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‘55% Zanu PF supporters want devolution of power’


THE Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) has revealed that seven out of the country’s 10 provinces were in favour of devolution of power with 55% of Zanu PF supporters saying they wanted a devolved governance system as opposed to a unitary state.

Report by Fortune Moyo Staff Reporter

Presenting the survey results at a local hotel in Bulawayo yesterday, MPOI principal researcher Stephen Ndoma said the strongest sentiment for devolution of power was expressed in Bulawayo (93%) while Manicaland (36%), Mashonaland Central (45%) and Masvingo (25%) were deemed to be strongly opposed to the governance system.

“A total of seven out of 10 provinces in the country want to see a devolved state in Zimbabwe, with a majority of 61% in support of devolution,” Ndoma said. “The strongest sentiment for devolution was expressed in Bulawayo.”

MPOI commissioned the survey jointly conducted with Afro Barometer in July this year.

The survey established that 76% and 54% of urban dwellers and the rural population supported the system, respectively.

The seven provinces supportive of devolution include Bulawayo (93%), Harare (83%), Matabeleland North (77%), Mashonaland West (71%), Matabeleland South and Mashonaland East (69%) and Midlands (56%).

The survey also showed that 67% of MDC-T supporters backed devolution while 55% of Zanu PF supporters backed the governance system.

“A total of 77% under a section classified as ‘others’ said they agreed with devolution. A total of 59% refused to answer the question on devolution while 54%  said they did not know.” The results of the survey contradicted recent sentiments expressed by President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF political commissar Webster Shamu, who claimed devolution of power would divide the country along tribal lines.

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