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Byo seeks divine intervention


BULAWAYO City Council, battling a crippling water crisis that has forced it to introduce a 72-hour weekly water-shedding regime, yesterday sought divine intervention after it invited residents to an inter-denominational meeting to specifically pray for the rains.

Report by Blondie Ndebele Own Correspondent

The meeting was held at the Large City Hall.

In his address, deputy mayor Amen Mpofu said after exhausting other channels to address the water crisis, the city fathers had resolved to seek divine intervention.

“Our dams are almost empty. By this time of the year, we still have water problems. It really worries us as Bulawayo,” he said. “The Almighty will not let us down.”

Town clerk Middleton Nyoni said the messages received during the prayer meeting were “very inspiring and give life to the dry city”.

“I have no doubt that God heard our prayers,” he said.

“We are going to have more of these prayers and we will put it in our calendar for next year.

“The messages were very inspiring and give hope to a dry city.”

The prayer meetings come amid reports that the local authority was mooting extending the water-shedding regime to preserve its dwindling water supplies.

The council is set to decommission a third supply dam – Inyankuni – next month, leaving it with two supply dams.

The council decommissioned Upper Ncema and Umzingwane dams early this year.

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