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A night of dance at Holly’s Hotel


IT is a night of dance tonight at Holly’s Hotel where Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, Zoey Sifelani, Sandra Ndebele and Girls La Musica square up in a gig that promises to be exciting.


Bev and Zoey will be representing the new crop of pole dancers, while Ndebele and Girls La Musica standing in for the older generation of dance groups.

Ndebele was among the pioneers of a dance group craze that swept through the country in the mid-2000s, while Girls La Musica and many other groups that sprouted that time came immediately after her.

When Ndebele stormed the showbiz scene, she was slammed by various cultural critics for erotic dances, but the dance revolution has transformed styles to the more revealing and sexually suggestive pole dances pursued by Bev and Zoey.

Tonight, the stage is set for comparisons between styles from the two eras and revellers are in for a treat as the dancers have promised a memorable event.

Speaking through her manager Hapaz Mapimhidze, Bev promised an exciting show.

“Bev and Zoey are on the top of their game and Sandra will bring her experience in the industry to make the show exciting,” said Mapimhidze.

On the other hand, Zoey said she would be coming to the show elated following the completion of her debut DVD titled Zoey Can Dance that is expected on the market next week. She said she took Ndebele and Bev as her sisters and she hoped to complement their acts in a big way.

“Sandy and Bev are my sisters and I respect them a lot. The show will be about complementing each other and not competing. We will do our part and ensure the audience gets the best,” said Zoey.

Ndebele has been on record castigating the new crop of dancers as extremely immoral, but she said tonight’s show would be an interesting exhibition of different styles.

“They (Bev and Zoey) have their new style and we will come with our traditional paces. Fans will have a night to remember because many styles will be on offer,” said Ndebele.

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