Bid to stop Asiagate

A RECENTLY-FORMED human rights organisation — Pan-African Development (Panad) — has declared the punishments meted out on football players and officials found guilty for their alleged roles in the Asiagate match-fixing scam a nullity, arguing that due process was not followed.

Report by Sports Correspondent

The organisation said in meting out the punishments, Zifa violated their own statutes and those of world soccer governing body Fifa and had given the local soccer mother body two weeks to nullify all the suspensions, fines and bans imposed on individuals found guilty of receiving money from Asian betting syndicates to throw away matches between 2007 and 2009.

Panad chairman Ignatius “Boss Pams” Pamire — a former Dynamos chairman — told a news conference in Harare yesterday that his organisation was disappointed by Zifa for convicting people without them being tried.

Pamire threatened to drag Zifa to the High Court if they fail to nullify the sanctions within 14 days.

“There are a lot of grieving hearts today and some people are being punished for no reason at all, save for that they happened to be on the same plane or their names appeared on the team lists at Zifa even on occasions when some didn’t travel at all.

“We are extremely unhappy as an organisation that people are being convicted without being tried, without being given a chance to defend themselves and without the due process being followed. The bottom line is that a disciplinary hearing was never conducted for anyone in this Asiagate issue and that is a violation of human rights and the rules and regulations governing such cases within Zifa or Fifa.

“By removing that right for people to defend themselves, Zifa has stripped them of their human rights and we feel that all the sanctions pronounced by Zifa are null and void. We are giving Zifa 14 days to nullify all suspensions, fines, bans and indeed all forms of their premature punishments, failure of which we will be left with no option, but to seek urgent relief in the High Court.

“We are worried that Zifa has turned into an extortionist organisation that now wants to rob players and officials in a well-orchestrated scam disguised as Asiagate,” said Pamire.

He also sent their papers to Zifa, Fifa, the Sports and Recreation Commission, Council of Southern African Football Associations, South African Football Association and the Confederation of African Football and were expecting a response before approaching the High Court.

In their letter addressed to Zifa, Panad observed that the process of investigating, convicting and punishing alleged offenders on issues of match-fixing and illegal betting did not comply with the conditions established in articles 136 and 137 of the Fifa Disciplinary Code.

Meanwhile, FC Platinum are discussing the futures of nine of their senior players following fines imposed on them by Zifa for their alleged involvement in the Asiagate match-fixing scandal with the technical team set to make
final decisions on that.

The club’s official Facebook page said the Platinum executive, chaired by Tadson Zhou, met on Wednesday and resolved to consult the technical team at yet another meeting which was due to take place last night.

“At the FC Platinum executive meeting that took place yesterday (Wednesday), one of the hottest items on the agenda was the Asiagate ruling that saw nine of our players being instructed to pay money before December 31 to have their sentences lifted.

“The nine are: Ali Sadiki
($1 000), Benjie Marere
($2 000), Daniel Vheremu
($2 000), Tafadzwa Dube
($3 000), Zephaniah Ngodzo ($3 000), Khumbulani Banda ($3 000), Thabani Kamusoko ($3 000), Qadr Amin ($2 000) and Tsungi Mudzamiri ($1 000).

“The board resolved to engage the technical department to deal with the issue.”

It is believed the decision to engage the technical committee emanates from a possible end-of-year clearance of some players deemed excess baggage as they start preparations for the 2013 season.

The club might, according to sources, assist some of the players they need next season as Zifa has set today as the deadline for any appeals to be noted. The appeal fee is $6 000 — a prohibitive figure for most of the players. If the players do not appeal today and fail to pay the fines by the end of the year, the various sanctions will come into effect.


  1. Exactly what we were saying. We applaud for this move, its an intelligent one.
    And you thought Zifa are organised, failing to follow their own Constitution.
    Its a shame organisation, Mazidofo chaiwo aya. Anyway it just shows us how these non-bornfrees are disorganised in many things.
    Its a generational fault.

  2. ZIFA is being extortionists here, you ask some players to pay 6000 usd appeal fee appelaing against a ruling you where never given a chance to say your side of the story, what justice system are they using. They again go on to suspend some bans on others who participated but Mapeza who refused to take a bribe is banished then seriously even FIFA should now understand the rogue regime called ZIFA in Zimbabwe must be taken to court of law before they become a law unto themselves. So if I want to appeal I pay 6000 usd or not appeal and pay 2000 usd this funny, can the Sport and Recreation Council jump in here, we have aboard which want to cover their mismanagement of funds by extorting players.

  3. Pamire please don’t get tired we are behind you until these thugs are brought down, They are cheats, extortionists and very unprofessional. they should leave soccer to be run by soccer people and people with ope hearts not those who have an axe to grind. The Mapeza scenario has really exposed them to be what they are; rogues running soccer.

  4. Shonaz coding corruption.Well done Gumede.

    1. Waty Shonas u fool? We wil show u tht we rule. We don’t care about that cross dressing bafon Gumede.

  5. alois tavengerweyi

    Benedict Moyo, Gumede and Mashingaidze are the major problem at ZIFA. They are running ZIFA like a tuckshop. They made a blunder and that is why FIFA refused to effect the sanctions. If you abuse your powers it will follow you it is a matter of time. Supporters lets join hands and also voice our concern for we can not just fold hands and watch. The damage which have been caused by this ZIFA is so big that they do not deserve to run our football. They must resign. We want former soccer players like Mapeza to run ZIFA.

  6. This board has not paid employees for a year but they want asiagate victims to pay fines asap shame on zifa your days are numbered

  7. Officials and Players were given the chance to defend themselves & some thought they were too big to appear before the Ethics committee. Now the vedict is out, they cry foul,,please note that according to FIFA Rules, you can-not take a Football Association to court,,, Robson, Rushwaya, Mhofu, think of other avenues and not to use the so PANAD, it will not take you anywhere

    1. usanyepe iwe. noone was a given a chance to defend themselves but they were called in to give evidence

      1. I wis to advice Mzi that only individuals /organizations affiliated to ZIFA/FIFA are not allowed to take football matters to court. However PANAD, not affiliated to FIFA can do so and that same law (ZIFA was taking advantage of this to put the players at their mercy), cannot be used against PANAD.ZIFA kuHigh Court ndizvo

    2. Mzi need education on the difference between ZIFA calling people to give evidence (this was done) and affording the accused a trial/hearing(this was never done).Without a trail an accused cannot be sentenced no matter how ZIFA wants to punish the player or no matter how the evidence look overwhelming. Imaging a warned and cautioned statement been used to pass judgement without trial.

      See also that there is no sense in paying $6,000-00 to appeal a $1,000-00 penalty.ZIFA is using an extortionist strategy to force the accused to pay a fine and indirectly accept a verdict/sentence without trial.

    3. john terry was tried in a court of law…..usanyepe


    1. Yes, the culprits being Zifa, Dube,Gumede & Co!

  9. I don’t think its fair for Zifa to get this harsh on the players and officials. You all know how the economy had deteriorated during the period in question. If it was you in Malaysia/Singapore at the time, yauya $3000 musvo wairamba here uchiziva nhamo iri kumusha?

    Better just let bygones be bygones. #justsaying

    1. The state of the economy never justifies corruption. ZIFA is right. Pamire is only seeking relevance over nothing

  10. Asina kumbobawo during tt period ndian, minister chaiye akabvutira munhu upfu….yanga iringuva yehondo no one can be arrested for murder…siyayi vana vatambe bhora.

  11. Pasi na Dube for gud. The guy failed to turn futbol around nw he wants to run it down. Anoda kudya mari yevapfanha. He is a failure PANAD is a breath of fresh air. If ZIFA is gona be sanctioned ne FIFA so be it. Vakatoondonga kudhara. C yu kuHigh Court

  12. to those who take Pamire seriously are are a joke were was he before those guys got what they deserved

  13. Its funny how players like Peter. ndlovu can work with a corrupt administration like zifa after 16years of playing in a well organised league. Is Peter that desperate for a coaching job? I think he is supposed. to be in Europe doing his badges not learning from people like matongorere. Peter. pls follow fellow pros who a

  14. The question that bags the answer is are these peole being falsely accused if that is the case then these guys should just call press conferences and say what they did and what they did not do. This is the point all theses panads are not necessary. Yes you can go to the high court but the bottom line is did ASIaGATE happen or not and what is its impact on the integrity of those that crafted it. I have lost interest in soccer you become passionate about it yet someone is manipulating the game to their whims. Its sad

  15. Mhofu murikurasika papi. Why are you defending corrupt situations.

    1. we are not saying corruption should be ignored NO, in this case ZIFA is solving this case in a more corrupt way than Asiagate itself… pardon Antipas who have was an assistant of a life banned coach and punish Mapeza for demarnding his dues..zvinemusoro izvozvo

  16. Just the 6,000 fine shows that there is something wrong. Where does a Zimbabwean soccer player get that kind of money which has been taken out of the blue. the guys need a chance to clear themselves. The whole thing stinks of serious corruption even worse than asiagate. Norman Mapeza was suspended after he was cleared by the commission kuti why didnt he stop it. How does a coach stop stuff that has directives from ZIFA the guys should just resign en masse. they are failing to run the national team and juniors . ZIFA continues tos stink to high heaven

  17. When is this chapter going to be closed?

  18. All you soccer fanatics should get away from behind your PC’s,laptops,i-pads etc. and organize one hell of a demonstration at ZIFA house to show that you are disgusted by this miscarriage of justice.The same goes for the Mboma’s Zimbabwe Soccer Supporters Association as well as Pamire’s PANAD.Rally the supporters to the cause of the soccer players whose careers are now being jettisoned by ZIFA’s high treason against this national game.

  19. But its an open secret kuti vakomana vakatengesa nyika

  20. Mass demo against zifa seconded

  21. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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