2008 ghost haunts Mugabe

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is expected to use today’s Zanu PF politburo meeting to quash manoeuvres by a clique in his party lobbying to turn the forthcoming national conference into a special congress in a desperate bid to stop his candidacy.

Report by Everson Mushava

Sources yesterday said strong opposition is building against Mugabe, who railroaded Zanu PF into endorsing his candidacy in presidential elections set for March next year at the party’s previous two conferences held in Mutare and Bulawayo.

Those pushing for a special congress in Gweru next month want the 88-year-old veteran politician to be removed as party leader and candidate in the crucial polls arguing that he is no longer marketable.

Mugabe weathered a similar storm on the eve of the March 2008 elections when Zanu PF factions pushed former Financeminister Simba Makoni to challenge him at the December 2007 party congress.

Makoni pulled out of Zanu PF to challenge the long-serving ruler in the 2008 elections after Mugabe refused to step down at the congress.

He was backed by fellow politburo member Dumiso Dabengwa who went on to spearhead his presidential campaign in Matabeleland. There were reports that other party heavyweights such as the late army general Solomon Mujuru secretly backed Makoni only to chicken out at the 11th hour.

According to sources, consensus is building in Zanu PF that Mugabe no longer has the stamina to face candidates such as Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Welshman Ncube (MDC) and Makoni in next year’s polls.

“A group of the party’s old guard wants the conference to be turned into an elective congress since this would be the last conference before elections,” one of the sources said.

“When the commissariat is calling for an end to imposition of candidates, this must also include Mugabe.”

But the sources expect Mugabe to use his powers to thwart the moves to remove him at the conference next month.

The politburo is also expected to come up with dates and a theme for this year’s conference. A heated discussion is expected on new regulations for primary elections, amid reports that the old guard is trying to frustrate aspiring candidates by delaying the process.

The sources warned that if Mugabe managed to block the special congress, he would face a repeat of the 2008 embarrassment where Zanu PF candidates openly decampaigned him ahead of the polls.

In what became known as Bhora Musango, the Zanu PF candidates only campaigned for themselves and told their supporters to vote for a candidate of their choice in the presidential race.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said those pushing for the special congress were ignorant of the party’s rules.

“We are going to hold the conference and if we are going to hold any congress, it will be after the Gweru conference,” he said.
However, Gumbo said reports of opposition to Mugabe’s candidacy were being spread by Zanu PF’s enemies.

“It is not for individuals to decide, but for the people,” he said.
“I think it’s mere rumour or propaganda from the MDC to destabilise the party.”

Mugabe has been at the helm of Zanu PF since the 1960s and is now one of the longest serving African leaders as he came to power in 1980 at Zimbabwe’s independence.

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  1. President Mugabe is our choice for the upcoming elections. the romours of this cheap propaganda that you are writing cannot yield any fruitfull fruits in Zimababwe. Pamberi ne ZANU PF, PAMBERI NAVA MUGABE!!!!

    1. It’s a pity my friend you will only see that in dreams Zimbabwe is not a private companythere are many capable leaders who can rule Zimbabwe what is left that he has not done? except being a heavy load he must go


    3. Cde widthdraw the word “our choice” in your statement and insert “my choice” for he is not my choice untill and unless you replace my brain with cow dung. May be it’s you and the ghosts (rigging). Kana uchida kuverenga manyepo anokufadza tsvaka herald and listen and watch ZBC. The facts are mugabe is not my choice and Obama won second term freely and fairly.

    4. Iwe unopenga. Chanyorwa ndochodi manje. Facts are stubborn!

    5. ndosaka uri ngoko mhani. mugabe akaupa food on your table here iwe unotambura ipapa. unofarisa

  2. Pwakakakakaka ndaseka hangu…..tell u wat guys,tz either mugabe or no zanu pf.dnt thnk n1 else bsyds ba chatunga will stand the heat frm chematama.ok,even mtambara chaiye no1 can win an election against hm…..

  3. It’s funny how Gumbo boast of Mugabe as long serving president in Africa what has he done for the people who continually suffer for his abuse of power Zany pf if like a toothless bull dog that can only frighten those who really do not know that it’s harmless

    1. You are spot on my friend, a good leader should be judged by the level of prosperity in the country and look at Zimbabwe today. We are told Mugabe is an intelligent leader but what does he use his brains for if he cant use them to develop the country?

      At independence in 1964 Zambia had a GDP of about US$ 6 billion, the same as that of Malaysia at that time. Today Zambia has a GDP of about US$12 billion and Malaysia is at US$220 billion. Look at the staggering difference, the Malaysians have had numerous leaders over the years but good old Kaunda was like our Mugabe and he clung to power and ruined the country thinking that he was the only capable leader.

  4. Oh wat a shame to zanu pf that they stil want to field mugabe..you make the party to lose, try the new brooms pliz. Hv the courage to tell the oldman to take a rest. We luv wat he has done 4d party.

  5. vamugabe ngavaite candidate yezanu pf.this will give tsvangirai a weaker opponent.

  6. I am sure if they were to come up with a more promising candidate, many people would start having second thoughts about voting for the MDC. But who am I to give them free valuable advice. Let them stick to their old man and lose dismally come election time.

  7. Ko madii kuvasiya nasekuru wavo secandidate? That’s easy meat for President Tsvangirai.

  8. Lets be fair Pliz ZORODZAIWO mweya wamawari, lets be human enough are you saing we do not have a capable leader of our revolutionary part

  9. if they remove mdara hu can have the rigging techniques that won us the past elections from independency……Mdara till he lose to Tsvangirai then we will have to think abt the successor


    1. l think you must start to learn kushandisa pfungwa. thats shows kuti there is something wrong with you. funga mushe mugabe akakupa chii ecer since you were born. you are a fool.

  11. Nhamo yawanda munyika dzidzo ichingonzi iripo. Ko mabasa zvapasisina toti vaMugabe vari kugona here. Nezera ravo hapasisina kutonga asi kungove greedy chete.

    1. b4 the inclusive gvt chamatama said he wld bring zimbabwe’s deplorable condition to sanity but what have he done so far. Mugabe is busy empowering the indegenes with farming inputs and shares in companies while tsvangirai is busy empowering the women with damages after dumping them. to hell with tsvangirai itz high time u guys who are fanatics knw that tsvangirai is nothing but a herald of the west. he has no vision no ideology he jus mkes unnecessary noise about what he claims to be undemocratic tendencies of the mighty zanu pf what is ur vision tsvangirai i want an answer, for ur own info mugabe’s vision is to empower the zimbabwean child already he had achieved one of his visions by giving the land back to the sons of the soil. what about u if u give me an outline of ur ideology maybe i will change my stance to me it seems u jus want to blindly drive us into a fatal trap i say NO TO YU TSVANGIRAI.

      1. What use are shares if these so called “shareholders” can’t contribute any funds to their companies or anything of valuable use?

      2. wakutaura ndove chaidzo


      4. 1st and foremost the real counter on any issue is numbers. See how predictable we are

        “On 1 November 1989 a former government minister in Rhodesia, Denis Walker, produced a paper in London for the Conservative Monday Club’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Land Reform in Zimbabwe. In his last paragraph he stated that “once the land has been redistributed, the commercial farms will be broken up, the remaining white farmers reduced by exile or imprisonment; Zimbabwe’s government, already morally bankrupt, will decline towards economic collapse.”

        How much money was spent in the country’s involvement in the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has never been reported nor the benefits derived from the military’s involvement in commercial mining in that country.

        I suppose Bob managed to grow the economy from 2000 to 2008. Oh he was very successful very very successful. From 2000 GDP was Z$208 Billion while in 2008 it was ZBearer $ 208 googolplex billions (googolplex = 100 zeros). Yes the economy grew that much. If we vote for Bob again we are sure to have more googolplex increases in our economy. When Tsvangirai entered govt, that useless chap decreased the googloplex gdp to a meer US$ 6 billion. And in 4 years the economy has only managed a modest 60 % to about US$10 billion. So if we hand the country back to uncle Bob then we will have googloplex increase of the economy. Pamberi na Bob. Pamberi Ne Zanu. Pasi ne vano kanganisa googloplex growth of our economy.

      5. guyz letz be rational ok what i’m trying to get thru to u is this:
        1.b4 blabbering can jus anyone tell me if tsvangirai has anything new to offer. take note tsvangirai is jus calling for regime change, he is jus interested in the transference of political power…… what next?……. u tel me.
        2. mdc is a party which is just an end in itself. its top boys are are bent on ridiculinng every step of progress made by zanu pf and cde Mugabe that’s why u hear guys like coltart grumble when the president dishes out farming inputs……speaking of coltart…… can he jus expln to the nation what his job in the BSAP entailed as far as africans were concerned, b4 he lashes viciously at the president.
        3.@ honai the idegenization and empowerement thing is still in its embryonic stage so don start to speak with such vehemence against it.
        4.@ chiiko hev u ever heard of bilateral relations and alliances……if u hevn’t then itz high time u knw that as a sovereign country zimbabwe has a right to engage into bilateral relations….. my word….. jus try to do a bit of research on international relations.
        5.@ dude i’m not a fanatic of dead national ideology mr. what i do is this; in politics what we need is that rationality wc can help u to comprehend who is right en who is wrong as for me i hev reasonably applied my mind to the vision and ideology of zanu pf and i hev found it not only superb but also well grounded and well thought out, u knw what gentleman by being radical on the issue of land reform, the mdc is touching the sacred cow of zimbabwe i think i hev responded to all objections made to my comment

        1. Master you should also get your facts straight. Did you ever read the founding MDC paper on what it says about land or you dont read the stoogy paper. If you havent please read it then you will know what their founding principles are. Well some of us try and read all that is written, by anyone both ZPF and MDC and others as well. Yes Bob did not manage the bilateral issues, that is why we are in this mess. He is the Head of State with executive powers, how could he let a mere Tsvangson, at the time, call for sanctions sucessfully. On the other hand being open minded about it, why did Tsvangirai “call” for sanctions? (If he did). The same reason that the ZPFs started a liberation war. Who decides on how wars are fought. Tsvangson believed in something, obviuosly some sections of the society do not think so, probably you Master do not agree. But on the 1st round of 2008 elections more people in Zim agreed with Tsvangson than with Bob (fact). During the war of liberation those who were in power did not agree 1 bit with the what the Zanu/Zapu were trying to achieve. They thought that all the whites who were on the ZPF side were sellouts. So my point is why did our own people turn against each other. Remember that what the MDC is trying to achieve has a lot of support within Zimbabwe itself (politics of the stomach is the real politics). If its taking the country back to become “a colony again” (very highly improbable), if its giving back the land to the whites (impossible now), there are a lot of people (more than Bob during 2008 elections) who believe in the MDC. Where is the problem then? ZPF has not been able to convince a very large number of people (Zimbabweans), and for very good reason, that what they stand for is good for the Zimbabweans. ZPF has not been able to convince a very large number of people that the MDC is bad for the country. If they are really bad for the country that still remains to be seen. ZPF has had 30 years in control and they are falling short in trying to convince people that the land is good for them, the indeginisation is also good for them. Why? Sincerity has been lost in the last 25 years. People are asking why suddenly now does ZPF care about our well being. Its like a jilted lover who only becomes caring when there is a rival suitor at the door. 30 years is a very long time for any system to bear real fruits. The people of Zimbabwe have not been convinced with the ZPF arguement because of time. They would simply like to try something else because they have become weary of waiting. The indegenisation and land offers long term benefits so it does not sell too well because people have been waiting (born frees have born waiting for 32 years and now they are adults)

      6. from 1980 upto now is a very long period much longer than mugabe’s future but of what he is talking about, including empowerment, less than 8% has been achieved. How far will he cover the remaining 92% in less than 0.02% of his time? Think twice poor young man!

        1. @ cde president u are mistaken ‘big man’ it is not the future of mugabe i am talking abt, empowerment is not abt mugabe even if he die today we’ll still need another firebrand who will spearehead this noble policy……. so u think mugabe is playing his own game u are lost big man……… when he implement national policies implement the policies as mugabe but he does so as the president of zimbabwe and ordinarily the future president will continue from that…………… yah that national politics

  12. if mdara leaves,zanu wl split.there wlb zanu pf A up to Z

    1. not A up to Z …!
      There will be:
      ZANU-PF – M (Mugabe),
      ZANU-PF – M (Mujuru),
      ZANU-PF – M (Munangagwa),
      ZANU-PF – M (Moyo & Generation40),
      ZANU-PF – M (Mutasa), ZANU-PF – M (Military)
      ….. :o))

      1. Thanx Mehlo for making my day

      2. Actually it will be
        ZANU-PF – Mu (Mugabe),
        ZANU-PF – Mu (Mujuru),
        ZANU-PF – Mu (Munangagwa),
        ZANU-PF – Mo (Moyo & Generation40),
        ZANU-PF – Mu (Mutasa), ZANU-PF – Mi (Military)

        1. Mehlo AND Malabwean, guys you make me laugh my lungs out. I nid it! very imaginative/creative.

  13. lets start campaigning now for our youthful leader

  14. VaMugabe igamba varikufira lancaster house agreement

  15. Reply to master. Ndiani asingaite zvevakadzi. Zvashata nekuti zvazoitwa naMorgan.Mhuka inonzi indiginisation unoziva zvayaita nyika,yauraya nyika.Tanga watsvagurudza usati wataura. Wakasara.

    1. bondocks u’re the one who is legging behind in terms of policy. u don even no the motive behind such policies. u don even knw where these policies have been implemented and how tose nations reaped. u don even knw how those multinational companies are reaping at the expense of zimbabwe. u don even know tht the same countries wc imposed sanctions on us are the homes of those multinational companies. they impose sanctions on us but they never ceased to do business in our country……………….. u knw nothing bondocks

  16. Zanu PF should have structures like that of the ANC. That way the party has more power than the president.

  17. under ordinary circumstances, i wolud vote for zanu pf mainly because of their policies which seek to economically empower the people, if hopefully a few elite blacks do not grab everything. in this case i may end up voting mdc, not that they have anything to offer but because there is no way i am voting for a 90 year old.

  18. The Gukurahundi became leader of the Gukurahundi party in the ’60s without an election. It follows therefore that he will not be removed from that position through an election, having never faced one through out his reign as the soul Gukurahundi leader of the Gukurahundi party!!

  19. Mbonisi, Gukurahundi by ganyavu in the 1960s? Nkomo is chief architect of this Gukurahundi initiated against ZAPU deserters in 1961-3-killing off any dissent to his rule. Sure, there was no time to vote anyone into ZANU power coz pipo were busy running away from that tyrant murderer oft called Mdhala Wethu. But of a truth, in 1980 there was a fair vote. Those who won, won, and those who lost believing themselves to be divine legitimate leaders of the Lizwe sulked at the majorit denial and followed alfonso Dhlakhama’s footsteps into Gorongoza-to start another civil war. A shame and a half-that silly debacle. There is no party that is formed inorder to massacre pipo.

    1. Hell no, Gukurahundi Mugabe replaced Ndabaningi Sithole through hook and krook – he was never elected, has never been elected up to this day.

      So why are you bringing Nkomo into the picture – this was a Gukurahundi ZANU affair – it had nothing to do with Nkomo. Why do you think Mugabe hated Sithole to his death? Why the fight between the Gukurahundi and Ndabaningi over the name ZANU?

      1. mbonisi stop being tribalistic that was a unanimous decision by the central committee to make mugabe leader he never usurped the powers in that sense u want pple to believe

    2. Interesting, indeed! Can someone tell the nation the real story behind Gukurahundi?

  20. Regayi Bob aripo we want to give him a final lesson once and for all, the last nail on his political coffin!!!!

  21. VaMugabe vachatonga kusvika madhongi amera nyanga. Ichokwadi dhongi rinonzi Jonathan muoni here kuti inyanga iri mudzoro iro. Yakwana nguva yavo, madhongi atotanga kumera nyanga.

  22. There is nobody in ZANU-PF who has the guts to challenge Mugabe.

  23. we observe from afar

  24. those who support 90 year old candidet are fools these are real enemies of e party or corruptionists they want to steal as the president is too old.he can no longer know everything they wan’t 2 blind him with bootliking while busy stealing.

    1. thatz a lie how do you define that lunacy….. i am afraid to tell this but don jus call people names try to be objective u want ur tsvangirai may be basing on your fanciful idea that he has the key to unlock the the world bank i don knw…… by the way are a practicing doc who have diagonised mugabe and found that he is really losing memory u’re a liar…….

  25. If Mugabe becomes a Zanu Pf Candidate then it will be a roller coaster ride for MDC, for the sake of an MDC win I think he is the right candidate for Zanu PF. amen

  26. The circus is now in town. Lol.

  27. Regai mugabe nenharo dzake amisidzane naTSVANGIRAI muone,anofunga kuti isu vatsigiri veZANU PF tichakapusa here manje next election sekuru muchaita mudumbu nezvichabuda murikuzoenda chete kwazvimba.zvenyu zvekuti makarwa hondo makamanikidzwa here kuenda kuhondo kwacho.makarwa moga here hondo yacho.tibvirei apo skuru hamuna nyaya muchaona chete.mvura yakunaya sekuru toda mafertilizer nembeu dzemahara tirime tigonyatsokurasisai pama votes.unofunga ndiani achada kunyengedzwa netunhu twenyu twemahara.next election,MDC.TSVANGIRAI 85%.MDC NCUBE 15%.ZANU PF 0% muchaona chete sekuru

  28. Civilised countries hold peaceful elections! Learn from USA!

  29. Bhora Musango again!

  30. Mugabe or No Mugabe…The Zanu (PF)(Pambe Pfumi) party has seen its days. They are gone. They re plundering our Diamonds in Manicaland!

    They have taken “too much for the owner to notice” to borrow Chinua Achebe’s words

    Scare-crow politics is their strategy these last few years!

    Mugabe ngaape vanhu kiyi dzenyika dzaarikurambira nadzo.

    Varidzi venyika vaneta kuroja!


  31. ndanga ndakaterera mbare chimurenga song yekuti makorokoto vamugabe matenderwa ndaishaya kuti vaida kumboti chiii ndazonzwisisa nhasi kuti 2008 vatsvangirai vakahwinha mugabe akakumbira vatsvangirai kuti vambodzokera pahutungamiriri vatsvangirai vakamboramba asivakazonzwisisa ndosaka mbare chimurenga vakazoimba vachiti MAKOROKOTO MATENDERWA MAKOROKOTO but for 2013 zvanzi nevana veZimbabwe VaTsvangirai taneta namugabe hatichadi ma2ks zvakakwana 1 (ONE) Government lead by his Excellent President of ZIMBABWE Honourable Morgen Richard Tsvangirai

  32. pasi nemhondi

  33. ZANU yamira pamuganhu kuti ndiiiii pamunganhu kuti ndiiiii Mugabe kana tichiti anobira sarudzo munenge chiti tino nyeba chero dzemu party mavo anotobiridzira unotofiropo pachigaro @90 against 60 kuenda kumusha chete musingadi muchida

  34. What is that jackal and uneducated lunatic masquerading as war veterans leader doing in Mash West ? Forcing people to attend pungwes in this day and age ? Doesn’t know he is driving them to the MDC – T. He is Zanu PF ‘s worst enemy.

  35. Problem is we think once one is in leadership he has to figure out everythng ,No! Its what we e populace can achieve together wt him. Until tt mindset has been established we wl thrive

  36. Vanhu vese vachiri kutsigira zanu havana rudo nenyika yezimbabwe. Nekuti kana mukawona kudzikira kwaita nyika makore ose atonga zanu pf chokwadi munofunga kaviri musati matunhidza kadhara kavakuda kuzvifira aka. I mean are you honestly telling me kuti a 90 year old hag is the best zimbabwe has to offer in terms of leadership? If that is the case then god help us all. Zvinosiririsa kuti mumwe munhu anototi sikarara kutaura kuti zanu inemapolicies neideology. Do you have any idea what a policy is? What ideology does zanu have? Ha? Murder, plunder, corruption,nepotism, gerrymandering,hatred, division, tribalism, the list is endless. What good is your so called empowerment when 97 per cent of our young population have no jobs? Izvo zvimbewu zvepanner zvamunonyengedzwa nazvo zvinobatsireyi kana vanhu over 2million izvozvi vakatarisana nenzara? You talk about research, its you who has to do research kana uchigona. Zanu has brought more misery to zimbabweans than the smith regime. Its one thing to be an apologist but at least get your facts right. Pasi nezanu!!!

    1. then who are are the patriots nw….. those who connive with the west, america and australia to tighten the embargoes…… u answer me….. what do u think indeginisation and empowerment is it not a policy…. wake up from the slumber and face the reality. one thing u need to knw is the agenda behind the support of britain to mdc. remember b4 carrying out our noble land reform mugabe was in good books with the queen but when he decided to rightfully take the farms what happened…… the same britain attacked mugabe the reason being that the british wanted their kith and kin in zim to remain the hegemonic class while sons of the soil remain wallowing in the reserves pasi neMDC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I am no renowned strategist but ZANU )PF) is in a big fix! Picture this – they remove Mugabe and try to market someone to the electorate within 5 months!? There will be even more confusion. We will hear confusing slogans in the rural areas like: Pamberi naVaMugaMai Mujuru! Pamberi naVaMugangagwa! Pamberi naSimba Mugabe, etc. The fact is that the name Mugabe will take longer than 10 years to erase from ZANU (PF) supporters – real and those forced.

    Secondly, ZANU (PF) can endorse Mugabe with equally disastrous consequences – the Bhora Musango phenomenon will become more pronounced; and, ordinary people will notice how old and disoriented the party President is at his campaign rallies. Has anyone noticed that the President of late has been saying very irrelevant things in public like – ini ndakati pana Grace handichinje – I mean that’s so childish, isn’t it!?

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