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Bev goes for the big screen


BEVERLY Sibanda could add a few lines to her colourful, yet very short, profile on the arts scene when she ventures into the mainstream film industry.

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The raunchy dancer will make her debut acting role in a film to be produced in the United Kingdom (UK) early next year.

Bev, as she is popularly known, made an attempt at a screen role on a video clip where she dances in a police cell in apparent allusion to her recent incarceration.

The upcoming film will see her getting a bigger role to showcase her other side in the arts.

Her manager Hapaz Mapimhidze said he received the film’s script from the UK this week and plans are underway to start shooting in January next year.

“The film producers approached us with the idea of having Bev as a main actress in their production. We agreed and they sent the script, but we are still to have a few more meetings with their representatives in the country before we have a final position,” said Mapimhidze.

“Part of the film will give people an insight into Bev’s life because it will focus on her career and other issues that people do not know about her. The scriptwriter made use of various newspaper articles published about Bev since she started hogging the limelight to give context to the script.”

Mapimhidze said Bev was initially hesitant to accept the offer because she does not fancy acting.

“She said acting is not in her, but we had to convince her that she can take a few lessons before shooting commences. I am confident she can be a good actress because of her character. Maybe she was just hesitant to venture into something new because she is so much in love with the stage to give time to something else.

“Recently, she got various contracts to feature on musicians’ videos and she did not want to go beyond the videos in as far as screen appearance is concerned. She is a dancer and she strongly believes it is her calling to be on stage.”

Bev has been in the industry for a few years, but she rose to prominence early because of her raunchy and pole dances that ushered a new style of local stage acts.

By venturing into acting, Bev could be following fellow dancer, Sandra Ndebele’s footsteps. Although Ndebele did not make much impact in film, she attracted attention when she had a role in a local drama titled Mhembwe Rudzi. The drama was done by film veteran Steven Chigorimbo and was screened on ZTV.

Mapimhidze said he respected Ndebele as one of the dancers who opened the way for female dance groups that have become part of the country’s night life.

Meanwhile, Bev will be sharing the stage with Ndebele and Zoey Sifelani at a show slated for Holly’s Hotel on November 30.

It will be the trio’s second combined show after their debut at City Sports Bar earlier this year that was a huge success.

Mapimhidze said the show promised fireworks as it would provide different dance routines.

“Bev and Zoey are on top of their game and Sandra will bring her wide experience in the industry to make the show exciting. We are happy to have the combined performance again.”

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