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Zapu political future bleak — analysts


INFIGHTING within Zapu has paralysed the party to a point that it is no longer a threat to any of its competitors with possible elections next year, analysts said yesterday.

Report by Staff Reporter

According to the political analysts, Zapu’s political future will
look bleak unless they forge an alliance with either MDC-T or MDC.

Zapu recently expelled its Bulawayo provincial chairperson Retired Colonel Ray Ncube, a development that could split the troubled party with party youths threatening to defect to the MDC if the ex-chair was not reinstated.

Ncube, who had written to party president Dumiso Dabengwa raising concerns about the party’s lack of activity on the  ground, was accused of  side stepping the national executive committee members in pointing out the concerns.

Political analyst Effie Ncube said Zapu was still inward looking  and ill-prepared to make an impact in the next elections.

“I think now, it is too paralysed to stand politically. There is so much inward looking. I do not think they pose any threat to any constituency in Zimbabwe unless they put their act together,” Ncube said.

“Maybe if they put their house in order they could get something because there are always surprises in politics, but now they are too paralysed.”

Another analyst Rodrick Fayayo also said: “There has been an argument that they are an appendage of Zanu PF because they spent most of their energetic years in that party.

“When people were defeated in Matabeleland in 2000 they belonged to the same party that was harassing people.

“If you look at the people that have either been suspended or expelled (in Zapu) all of them have no previous links with Zanu PF.
“They are giving the impression that they want to remain Zanu PF. That would see them facing problems towards elections.”

Fayayo said with the divisions in Zapu, the party’s   political future “looks bleak unless they form an alliance with either MDC-T or MDC”.

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