Leaders come and go but parties stay with their policies!!

            5. “Ncube should think above tribe” what do you mean – what has Ncube said that is tribal or tribalistic? If anything, it is Tswangirayi who is tribalistic but you nsupport him because he is your kind. Is it not Tswangirayi who called Ncube a “Regionalist”, is it not Tswangirayi who never makes an effort to speak Ndebele in Matebeleland/Mthwakazi but goes on and on in Shona like Mugabe, despite knowing fully well that some of the people don’t even understand his Shona? That very idea of assuming everyone in Zim understand Shona is tribalistic in my view. Its like expecting President Zuma to come to Zim and address people in Zulu – would like it, when he shows no respe t for your own identity?

            6. Many of you people love to call Mthwakazi people tribalists – but our people vote for Tswangirayi a Shona, how can they be tribalists then? Many Ndebele people can speak Shona, but Shonas cannot speak Ndebele – who are the tribalists? It is you people who are tribalists because you manufacture stories about Welshman Ncube, so you can justify not voting for him with you “Shonas are the majority” mantras. Dr Joshua Nkomo suffered the same fate – of manufactured stories – nothing is new here!!

    2. @Khehla

      Agreed. But you are wrong in this – Shonas don’t act superior at all.

      It is just some of them who act stupidly, all because of their Gukurahundi upbringing mostly driven by the 1800s tribal hangovers.

      Normal people with political, economic and demographic power behind them wouldl not bother themslevels about a 20% minority.

      But we have some who are obsessed with everything Ndebele – you could think; they eat and drink Ndebele – Ndebele is their oxygen!!

      1. I support you man but if you could tone down blaming everything on the shona. Its not like we’re responsible for everything. Zanu is a party full of everyone in the country. Its not just made up of shonas

        1. i agree with you Honai but we need to bury our differences and focus on national development not mere tribal sentiments

      2. Mbo i would want to take u on on your post above,specifically on points 3,5 and ask why we should bother about the leadership of other parties.remember every political party in zim is looking to grow here especially at a time like this.perception in politics is almost everything,here we look at how the leader of the party is percived and that counts for almost everything.on number 5,you talk about tsvangirai saying ncube has gone “regionalistic” and u want us to take that to mean”tribalistic”.let me tell u something, the man actually delibarately chose his word very carefully there so as to avoid giving the impression that yu r trying to preach here.those 2 words are very different in context if u make an effort to look.u and welsh know for sure that at this present moment he cannot command a national majority to land the presidency and thats fact.but egos egos egos….they will always get the better of seemingly sensible people….tragic.on number 6 u mention something about the number of ndebeles who can speak shona and no shona who can speak ndebele,my brother thats a total lie and u know it.i for 1 am so fluent in ndebele you just cant imagine that i dont have any ndebele blood in my veins.ngiyasazi isindebele so well that my first job at plumtree town council was entirely based on my eloquence in the did my late father,brother and even one of my surviving ungatsheli abantu amanga my friend.ndirimukaranga chaiye iye from bikita if u must know.never lived in bulawayo for yo infor.
        When one uses their venecular at a public gathering,especially when we all know kuti they could easily have resorted to english im sure there is always an interpreter.i dont see it as arrogance but actually a celebration of the diverse ethnicity of the pple of one nation, aso kudhelela.see like the chinese at the un.its just not true that wen they address a un meeting in chinese hikudhelela the whole world.and for one to be national leader i dont think it shld be a prerequisite they have to be able to speak every one of the, wat,16 official languages in new draft,thats taking it a bit too far. Welsh really needs to go for issues that have a national appeal and that doesnt have to be rushed he can take his time to build a base support maybe after tsvangirai he can be the next best thing but first things first,perception,perception,perception……get a truelly national appeal like j m n nkomo had at his peak hazvinei nechirudzi chaunotaura if u r really gud at what u do.

        1. Tate’s Own
          Perceptions of tribalism against Mthwakazi people were and still are created by Shona politicians, especially the Gukurahundi party ZANU PF and its leader Robert Mugabe in order to take advantage of the gullible the Shona majority.
          This is what has led the country to its current mess with, the Shona people being accomplices, indirectly. The arrogance of the Gukurahundi party ZANU PF, eminates from their very belief that they canl always bank on the Shona electorate to deal with any strong opposition that comes from Matebeleland because of the phantom stories of the 1800s tribal raids. Remember, Joshua Nkomo was supported in Mashonaland as Chibwe chiteza, because it was long before Mugabe and his ZANU politics of tribalism came to the fore. This in itself points to the fact that Shonas are not inherently tribalistic – the problem is their political leadership, not them!!
          Today, this is why Shona regions are largely no-go areas for Tswangirayi. Clearly this means it is your responsibility as Shona people to break this logjam that ZANU PF is exploiting. But because you continue falling for ZANU PF propaganda in the name of PERCEPTIONS, without bothering to seek the truth independently – the whole leadership issue in Zim remains paralysed.
          Mugabe has not been in power for 32 years for no reason – it is his manipulation of these dynamics that has enabled him to reach 88 years of age – setting a record for the Guineas Book of Records as the oldest Head of State in the world currently.
          Lastly, you may be able to speak siNdebele, but what I was referring to was that a significant number of Shona people cannot speak the language despite having lived and worked in Matland for over ten years or so – these are the very people who have the gumption to call Ndebele people tribalists – a very twisted logic in my view, if you ask me. I was not speaking about exceptions.
          It is therefore ridiculous to call people of Mthwakazi tribalists, yet in their majorities support Tswangirayi instead one of their own Ncube.

  46. I would love to see the capital city somewhere more central like Kwekwe.

  47. “The project is already underway at the site, some 40km west of Harare, along Old Mazowe Road, where construction of a new Parliament building to accommodate the country’s 210 MPs and 80 Senators has already started” – the least the report could have done was to insert a picture showing work in progress as proclaimed by his statement – – Only fools will fall for this cheap journalism

  48. Ma china aye azopihwa ma construction jobs vakoma, vazim you will benefet less than these chinas.
    Ku vaka uku kungaitwa kuchangopihwa ma china.

    Madii mambo upgrader mdhorobha atinawo so far, develop ma growth points etc. road infrustracture ne decentralistation of other things. zvese zvonzi mu Harare here

  49. A good development for the country.

    1. @Machikichori
      A good development for Mashonaland – not for the country. Unless you mean their country begins and ends with Harare and its sarrounding areas – if so, I agree 100!!!

  50. kutaura vana chombo dei mazozviita,dualisation of hre beitbridge yava neten years and 0,5percent complete,that means by the time you complete the new city 95% of it be dilapidated.kkkkkkk i jus love zanu pf what a joker.

  51. moita chop chop kwete kungotaura, pamwe tingaitz progress coz harare yava diki chose.

  52. first of all are there truely any real shona’s or ndebele’s out there, l think not. there is a people of such mixed origins now that it is full hardy to start dissing the different tribes. at the end of the day we are ZIMBABWEAN. and it is the future of our kids we need to think of. Start thinking about what in the long run is best for the country and will then be best for our kids. ENOUGH of the hating already. no wonder nothing ever works well anymore. quick to fill our pockets and drag others down. ever wonder why as a community there is no success. learn to look at the successful communities like the idians – they help each other.

    its a noble idea to decongest as long as its not to profit one individual. transparency stinks in this country. the old school just want to get rich instead of providing for coming generations, lets build each other up and our community.

    Open minds to better things.

    1. @debbie
      No, you don’t talk “decongesting” the city when you caused the “congestion” in the first place and you continue causing the congestion by ignoring the rest of the country and centralising everything in and around Harare.

      Many of you people who are supporting this move on the basis of “decongestion”, you are ignoring the cuases of the congestion in the first place.

      In Kenya, they have faced the same problem with Nairobi – its only now that they have drawn up a constitution which includes devolution to faciliate spatial development.

      I don’t know why Africans never learn. They visit South Africa; the US; Europe etc and admire the spatial development and the big glimming cities everywhere – but they just cannot implement similar policies that lead to this decentralised development – why is this so difficult in Africa?

  53. into esingayiboniyo yile, zanu pf wants to start projects before elections without a budget so that who ever takes over, ayehluleke becoz azikho ku budget.

  54. chiyadzwa money is now used to built a city in zvimba at this point we are facing mass unemployment and negative economic development does that improve the situations we are facing we Zimbos we must think coz these people who are planning this are bussiness owner they dont even know that there z that animal called unemployment

  55. Welshman Ncube,my ass.never mention this guy here.he really sucks.he is busy decampaigning tsvangirai instead of mugabe.stupid professor like jonathan moyo.

  56. Build more cities chero kumaruzevha not only Zvimba Town/city magrowth points ari kusara

  57. Weak minds only think about tribalism. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every Shona supports zanu pf or they’re anti-bulawayo, pro-harare. I am shona but never worry about who is the next president. There are both good and bad shonas as much as the same goes for ndebeles. I know the polarisation is a result of poor governance by zanu pf which has created hatred and mistrust amongst “some ndebeles & some shonas” South africans were able to move forward after the Inkhatha/ANC debacles in the mid-eighties. The most important thing is to encourage democracy, employment creation, peace building, industrialisation and equal opportunites. Lets all fight for progressive peace in the country.

    I thank you all for reading my comment.

    1. @LazyBoy
      South Africans were able to move forward after the ANC/Inkatha fights because their fight was never tribal but political.

      Again they had astute and non-tribalistic leaders in Nelson Mandela; Mangosuthu Buthelezi etc who never issued any tribalistic statements. Even to this day, you will never hear any South African politician saying anything tribalistic.

      In Zim Robert Mugabe can be credited with so many tribalistic statements he has issued since 1980, I have actually lost count. Of late Tswangirayi has joined the bandwagon with his “Regionalists” statement. The only Zim politicians whom I have never hear say anything tribalistic, and one can never attribute any tribalistic statements to are from Mthwakazi – Joshua Nkomo; Dabengwa; the late Judge Sansole and Welshman Ncube!

      Tribalistic statements have always come from politicians from the other side of the country!

      1. And you enjoy tribalistic statements. Why don’t you blame mugabe and not the shona people?

      2. What do you mean by Tsvangirayi has joined the Bandwagon with his “Regionalistic” statements? There is a difference between Tribalism and Regionalism period. Why is it that if somebody says something you dont agree with you call them tribalist. Not all Shonas are tribalist that is why we voted and won last time. You put across good arguments, but you are always contradicting yourself. You have BIG CHIP on your shoulder my friend .

  58. this is bullshit, y in zvimba and not Gwanda, is Matebeleland not part of Zimbabwe.evry dvlpment mashonaland worse Zvimba of all the places y not karoi

  59. Please redirect the precious resources to resucitate the manufacturing industries which are closing at an accelerating rate because of lack of funding. Besides there is lot of space not being occupied if you check with the property industries , just check with them their occupancy rates. Add the closing down of industries due to lack of funding, the unoccupied space becomes much more. Let us learn to sort out the fundamentals first. How many dam constructions are in limbo which are supposed to have been taking off pressure from the current ones that are serving Harare and how many years have gone by since we have been talking about their purported construction..

  60. I think this Everson Mushava is dangerous. Remember journalists incited the Rwanda genocide with this sort of reporting. There is nothing to be benefitted from sensational headlines other than cause outrage and discord. Doesn’t Mt Hampden fall under Greater Harare , like Ruwa, Norton and Goromonzi? Infact Greater Harare is supposed to also go as far as Juru Growth Point in Mash East.

  61. This is amaturerish journalism.Who is this reporter trying to misdirect? What is wrong with building a new capital close to the old capital? Hazvisi kuitika here kune dzimwe nyika?Zviri nani kuvaka zvitsva then renovate or give a facelift to the old when pressure has been relieved.So where should this new city be built then? Why do we have so many myopic minded people in this beautiful country of ours?

  62. Liberal Democrat

    Its not even 1 April – whts the meaning of this? We have an huge infrasture backlog that needs to be addressed. These ego projects for a country as bankrupt as ours, will surely save no purpose.

  63. For those who did not know Obert is a Shona only his mother is Nambia and thats he brought a lot of them to Bubi. Obviously he sold out before unit because he wanted to go back home and he has continued selling, ofcourse with support of the north. I thought Shonas were the first people who sold and even whites settled here and avoided Matebeleand as they feared Lobs. In the history of colonisationn only Nebele state fought and killed whites and this will never be highlighted here in Zim.
    Stop saying we sold because the Shonas did. Even during the war they did niot have enough weapons and baitiza everytime. The boers did not hesitate to confront them whereas theyn had to think twice to confront Zipra. Smith regime seldom went to raid zambia cause they knew what would face them and in Moza it had become their home, they will bomb and rest for some days there.

    Viva Mthwakazi Viva

  64. that new capital will be built by the chinese. forget about katsukukuwiri and his vote buying talk of indigenization.another white elephant just like zanupf heroes acre at warren hills. bob wants to make sure that when he is gone he he will be remembered as the one who defeated rhodes by bringing the capital from salisbury old site to zvimba . remember the name salisbury was from lord salisbury of london. the new city shall be given a new name. i have provided the hint already . kikikiki LOL

  65. In all fairness, this is very noble idea. Politics aside, there is nothing wrong in decongesting hre which has become too small to cope with present needs. This is how South AFrica decongested Joburg by having Pretoria as a the adminstrative city.

  66. tribalism my foot. Were we yu wen the Harare was dilapidating. Murikuitei zvine musoro. Yu can not propose to carry an elephant we yu can not carry a rat. Develop wat we have Chombo. Eish Chombo is clever ooh. Yu want to steal our stands. These guys are opportunists. Pple are dying in Hre Beit road bcoz of poth holes, wat are yu doing. These pple I knoe one day is one day. As for yu Amandevele close those your mouths. Learn to look b4 yu atter. Where are yu from and wat did yu spend yo time doing “fighting” OK OK OK. Its an inheritance from Tchaka. Correct yo characters and we Amazezuru we will corporate.

    1. benzi. Imagine if you could speak and spell in English

    2. @Benzi ukhuluma ngani kanti wena? Slow down on that village moon shine drinks that you been having before it roast your brain cells to oblivion.

  67. and here I thought “benzi” was a pseudonym…….hahahahahahaha

  68. this gvt is crazy!! i fail to understand why things are done this way, after all places like Lupane are acclaimed to be provincial capitals, but in actual fact there are no more than grocery shops! am disgusted- DEVOLUTION IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Some, if not most of us, are bound to get emotional and tribalistic to a point where we don’t look at issues objectively…. Chiyangwa, Mpofu, Chombo, etc… they are all cast in the same mould. And who is not to discount the possibility that Obert, in spite of his roots, may be party to the Mt. Hampden plans? It’s all about making a quick killing.For the ordinary Zimbo out there, it doesn’t make economic sense to embark on a project of this scale when people are suffering this much. For those in the south, and east parts of the country who have not seen the fruits of independence, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, for Chombo, Mpofu and those of their ilk, it’s millions of dollars in the pocket. Meanwhile, ordinary people spit tribalistic vitriol at each other. We should be asking why NUST is called a national university when there appears to be no political will to see it completed (meanwhile the Military academy is complete or nearing completion in record time). We should also be asking why Masvingo can only boast a new OK (after the originnal burned down) and a Food Express when it is straddled on one of Africa’s busiest highways. JM Nkomo airport has taken years to complete, Chvhu is an eyesore, NRZ is a pale shadow of it’s former self. Air Zimbabwe is playig second fiddle to foreign airlines even in the domestic scene. It all boggles the mind.

    Even in rich countries like the UK, some new towns failed, with the notable exceptions of towns like Milton Keynes.

    1. good analysis, boss!

  70. This is one of the most selfish projects ever undertaken by Zanu PF goons.

    If indeed there was need for a new capital, that should have been GWERU right in the heart of the country.

    (I am Kalanga from Plumtree (Bulilima-mangwe in MatSouth) by the way).

    Gweru as the capital is very accessible at similar cost to everyone across the country. And the other thing, DEVOLUTION is needed sooner than ystrdy.

    Bulawayo, Gweru, Lupane, Gwanda, Maswingo and Mutare should be major cities by now.

    Mutare should be buzzling with freeways, Singaporean-type skylines, but guess what, every kind of meaningful development goes to Mashonaland. What a SHAME.

    @Hombarume, by the way you are lying about the population figures. The allegation that Shona people make 80% of based on the lie that Bakalanga, Banambya and Vhavenda are Shona.

    Check out the 2002 Census figures all Mashonaland Provinces combined make up about 57% of the total population. Stop that hallucination.

    @Mbonisi, you nailed it there on tribalism. The people so fond of calling us tribalists can’t speak more than two languages – Shona and English – yet we speak more than 7 languages each.

    Similarly, we vote Shona candidates they don’t vote us yet they still call us tribalists. The saying is true that it only take one to know one.

    Forward with DEVOLUTION and/or FEDERALISM

  71. Zuma is building nkandlagate and mugabe is building zvimbagate /Hampden-gate

  72. This are misplaced priorities.We have no industrial capacity to sustain political Capitals like the Zvimba Harare that is under construction.The money invested in this project could have been used to revive our under perfoming industries.Well it is naive to be wise where ignorance is bliss.

  73. @Honai
    There is nothing as irritating as people manufacturing false accusations against an individual in order to justify why they don’t support him. If you ask them to substantiate their accusations they simply duck and dive. This is what many Shona Tswangirayi supporters do. This is tribalism of the highest order – and justifying everything on “we are the majority” is totally nonsensical – how did Obama get elected in the US, seeing that he is black a minority race in that country? Many of these tribalists should just get over themselves, especially the their Gukurahundi upbringing. Everything is justified on the basis of the 1800s tribal wars – what do they want us to do about this – I mean it happened it happened. Equating this to Gukurahundi is stupid and insane because Gukurahundi perpatrators are known and it was also about dissidents, not a tribe!!

  74. why starting new projects if you are dismally failing on the dozen of projects you have started, whether the project was going to be done in Zvimba ,Buhera, Masvingo, Lupane ,my argument is that we need to focus on more important things lets revamp our archaic education system, under performing industries and health systems. They need to be practalists than mere dreamers , better improve what we have now and focus on new projects later

  75. Chombo busy stealing our diamond money is you want to build a new capital city why not some different city like gweru or masvingo
    you are a disgrace to all Zimbabweans and we spit on all of you zanu pf dogs
    a time will soon come for your reckoning and it is now near and this time our stomachs will be full not like when we where starving in 2008

  76. This is a very bad idea and is hypocritical on the part of the leadership we have in our country. These monies should be accounted for. since independence some of our own provinces have not known even a good road. We have dilapidated cities and so on.

    When shall we have justice in as far as development is concerned. Where are the advocacy groups? where is cabinet? where is opposition when this is happening?From Zvimba road to Sandton? And lastly, I want to know where did the money come from suddenly.

    Go to Kadoma and you will see the roads. Go and see other cities and towns, growth points in dilapidated state. Since war in Chikomba district when our telephone lines were damaged, clinics were destroyed, they have never been given a face lift.

    Is this independence? IS this good governance?

  77. @Lazy Boy
    I always blame Mugabe for Gukurahundi, and many other problems not the Shona in general. It is some of the Shona people who seem to believe Gukurahundi means Shona people, and yet it dosen’t. Some even believe Gukurahundi was about revenging 1800s tribal was, not dissidents. This is why they always link Gukurahundi to the 1800s tribal wars. Let them believe what they want – we in Mthwakazi cannot be blamed for their false beliefs – its their upbringing!!!!!

  78. @James Muza
    James, is ZANU PF not the party that waged Gukurahundism in Mthwakazi – is it a lie?

    Why should I move on and why are you defending them? Are you one of them?

    Raising the Gukurahundi issue will never stop until the Gukurahundis address the issue. If you are not one of them stay away!!

  79. Guys, this Mbonisi guy is a Shona hater. Take note, from now onwards you will see that his contributions are all centred on hatred, tribalism, shona vs ndebele, Gukurahundi singing SouthAfrican etc. This Mbonisi is a jerk, a total badass who is at wrong band. Zimbabwe does nt need his mentality and beta him b wiped out of face of e world.

  80. a lot has to be done before we start thinking of expanding territories,first of all do we have enough water reserves,do we have enough power supply??in a way its a good idea to improve the face of our country but i think the little or vast resources we have must be spent on reviving our crippled manufacturing industry for employment creation or just buid homes fo our people who ae so much in need of housing and have so little to spent on the exorbitant price of stands…

  81. @Bongani
    You really need to get your head examined. Why do you like mixing up Gukurahundis with the innocent Shona people?

    Please, if you don’t know anything about Gukurahundi, please leave the innocent Shona people alone – stop deliberately sowing confusion.

    You are sowing this confusion and confalting Shona people with Gukurahundi so that the victims can be silenced – we are not going to allow that. This has always been ZANU PF’s strategy, and it is them who even went further to link it with the 1800s tribal wars to cause even more confusion for their own selfish ends.

    ZANU PF has been exploiting the Shona people and their sensitivities for votes for far too long – this has to stop.

    The Gukurahundi party has been using this trick for as long as I care to remember and unintelligent and stupid people like you have fallen for the trick hook line and sinker.

    ZANU PF’s strategy is simple – it is as follows:

    “Conflate Gukurahundi with the Shona people, and then it becomes tribalism to raise it; talk about it or even seek redress!!”

    In this way they manage to silence complaints about Gukurahundi. The truth is Gukurahundi is a ZANU PF problem, it is not, and has never been a Shona people’s problem – the difference has to be clearly understood and the two stay separated.


  82. Chombo has been failing to open that Govt building behind Makombe, parliamentarians have been failing to pay hotel bills, civil servants are getting salaries below minimum wage, rural schools are dilapidated, bulawayo water project remains unfinished, yet there is money to construct a new city and set up parliament. The Chinese must have found the mountain which the colonialists missed!

  83. Observer/Muongorori

    Whatever people think of the current government or where the new capital is to sited, this is a noble idea. For the uninformed out there, it actually costs more to carry out urban renewal in established cities like Harare than building a new town from scratch. The Nigerians did it with Abuja.

  84. @ Observer/Muongoroari

    No man, you are being dihonest as far as costs are concerned. If that is your concern – you are not honest. Its an obvious fact that logistics costs will rise for the economy of the new city given that it is further away from the South African exporting ports of Durban and even Maputo. The closest port for this city are either Beira or Dar e salaam, and both are inefficient and you know it!!!!

  85. i am hundred % in support of the new mordenised state of the art city, do u guys want to lag behind, regai i vakwe pliz. and besides mt hampden is jus about 20km from westgate along old mazoe road

  86. clearly this is the joke of the century! it is just a stupid, childish fantasy: a move to divert our attention from more pressing issues.

  87. abuja is a new city,washington dc was built as a completely new city,wats wrong with mt hampden,haisi kwazvimba akomana,dont politicise everything….

  88. what a shame

  89. if we want to preserve our history and dignity we should not ignore the details , it’s good to know that even our dearest leaders respect this history. history knows no calour so even changing names of schools named after whites was juss going to distort our history. i go for development as long as it is in zim.

  90. I am slowly loosing respect for this biased paper. Why politicising such a good project which is aimed at upgrading our beloved country. Just 40km from Harare you are now acting as if its deep in Zvimba. Shame on you guys.

  91. Its some other piece of shit again…….never a noble idea…we are certainly not mentally castrated to see that development in Zim is one-sided nd political in nature…stupid idea

  92. biased reporting this paper used to tell the truth bt eeeesh its now shit

  93. Why not develop Chiyadzwa where you are getting the cash from. Whats really there to attract us in Zvimba? Spread the towns around. Have a city there in Hot Springs.

  94. its not a bad idea, the only issue here is one of RESOURCES. If they are there, why not develop/upgrade current infrastructure?

  95. Mt Hampden is just 8-10 km from the capital Harare. The area was zoned to expand the political and geographical influence of Mugabe by including this location under Zvimba Rural District Council.

    The area is symbolic to Rhodesia than the people of Zvimba. Mugabe, Chombo etc. are just giving a nod to Rhodesia. During World War II, the area served as a training base for both British and Rhodesian pilots. It would be interesting to know how many of these pilots, later used their acquired skills against villagers and makomuredzi.

    In addition, this is just following the footsteps of the colonists who erected a flag on September 11, 1890 at Mount Hampden, and honored the location for the British Prime Minister.

  96. GWERU would be a better place for the seat of government, BYO becomes the judicial capital ana harare remains the legislative capital

  97. GWERU FOR CAPITAL CITY and not extending Harare. I support Huku 100%.

  98. This is a brilliant move, Harare is too congested, mavhenda mosara muHarare, amweni taakuenda ku Mt Hampden, tsokotsoko yacho yanyanya, kana wari kubvepi wese Harare, iyo TSVINA zvayo, zvawe kunyadzisa. Now you can’t even move freely mumacorridors nembanana, miriwo, mazhanje, madomasi, maAir Time, uktsika maburana….. Better, better,….

    weldone comrades wish you all the best, tatoimirira NEW Harare yacho….

    thank you………………….


  99. Shameful very shameful

  100. I have always dreamt of a new harare and this is great news. Those who dwell on tribalism to hell with you, Zimbabwe will never develop with that school of thought. By the way ndiri samanyika and i embrace these new developments, infact, i already have a stand Ku New Hampden

  101. @peaches i agree with u. politics aside, really its a grt idea. we shld emulate south africa’s sandton city. it wl decongest harare, nd build another grt city, so zim benefits as a whole. and mt hampden falls under Zvimba district and nt Mugabe’s homestead!

  102. Pasipawoma Munhumutema

    I always find the comments make more interesting reading than the articles, especially on newsday. To some, freedom of speech is a platform for positive thinking and supporting development. For others, it is a platform to display their pea sized brains and lunacy. Others, I have no comment, especially Lance (Kufa nekuseka).

  103. Ndo Zvinoita Madofo . Mapedza kuvhara kublocker maToilets ne Mapombi emvura MuHarare
    one of the best Cities in the world now you say you want to built a new capital city.

  104. Development should always be driven by economic imperatives and not who comes from where or lives where.

    It will never make sense to locate the capital city further away from the most industrialised geographic centres of Southern Africa. It doesn’t matter how swentimental some of you might be about that region being your home areas.

    Logistically, it is also a nightmare given that 90% of Zim’s imports come through the port of Durban – the biggest and the most efficient of ALL ports in the whole continet of Africa. Beitbridge is the busiest border post in Southern Africa for that reason. Zimbabwe relies heavily on South Africa’ rail, road and ports infrastructure – including much of its industrial inputs.

    In the global economies of today, driving logistics costs down is the surest way of ensuring national competitive advantages.

    Zimbabweans should stop this habit of always going against global trends or winning formulas. Please read Michael Porter”s “THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF NATIONS” and wisen up – get over your narrow Gukurahundi Shona tribalistic sentiments – they are primitive and belong to the stone age era!!




    1. Inga Zimbabwe yauya HOT!!!

  106. Zimbabwes city’s have colllapsed due to poor maintenance and planning, period. The water problem is not a result of overcrowding, I am a civil engineer I know what the city’s capacity is and we are not even near it. If it were overcrowding then now a huge portion of people are using borehole water but this has had no effect on the availability of water. There were numerous leaks in the system and because of misuse of funds etc there was no money to fix and replace the pipes of which some had been put in before independance.

    I want to hear what plans are in place to address this issue. Many suburbs in Harare have not seen running water in several years.

    I am not interested in a new affluent neighbourhood and parliament etc, what for

  107. Apa valeya harare yange yaipa…apa zvakaporofitwa naVaMakandiwa

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  110. let us maintain what we have before starting new business… capital where?

  111. lets look on the “bright” side they are creating jobs. albeit for the zimbabweans in mashonaland who are more equal than the zimbabweans in midlands or any one of zimbabwe’s peripheral regions/cities.
    Come elections(whenever), we(peripheral youths) don’t know who has our interests at heart but we certainly know who doesn’t.


  113. Mobutu Sese Seko

    This is something that I did while I was still alive. I built a very modern city in my home village of Gbadolite, Zaire which had first world infrastructure and even a small Airport for me to land the concordes I leased from France to take me and my family shopping in Belgium. After I saw the inevitable demise of my regime i fled and settled in Togo briefly and then Chad where I watched in sadness as soldiers of Kabila ransacked my palatial city and drank my expensive champagne. Robert Mugabe i warn you my brother you are following my path!!! You will be sorry.

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  119. Yaaa we all know that these Zanus are looting and doing all sorts of evil.But,,,,the thing now is somewhat different.This city will benefit NOT Mugabe,who is now 89.It won’t be destroyed after he looses the election.Let us be mature enough to give impartial articles.Infact,lets not be driven by hate and selfish motives likethis reporter seem to be.Let them build.

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